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Infection of Meloidogyne javanica with Pasteuria penetrans

Amer Zareen; Zaki, M.J.; Shaukat, S.S.; Gowen, S.R.

Pakistan Journal of Plant Pathology 1(1): 17-19


Accession: 004441965

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Pasteuria spore attachment to root-knot juveniles reduced significantly as dilution factor of bacterial suspension increased. Isolate UK 1 provided maximum spore attachment to Meloidogyne javanica juveniles in all 3 dilutions of bacterial spore suspension (S, S/2 and S/4) compared to other test isolates and the control. Infected juveniles by spores of all bacterial isolates (UK 1, PK 1 and PK 2) significantly suppressed invasion to tomato roots. There was a significant difference in root invasion by nematodes exposed to the different concentrations of test bacterial isolates.