Problems and tasks in the mechanisation of small and medium-size farms in Hungary

Husti, I.

Aktualni zadaci mehanizacije poljoprivrede Zbornik radova, 34 meunarodnog simpozija iz podrucja mehanizacije poljoprivrede, Opatija, Croatia, 21-24 veljace 2006: 445-455


Accession: 004463700

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This study aims to systematize the present technical development tasks of the Hungarian agriculture, especially focusing on the mechanization in small- and medium-size farms. Statistical analysis was performed based on the data collected from the Hungarian Central Statistical Office and from the Hungarian Institute of Agricultural Engineering, and interview with the farmers. The dual tasks of developing the mechanization of these farms are discussed: (1) The improvement of coverage of agricultural machinery and the increase of their density. The establishment of such machinery output which is capable of meeting the demands of the new structures of technology and property. This makes the increase of machine coverage essential, especially small- and medium-sized farms. (2) The replacement of amortized and overused machines with new ones. The meeting of the demands of the technological modernization. The supply of the market of agricultural machinery must facilitate the realization of these objectives in such a way that it offers both technically and financially suitable range for the farms willing to invest.