Study on the effect of KCl application on crop yield and quality in the wheat-corn-sweet potato cropping system

Chen YiBing; Zhang QingYu; Lin ChaoWen; Huang JingJing; Magen, H.

Southwest China Journal of Agricultural Sciences 18(4): 417-421


Accession: 004477687

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The result of grey related analysis for the trial of KCl application on wheat-maize-sweet potato cropping system in three years showed that stability of wheat-maize-sweet potato production system was promoted by K fertilizer and manure application. Economic return of crops increases with K application rate and crop yield increases considerably by manure application, particularly the biological yields of maize and sweet potato. Under a reasonable rate of chemical N and P, the crop yield of medium and low level K application rates was higher than the low level of K application rate + manure treatment and manure treatment, respectively. Chemical K and manure can significantly promote crude protein content of maize and wheat, number of grains, weight of 1000 seeds, and tuber size of sweet potato. The quick available K in the soil increased with K application rate.