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Chapter 4,418

Drift mitigation: boom sprayer set-up for orchard spraying?

Debaer, C.; Jaeken, P.

Aspects of Applied Biology 77(2): 359-364


ISSN/ISBN: 0265-1491
Accession: 004417792

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Cross flow sprayers were adjusted to improve drift reduction without a decrease in biological efficacy. A boom sprayer principle was applied on orchard sprayers. Only half the number of nozzle positions was equipped with flat fan nozzles size 03. At the top an off-centre air induction nozzle was selected, the rest of the spray boom was equipped with Turbo Teejets (Teejet) with a spray angle of 110 degrees . This principle was tested at relatively low pressure range (3 to 4 bar) for biological efficacy. Vertical spray liquid distribution was also measured. Preliminary results are not conclusive, but the concept shows enough promise to justify further research.

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