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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 4480

Chapter 4480 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Synthesis of (3S,6RS)- and (3RS,6RS)-analogs of component AI of the Aonidiella aurantii sex pheromone by stepwise alkylation of acetoacetic ester
, Chemistry of Natural Compounds 41(6): 715-718 (2005)

Synthesis of (4R,5S)-melithiazols F and I
, European Journal of Organic Chemistry (3): 644-649 (2006)

Synthesis of 4-hydroxy-7,8-dimethoxyisochroman-3-one and its plant growth-regulating properties on tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum cv. Petit Havana)
, Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 52(7): 1923-1927 (2004)

Synthesis of a chitosan-based chelating resin and its application to the selective concentration and ultratrace determination of silver in environmental water samples
, Analytica Chimica Acta 558(1/2): 246-253 (2006)

Synthesis of acylglycerols from omega -3 fatty acids and conjugated linoleic acid isomers
, Biotechnology and Applied Biochemistry 43(1): 25-32 (2006)

Synthesis of anionic surfactants from turpentine
, Chemistry and Industry of Forest Products 25(Suppl.): 39-42 (2005)

Synthesis of antioxidants in wheat sprouts
, Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 52(16): 5201-5206 (2004)

Synthesis of autoinducer 2 by the lyme disease spirochete, Borrelia burgdorferi
, Journal of Bacteriology 187(9): 3079-3087 (2005)

Synthesis of biomorphous nickel oxide from a pinewood template and investigation on a hierarchical porous structure
, Journal of the American Ceramic Society 89(2): 662-665 (2006)

Synthesis of carbonated fatty methyl esters using supercritical carbon dioxide
, Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 53(24): 9608-9614 (2005)

Synthesis of certain new 6-iodoquinazolines as potential antitubercular agents
, Journal of Applied Sciences 4(2): 302-307 (2004)

Synthesis of cimiracemate B, a phenylpropanoid found in Cimicifuga racemosa
, Natural Product Research 19(3): 287-290 (2005)

Synthesis of cis-HedioneReg. and methyl jasmonate via cascade Baylis-Hillman reaction and Claisen ortho ester rearrangement
, Helvetica Chimica Acta 88(12): 3069-3088 (2005)

Synthesis of diethylamine-functionalized soybean oil
, Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 53(24): 9485-9490 (2005)

Synthesis of enzymes connected with mycoparasitism by ectomycorrhizal fungi
, Archives of Microbiology 185(1): 69-77 (2006)

Synthesis of haptens and development of an immunoassay for the olive fruit fly pheromone
, Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 52(14): 4368-4374 (2004)

Synthesis of hexadecyl ether of arabinogalactan from Larix gmeini Rupr
, Chemistry and Industry of Forest Products 25(Suppl.): 133-136 (2005)

Synthesis of international studies on community based natural resources management (CBNRM)
, Journal of China Agricultural University 10(6): 21-25 (2005)

Synthesis of lipophilic clovamide derivatives and their antioxidative potential against lipid peroxidation
, Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 51(16): 4596-4602 (2003)

Synthesis of multiply 13C-labeled furofuran lignans using 13C-labeled cinnamyl alcohols as building blocks
, Steroids 71(3): 231-239 (2005)

Synthesis of naphthofuranquinones with activity against Trypanosoma cruzi
, European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 41(4): 526-530 (2006)

Synthesis of new 3-(substituted phenacyl)-5-[3'-(4H-4-oxo-1-benzopyran-2-yl)-benzylidene]-2,4-thiazolidinediones and their antimicrobial activity
, Archiv der Pharmazie 339(4): 213-216 (2006)

Synthesis of optically active 6-alkynyl- and 6-alkylpurines as cytokinin analogs and inhibitors of 15-lipoxygenase; studies of intramolecular cyclization of 6-(hydroxyalkyn-1-yl)purines
, European Journal of Organic Chemistry (23): 4988-4994 (2005)

Synthesis of plant sterol esters catalyzed by heteropolyacid in a solvent-free system
, European Journal of Lipid Science and Technology 108(1): 13-18 (2006)

Synthesis of poly (3-hydroxybutyrate-co-3-hydroxyoctanoate) by a Sinorhizobium fredii strain
, Letters in Applied Microbiology 42(4): 344-349 (2006)

Synthesis of prebiotic galactooligosaccharides using whole cells of a novel strain, Bifidobacterium bifidum NCIMB 41171
, Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology 68(3): 412-416 (2005)

Synthesis of protodolomite from coral reef sand
, Food chemistry 9(1): 15-18 (2006)

Synthesis of pyrazole derivatives and their evaluation as photosynthetic electron transport inhibitors
, Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 52(7): 1898-1906 (2004)

Synthesis of quinolactacide via an acyl migration reaction and dehydrogenation with manganese dioxide, and its insecticidal activities
, Bioscience Biotechnology and Biochemistry 70(1): 303-306 (2006)

Synthesis of regioisomerically pure triacylglycerols containing n-3 very long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids
, European Journal of Lipid Science and Technology 107(11): 824-832 (2005)

Synthesis of soluble heat shock proteins in seminal root tissues of some cultivated and wild wheat genotypes
, Acta Biologica Hungarica 57(1): 81-95 (2006)

Synthesis of spider dragline silk genes and their expression in Escherichia coli
, Journal of Agricultural Biotechnology 13(5): 624-628 (2005)

Synthesis of stable isotope labeled 3-acetyldeoxynivalenol
, Molecular Nutrition and Food Research 49(12): 1151-1153 (2005)

Synthesis of the insect antifeedant CDE molecular fragment of 12-ketoepoxyazadiradione and related compounds
, Tetrahedron 61(52): 12264-12274 (2005)

Synthesis of the novel series of bispyridinium compounds bearing (E)-but-2-ene linker and evaluation of their reactivation activity against chlorpyrifos-inhibited acetylcholinesterase
, Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry Letters 16(3): 622-627 (2006)

Synthesis of the sulfur amino acids: cysteine and methionine
, Photosynthesis Research 86(3): 345-362 (2005)

Synthesis of the tricyclic core of solanoeclepin A through intramolecular photocycloaddition of an allene butenolide
, European Journal of Organic Chemistry (1): 127-137 (2006)

Synthesis of triacylglycerol containing conjugated linoleic acid by esterification using two blended lipases
, Journal of the American Oil Chemists' Society 83(1): 35-38 (2006)

Synthesis of two major toxaphene components and their photostabilities
, Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 53(26): 10105-10112 (2005)

Synthesis, antibacterial, antifungal activity and interaction of CT-DNA with a new benzimidazole derived Cu(II) complex
, European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 40(11): 1103-1110 (2005)

Synthesis, expression and purification of a type of chlorotoxin-like peptide from the scorpion, Buthus martensii Karsch, and its acute toxicity analysis
, Biotechnology Letters 27(20): 1597-1603 (2005)

Synthesis, structure analyses, and characterization of novel epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) glycosides using the glucansucrase from Leuconostoc mesenteroides B-1299CB
, Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 54(4): 1230-1237 (2006)

Synthesis: new forests for new landscapes
, New forests: wood production and environmental services: 237-242 (2005)

Synthesis: prospects for organic agriculture in a global context
, Global development of organic agriculture: challenges and prospects: 343-367 (2006)

Synthetic amides toxic to the leaf-cutting ant Atta sexdens rubropilosa L. and its symbiotic fungus
, Agricultural and Forest Entomology 8(1): 17-23 (2006)

Synthetic evaluation of alfalfa introduced to subtropical region of China by using the theory of grey system
, Journal of Zhejiang University Agriculture and Life Sciences 31(5): 524-528 (2005)

Synthetic herbivore-induced plant volatiles increase field captures of parasitic wasps
, BioControl Dordrecht 50(6): 871-880 (2005)

Synthetic lubricant basestocks from epoxidized soybean oil and Guerbet alcohols
, Industrial crops and products 23(3): 311-317 (2006)

Synthetic methionine meal supplement in Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus L.) during sex reversal phase
, Acta Scientiarum Animal Sciences 27(4): 541-546 (2005)

Synthetic platelet activating factor (PAF) as a boar semen extender component
, Medycyna Weterynaryjna 62(5): 560-562 (2006)

Synthetic polyelectrolytes based on acrylamide and their application as a flocculent in the treatment of palm oil mill effluent
, Journal of Applied Sciences 4(3): 393-397 (2004)

Synthetic pyrethroid residues in foods of animal origin in Kumaon
, Toxicology International 12(2): 83-86 (2005)

Synthetic rope end connections for use in timber harvesting
, International Journal of Forest Engineering 17(1): 39-51 (2006)

Synthetic studies on d-biotin, Part 9. An improved asymmetric synthetic route to d-biotin via Hoffmann-Roche lactone-thiolactone approach
, Chemical and Pharmaceutical Bulletin 53(7): 743-746 (2005)

Synthetic technology of starch dodecenylsuccinate
, Journal of Northeast Forestry University 33(3): 78-79, 84 (2005)

Synthetic turf in the USA - trends and issues
, International Turfgrass Society Research Journal 10: 27-33 (2005)

Synthetic vegetation: an ecosystem prosthesis
, International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology 2(4): 395-398 (2005)

Syntrophic-archaeal associations in a nutrient-impacted freshwater marsh
, Journal of Applied Microbiology 100(1): 73-84 (2006)

Syringe exchange programs in Brazil: preliminary assessment of 45 programs
, Cadernos de Saude Publica 22(4): 761-770 (2006)

Syringin content of Acanthopanax senticosus samples in Heilongjiang different zones measuring by HPLC method
, Bulletin of Botanical Research 26(1): 123-126 (2006)

Syringomyelia in Cavalier King Charles spaniels - a review of the literature and results of magnetic resonance imaging in ten dogs registered with the Norwegian Kennel Club
, Norsk Veterinaertidsskrift 118(3): 141-149 (2006)

Syringomyelia: current concepts in pathogenesis, diagnosis, and treatment
, Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine 20(3): 469-479 (2006)

System for automatic separation of sugar cane tops
, Transactions of the ASAE- 48(4): 1441-1448 (2005)

System level metabolic effects of a Schistosoma japonicum infection in the Syrian hamster
, Molecular and Biochemical Parasitology 146(1): 1-9 (2006)

System of quality evaluation of animal tissues using indicative metabolites - scatole and androstenon
, Tehnologija Mesa 46(5/6): 279-282 (2005)

System-analytical modelling - Part I: General principles and theoretically best accuracies of ecological models. Soil-moisture exchange in agroecosystems
, Ecological Modelling 191(3/4): 315-330 (2006 )

System-analytical modelling - Part II: Wheat biotime run and yield formation. Agroclimatic potential, the Le Chatelier principle, and changes in agroclimatic potential and climate in Russia and the U.S
, Ecological Modelling 191(3/4): 331-345 (2006)

Systematic GIS-based landslide inventory as the first step for effective landslide-hazard management
, Landslides 2(4): 291-301 (2005)

Systematic analysis and overall toxicity evaluation of dioxins and hexachlorobenzene in human milk
, Chemosphere 61(9): 1215-1220 (2005)

Systematic identification and characterization of anthocyanins by HPLC-ESI-MS/MS in common foods in the United States: fruits and berries
, Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 53(7): 2589-2599 (2005)

Systematic investigation of lard polymorphism using combined DSC and time-resolved synchrotron X-ray diffraction
, European Journal of Lipid Science and Technology 107(9): 594-606 (2005)

Systematic landscape restoration using integer programming
, Biological Conservation 128(3): 369-383 (2006)

Systematic pathogenesis and replication of avian hepatitis E virus in specific-pathogen-free adult chickens
, Journal of Virology 79(6): 3429-3437 (2005)

Systematic position and relationships of Paracreptotrematina limi, based on partial sequences of 28S rRNA and cytochrome c oxidase subunit 1 genes
, Journal of Parasitology 92(2): 411-413 (2006)

Systematic position of copepods of the genus Achtheres (Crustacea: Copepoda: Siphonostomatoida) parasitizing perch, Perca fluviatilis L., and zander, Sander lucioperca (L.)
, Journal of Fish Diseases 29(2): 103-113 (2006)

Systematic relationships of Pityopus californicus inferred from large ribosomal subunit (26S) rRNA gene sequences
, Western North American Naturalist 65(4): 528-535 (2005)

Systematic reserve design as a dynamic process: F-TRAC and the Florida Forever program
, Biological Conservation 128(1): 37-46 (2006)

Systematic review and meta-analysis of ethnic differences in risks of adverse reactions to drugs used in cardiovascular medicine
, Bmj 332(7551): 1177-1181 (2006)

Systematic review of a marine nutriceutical supplement in clinical trials for arthritis: the effectiveness of the New Zealand green-lipped mussel Perna canaliculus
, Clinical Rheumatology 25(3): 275-284 (2006)

Systematic review of the effects of ginseng on cardiovascular risk factors
, Annals of PharmacoTherapy 40(1): 83-95 (2006)

Systematic review of the relationship between early introduction of solid foods to infants and the development of allergic disease
, Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine 160(5): 502-507 (2006)

Systematic review: the chemoprevention of oesophageal adenocarcinoma
, Alimentary Pharmacology and Therapeutics 22(9): 759-768 (2005)

Systematics and evolution of the cutworm moths (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae): evidence from two protein-coding nuclear genes
, Systematic Entomology 31(1): 21-46 (2006)

Systematics of Mesocestoides (Cestoda: Mesocestoididae): evaluation of molecular and morphological variation among isolates
, Journal of Parasitology 91(6): 1435-1443 (2005)

Systematics, character evolution, and biogeography of Cistus L. (Cistaceae) based on ITS, trnL-trnF, and matK sequences
, Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 37(3): 644-660 (2005)

Systemic AA amyloidosis in the common marmoset
, Veterinary Pathology 42(2): 117-124 (2005)

Systemic RNAi of the cockroach vitellogenin receptor results in a phenotype similar to that of the Drosophila yolkless mutant
, Febs Journal 273(2): 325-335 (2006)

Systemic T cell response to Toxoplasma gondii antigen in patients with ocular toxoplasmosis
, Japanese Journal of Ophthalmology 50(2): 103-110 (2006)

Systemic anaphylaxis after the ingestion of pancake contaminated with the storage mite Blomia freemani
, Annals of Allergy Asthma and Immunology 95(6): 612-614 (2005)

Systemic and pituitary pars intermedia antioxidant capacity associated with pars intermedia oxidative stress and dysfunction in horses
, American Journal of Veterinary Research 66(12): 2065-2072 (2005)

Systemic antiviral silencing in plants
, Virus Research 118(1-2): 1-6 (2006)

Systemic arteriopathy in SIV-infected rhesus macaques (Macaca mulatta)
, Journal of Medical Primatology 35(2): 106-112 (2006)

Systemic effect of crude extract from rhizome of Drynaria fortunei on bone formation in mice
, PhytoTherapy Research 20(4): 313-315 (2006)

Systemic effects of a spinosad insecticide on Liriomyza huidobrensis larvae
, Phytoparasitica 34(1): 21-24 (2006)

Systemic effects of phytoecdysteroids on the cabbage aphid Brevicoryne brassicae (Sternorrhyncha: Aphididae)
, European Journal of Entomology 102(4): 647-653 (2005)

Systemic exposure to paraquat and maneb models early Parkinson's disease in young adult rats
, Neurobiology of Disease 20(2): 360-371 (2005)

Systemic fungal infections in neonates
, Journal of Postgraduate Medicine 51(5): 27-29 (2005)

Systemic fungal infections in renal diseases
, Journal of Postgraduate Medicine 51(5): 30-36 (2005)

Systemic immune responses in sheep, induced by a novel nano-bead adjuvant
, Vaccine 24(8): 1124-1131 (2006)

Systemic infection of Kudoa lutjanus n. sp. (Myxozoa: Myxosporea) in red snapper Lutjanus erythropterus from Taiwan
, Diseases of Aquatic Organisms 67(1/2): 115-124 (2005)

Systemic inflammatory response and sepsis: a multidisciplinary approach to the nutritional considerations
, Nutrition support for the critically ill patient: a guide to practice: 565-577 (2005)

Systemic microvascular dysfunction and inflammation after pulmonary particulate matter exposure
, Environmental Health Perspectives 114(3): 412-419 (2006)

Systemic Resistance Induced by Trichoderma spp.: Interactions Between the Host, the Pathogen, the Biocontrol Agent, and Soil Organic Matter Quality
, Phytopathology 96(2): 186-189 (2008)

Systemic signalling of environmental cues in Arabidopsis leaves
, Journal of Experimental Botany 57(2): 329-341 (2006)

Systemic therapies for joint disease in horses
, Veterinary Clinics of North America. Equine Practice 21(3): 547 (2005)

Systemic trafficking of plant virus nanoparticles in mice via the oral route
, Virology 343(2): 224-235 (2005)

Systemic treatment of sterile panniculitis with tacrolimus and prednisolone in dogs
, Journal of Veterinary Medical Science 68(1): 95-96 (2006)

Systems Analysis in Forest Resources: proceedings of the 2003 symposium, Stevenson, Washington, USA, 7-9 October 2003
, General Technical Report Pacific Northwest Research Station, USDA Forest Service (PNW-GTR-656): vii + 366 pp. (2005)

Systems and elements of machinery in direct sowing
, Agricultura, Revista Agropecuaria 74(878): 712-714 (2005)

Systems biology: the gut-brain-fat cell connection and obesity
, Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine 12(1): 10-16 (2006)

Systems of cattle housing
, Journal of Agricultural Sciences, Belgrade 50(2): 227-233 (2005)

Systems preparation of soil and accumulation of heavy metals in the soil and in the culture of pepper (Capsicum annum L.)
, Ciencia Rural 36(1): 113-119 (2006)

Systems related to safety and quality of foods in the west - laying stress on indication of origin
, Food Policy Study (121): 77-139 (2005)

T cell immunopathogenesis of dengue virus infection
, Dengue Bulletin 29: 58-69 (2005)

T cell responses in dengue hemorrhagic fever: are cross-reactive T cells suboptimal?
, Journal of Immunology 176(6): 3821-3829 (2006)

T cell-dependent elimination of dividing Trypanosoma grosi from the bloodstream of Mongolian jirds
, Parasitology 128(Pt 3): 295-304 (2004)

T-2 toxin induces apoptosis, and selenium partly blocks, T-2 toxin induced apoptosis in chondrocytes through modulation of the Bax/Bcl-2 ratio
, Food and Chemical Toxicology 44(4): 567-573 (2006)

T-DNA insertion mutant of ATP sulfurylase, the first enzyme of sulfur assimilatory metabolism, in Arabidopsis thaliana
, Sulfur transport and assimilation in plants in the Post Genomic Era Papers from the 6th International Workshop on Plant Sulfur Metabolism, Chiba, Japan, 17-21 May 2005: 81-82 (2005)

TAK-652 inhibits CCR5-mediated human immunodeficiency virus type 1 infection in vitro and has favorable pharmacokinetics in humans
, Antimicrobial Agents and ChemoTherapy 49(11): 4584-4591 (2005)

TALC and the spatial implications of competition
, The tourism area life cycle, Volume 2: conceptual and theoretical issues: 67-82 (2005)

TANMEI/EMB2757 encodes a WD repeat protein required for embryo development in Arabidopsis
, Plant Physiology 139(1): 163-173 (2005)

TCF bleaching of Populus tomentosa kraft pulps with H2O2 pretreatment under acid condition
, Forestry Studies in China 7(3): 77-80 (2005)

TCP34, a nuclear-encoded response regulator-like TPR protein of higher plant chloroplasts
, Journal of Molecular Biology 357(2): 535-549 (2006)

TDZ, auxin and genotype effects on leaf organogenesis in Fragaria
, Plant Cell Reports 25(4): 281-288 (2006)

TDZ-induced triple-response and shoot formation on intact seedlings of Linum, putative role of ethylene in regeneration
, Plant Science 170(2): 185-190 (2006)

TEX14 is essential for intercellular bridges and fertility in male mice
, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 103(13): 4982-4987 (2006)

TGN1412: time to change the paradigm for the testing of new pharmaceuticals
, Alternatives to Laboratory Animals 34(2): 225-239 (2006)

TILLING: practical single-nucleotide mutation discovery
, Plant Journal 45(4): 684-694 (2006)

TIRs of joy: new receptors for auxin
, Bioessays 27(12): 1213-1217 (2005)

TLR4 variation in Yellowstone bison
, Animal Genetics 36(6): 533-534 (2005)

TMR is a good system if you satisfy all requirements
, Veehouder en Dierenarts 19(4): 28-30 (2005)

TNF but not Fas ligand provides protective anti-L. major immunity in C57BL/6 mice
, Microbes and Infection 7(15): 1461-1468 (2005)

TNF induces the growth of thymocytes in rainbow trout
, Developmental and Comparative Immunology 30(7): 639-647 (2006)

TNT phytotransformation pathway characteristics in Arabidopsis: role of aromatic hydroxylamines
, Biotechnology Progress 22(1): 208-216 (2006)

Tp53 expressing squamous cell carcinoma of the tonsil in a captive polar wolf (Canis lupus arctos)
, Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine 36(3): 538-542 (2005)

TRG Republike - dominant pedestrian place in Central Belgrade Zone
, Glasnik Sumarskog Fakulteta, Univerzitet u Beogradu (89): 77-90 (2004)

TT8 controls its own expression in a feedback regulation involving TTG1 and homologous MYB and bHLH factors, allowing a strong and cell-specific accumulation of flavonoids in Arabidopsis thaliana
, Plant Journal 46(5): 768-779 (2006)

TTA 17 hotel loyalty schemes
, Travel and Tourism Analyst (17): 1-41 (2005)

TXRF characterization of EDTA extractable metals from soils of bituminous sands occurrence area, Agbabu, South Western Nigeria
, Journal of Applied Sciences 5(7): 1151-1157 (2005)

Tabanidae (Diptera) of Amazonia XX. Description of Tabanus pseudonebulosus n.sp
, Memorias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz 101(2): 213-217 (2006)

Table grape in Italy: productive and commercial structure
, Rivista di Frutticoltura e di Ortofloricoltura 68(2): 12-14, 16-18 (2006)

Table of types of bagging scales and weighing machines
, Kartoffelbau (7): 272-281 (2005)

Table tomatoes: origin, taxonomy and varieties
, Higiene Alimentar 19(135): 34-39 (2005)

Tables showing the chemical composition and nutritive value of feedstuffs for ruminants produced under the conditions of R. Macedonia
, Krmiva 47(5): 267-272 (2005)

Tabor oak in Israel, genetic diversity within and between populations
, Forest Genetics 11(3/4): 317-323 (2004)

Tabouensinium chloride, a novel quaternary pyranoquinoline alkaloid from Araliopsis tabouensis
, Natural Product Research 19(6): 591-595 (2005)

Tachinid parasitization of pebrinised tasar silkmoth larvae
, Journal of Insect Science Ludhiana 16(1/2): 61-62 (2003)

TACHINIDAE: evolution, behavior, and ecology
, Annual Review of Entomology 51: 525-555 (2006)

Tachyarrhythmia in a St Bernard dog
, Journal of Veterinary Cardiology 1(2): 27-31 (1999)

Tachycardia: with or without P wave?
, Pratique Vet de l' Animal de Compagnie (16): 25-26 (2005)

Tachykinins and ovarian function in mammals
, Peptides 27(4): 736-742 (2006)

Tackling fungal diseases of oilseed brassicas in India
, Brassica 7(1/2): 7-13 (2005)

Tackling one smelly problem: microbial manure lagoon treatment system overcomes odors and expense
, Resource, Engineering and Technology for a Sustainable World 13(2): 11-12 (2006)

Tadpoles of four common Australian frogs are not effective predators of the common pest and vector mosquito Culex annulirostris
, Journal of the American Mosquito Control Association 21(4): 492-494 (2005)

Taenia asiatica and Taenia saginata: genetic divergence estimated from their mitochondrial genomes
, Experimental Parasitology 113(1): 58-61 (2006)

Taenia crassiceps-cysticercosis as a cause of pericardial effusion in a dog
, Praktische Tierarzt 86(10): 718-725 (2005)

Taenia solium cysticerci synthesize androgens and estrogens in vitro
, Parasitology Research 98(5): 472-476 (2006)

Taenia solium taeniasis and cysticercosis in three communities in north Vietnam
, Tropical Medicine and International Health 11(1): 65-72 (2006)

Taenia solium: the complex interactions, of biological, social, geographical and commercial factors, involved in the transmission dynamics of pig cysticercosis in highly endemic areas
, Annals of Tropical Medicine and Parasitology 100(2): 123-135 (2006)

Taenia-induced ileal perforation
, Tropical Doctor 35(4): 243 (2005)

Taeniasis and cysticercosis in Bali and North Sumatra, Indonesia
, Parasitology International 55 Suppl: S155 (2006)

Taeniasis, cysticercosis and echinococcosis in Thailand
, Parasitology International 55 Suppl: S175 (2006)

Taeniasis/cysticercosis and echinococcosis with focus on Asia and the Pacific. Proceedings of the 5th International Symposium on Cestode Zoonoses, Asahikawa, Japan, 2005
, Parasitology International 55(Suppl.): S1-S308 (2006)

Taeniasis/cysticercosis in Papua (Irian Jaya), Indonesia
, Parasitology International 55 Suppl: S143 (2006)

Taeniasis/cysticercosis trend worldwide and rationale for control
, Parasitology International 55 Suppl: S301 (2006)

Taeniosis-cysticercosis complex in individuals of a peasants' settlement (Teodoro Sampaio, Pontal of Paranapanema, SP, Brazil)
, Memorias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz 101(1): 15-20 (2006)

Tafinista and Churqui: two potato cultivars bred in the production system of Tucuman
, Avance Agroindustrial 26(1): 32-34 (2005)

Tagetitoxin purification and partial characterization
, Physiological and molecular plant pathology 67(1): 23-32 (2005)

Tagetone induces changes in lipid composition of Panicum miliaceum L. roots
, Journal of Essential Oil Bearing Plants 8(3): 239-249 (2005)

Tagging of RAPD marker for MYMV resistance in mungbean (Vigna radiata (L.) Wilczek)
, Asian Journal of Plant Sciences 5(2): 277-280 (2006)

Tagging of nematode-trapping fungus with hygromycin B phosphotransferase gene and its application in the study of fungistasis of soil
, Southwest China Journal of Agricultural Sciences 18(3): 277-280 (2005)

Tail-biting in outdoor pig production
, Veterinary Journal 171(2): 367-369 (2006)

Tailoring of Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.) flesh lipid composition and sensory quality by replacing fish oil with a vegetable oil blend
, Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 53(26): 10166-10178 (2005)

Taiwanese vegetarians have higher insulin sensitivity than omnivores
, British Journal of Nutrition 95(1): 129-135 (2006)

Take-off activity and orientation of triatomines (Heteroptera: Reduviidae) in relation to the presence of artificial lights
, Acta Tropica 97(3): 324-330 (2006 )

Taking culture into account in BDS interventions
, Small Enterprise Development 16(2): 55-60 (2005)

Taking ethics into account in farm animal breeding: what can the breeding companies achieve?
, Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Ethics 19(1): 37-46 (2006)

Taking of samples in cutaneous, articular, nervous and ocular symptoms of infectious origin
, Albeitar (91): 24-26 (2005)

Taking probiotics during pregnancy. Are they useful therapy for mothers and newborns?
, Canadian Family Physician Medecin de Famille Canadien 51: 1477-1479 (2005)

Taking samples for diagnosis of animal diseases
, Publicacion Tecnica INTA (58): 37-47 (2004)

Taking samples in ruminants
, Albeitar (87): 26-27 (2005)

Talaverana sheep breed: preliminary study for reproductive characterization
, XI Jornadas sobre Produccion Animal, Zaragoza, Spain, 11-12 Mayo, 2005 Volumenes I and II: 419-421 (2005)

Tale of two composting start-ups
, BioCycle 46(11): 40, 42, 44-45 (2005)

Talking about sexes
, XI Jornadas sobre Produccion Animal, Zaragoza, Spain, 11-12 Mayo, 2005 Volumenes I and II: 117-119 (2005)

Tall fescue seedling growth in response to phosphorous fertilization
, International Turfgrass Society Research Journal 10: 310-317 (2005)

Tall fescue seedling tolerance to carfentrazone, bromoxynil, quinclorac, and siduron
, HortScience: a ication of the American Society for Horticultural Science 41(1): 252-254 (2006)

Tall ironweed (Vernonia altissima Nutt.) control in pastures with fall-applied herbicides
, Weed Technology 20(1): 52-57 (2006)

Tall oil/water - emulsions as water repellents for Scots pine sapwood
, Holz als Roh und Werkstoff 64(1): 68-73 (2006)

Tamarack response to salinity: effects of sodium chloride on growth and ion, pigment, and soluble carbohydrate levels
, Canadian Journal of Forest Research 35(12): 2806-2812 (2005)

Tamarind (Tamarindus indica L.) propagation - a review
, Range Management and Agroforestry 25(2): 113-119 (2004)

Tambaqui growth reared in cages in a floodplain lake under different feeding rate
, Pesquisa Agropecuaria Brasileira 40(8): 833-835 (2005)

Tamil Nadu
, Root to canopy: regenerating forests through community state partnerships: 153-164 (2004)

Taming HSNO for pest managers
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Taming of the skew: transactional models fail to predict reproductive partitioning in the paper wasp Polistes dominulus
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