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Field application of dipstick dye immunoassay kit for detecting schistosomiasis in mountainous endemic regions in Yunnan Province

Liang YouSheng; Zhu YinChang; Dai JianRong; He Wei; Xu Ming; Li YuanLin; Wang ShangWei; Tang JianXia; Hua WanQuan; Li HongJun; Ru WeiWei; Yang Zhong; Yin GuanLin; Cao GuoQun

Chinese Journal of Schistosomiasis Control 17(6): 405-408


Accession: 004431375

The utility of a dipstick dye immunoassay (DDIA) for screening schistosomiasis in mountainous endemic regions in China was studied. Random samples (n=659) from villagers of Yunnan, aged 10-70 years, were analysed using the modified Kato-Katz's quantitative thick smear for parasitological stool examination and DDIA, ELISA and COPT for serological testing. The positivity rates for the stool smear, DDIA, ELISA and COPT were 28.4, 70.9, 84.2 and 54.9%, respectively.

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