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Responses of late, medium and early maturity bread wheat genotypes to different sowing dates. 1. Effect of sowing date on phenological, morphological and grain yield of four bread wheat genotypes

Radmehr, M.; Aeineh, G.L.; Mamghani, R.

Seed and Plant 21(2): Pe175-Pe189, en 12


ISSN/ISBN: 1562-5494
Accession: 004469361

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Wheat genotypes Star, Chamran, Dove and Fong were sown on 5 November, 6 December and 11 January in a field experiment conducted in Iran during 1998-2001. Star recorded the highest grain yield when sown on 5 November, whereas Chamran and Dove recorded the highest grain yield when sown on 6 December. Fong had a low-level response to sowing date.

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