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Use of SSR data to determine relationships and potential heterotic groupings within medium to late maturing Iranian maize inbred lines

Rajab Choukan; Abdolahadi Hossainzadeh; Ghannadha, M.R.; Warburton, M.L.; Talei, A.R.; Mohammadi, S.A.

Field Crops Research 95(2/3): 212-222


ISSN/ISBN: 0378-4290
DOI: 10.1016/j.fcr.2005.02.011
Accession: 004488892

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Information on germplasm diversity and relationships among elite materials is fundamentally important in crop improvement. The main objectives of our study were to: (1) determine the level of genetic diversity within and relationships among the most commonly used medium to late maturing Iranian maize inbred lines using simple sequence repeat (SSR) markers, and to (2) suggest heterotic groups among the lines using genetic distance as measured by the SSR markers.

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