Incorporation of criteria and indicators in forest working plans

Kotwal, P.C.; Omprakash, M.D.; Bhomia, R.K.; Dugaya, D.

C and I India Update 3(4): 2-13


Accession: 004441508

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Working plans are generally prepared for a period of 10-15 years to address the specific requirements of various forest divisions in compliance with the National Forest Policy and the structural requirements of existing forest types. The need to integrate criteria and indicators (C&I) for sustainable forest management (SFM) in working plans of India as promulgated under Bhopal India Process is envisaged. Incorporation of these indicators would be a revolutionary leap towards integrating a quantitative system of monitoring and evaluation to the forest management activities towards SFM. The locations of indicators in the Forest Working Plan Code are provided. This C&I approach provides a robust system for monitoring and assessment of the forest management activities and there is a considerable scope of its integration in forest working plans forest management.