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Relationship between objective and subjective conformation measurements in 15 European cattle breeds

Monson, F.; Campo, M.M.; Panea, B.; Sanudo, C.; Olleta, J.L.; Alberti, P.; Ertbjerg, P.; Christiansen, M.; Gigli, S.; Failla, S.; Gaddini, A.; Hocquette, J.F.; Jailler, R.; Nute, G.R.; Williams, J.L.

XI Jornadas sobre Produccion Animal, Zaragoza, Spain, 11-12 Mayo, 2005 Volumenes I and II: 723-725


Accession: 004467665

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Four hundred and thirty six young entire males from 15 different cattle breeds and 5 European countries (United Kingdom, Denmark, Spain, Italy and France) were studied. All animals were fed ad libitum with a standardized diet comprising barley, soya and chopped straw. Slaughter was about 15 months of age. There were high variability with carcass and longissimus dorsi measurements between the studied breeds.

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