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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 4503

Chapter 4503 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Widmer, Y., 1990:
Bamboos: biology, cultivation, management and uses. Bibliographic review

Bisbrown, A.J.K.; Brice, J.R.; Curd, L.; Salam, M.M.; Yhea, A.A., 1991:
Onion storage trials in the Republic of Yemen

Bon, H. de; Faye, F.; Pages, J., 1991:
Onion production in the Gandiolais region of Senegal

Coradin, V.T.R.; Muniz, I.B. de, 1990:
Field identification key of 50 tropical wood species of Floresta Nacional do Tapajos

Kadams, A.M.; Amans, E.B., 1991:
Onion seed production in relation to field management in Nigeria

Kaynas, K.; Ozelkok, S.; Erkal, S., 1991:
The onion situation in Turkey: problems and future prospects

Lescay, E., 1991:
Evaluation of flowering in 4 onion (Allium cepa L.) cultivars in the eastern montane zone of Cuba

Rahim, M.A.; Siddique, M.A., 1991:
Onion seed production situation in Bangladesh - problems, prospects and research

Itoh, K., 1989:
Ecology and control of an arrowhead, Sagittaria trifolia L., a perennial paddy weed

Mali, V.R.; Thottappilly, G., 1986:
Virus diseases of cowpeas in the Tropics

Mendlinger, S.; Pasternak, D.; Malach, Y. de; Klotz, H., 1988:
Application of growth substances to increase the growth of summer melons in the Negev Plateau

Peries, O.S.; Liyanage, A. de S., 1987:
Diseases of economic importance of Hevea brasiliensis and their control

Sastrawinata, H.A.; Tampubolon, A.P., 1986:
The influence of vertical and horizontal cleaning on the growth of forest regeneration in a logged-over area in tropical rain forest in South Kalimantan

Shmuel, Y.; Meshmesh, R.; Shalaby, M., 1988:
Trials with melon cultivars grown without irrigation in the Jenin district

Vasquez C.W., 1988:
Site quality of Pinus caribaea in La Yeguada, Panama

Gopalakrishnan, V.; Murugesan, M.; Suresh, M.; Dhamu, K.P., 1988:
Covariance technique in analysis of experimental data on coconut

Mueller Darss, H., 1987:
Ergonomic and biological aspects of human work in agroforestry production systems

Oniki, M.; Viedma, L.Q. de; Ramirez, M.E., 1986:
Notes on fungal diseases of wheat in Paraguay

Staudt, F.J., 1987:
Ergonomics and its possible applications in agroforestry

Willan, R.L., 1988:
Economic returns from tree improvement in tropical and sub-tropical conditions

Balachandran, C.; Arumughan, C.; Padmakumari, K.P.; Narayanan, C.S.; Mathew, A.G., 1987:
Determination of soluble sugars in different regions of coconut endosperm by HPLC

Camino Velozo, R. de, 1987:
The forest sector in the economy of Developing Countries. A critical reconsideration of its role

Darlington, J.P.E.C., 1989:
The significance of termite mounds in landscapes

Darlington, J.P.E.C., 1989:
Ventilation systems in termite nests in Kenya

Lepage, M.; Kouassi, P.K., 1989:
Relative abundance of Macrotermitinae in African ecosystems (Ivory Coast) in relation to environmental parameters (Isoptera)

Lepage, M.; Abbadie, L.; Zaidi, Z., 1989:
Significance of hypogeous nests of Macrotermitinae in a Guinea savanna ecosystem, Ivory Coast (Isoptera)

Leslie, J.K.; McCown, R.L., 1988:
Soils and their management for dryland crop production in the semi-arid tropics and subtropics of Australia

McFarlane, M.J.; Darlington, J.P.E.C., 1989:
An example of termite mounds as indicators of hydrogeological and soil conditions in Malawi and Zimbabwe

Nunes, M.A.; Ceu Matos, M., 1987:
Effect of light on gas exchange parameters of sun and shade adapted leaves of Ceratonia siliqua, Coffea arabica and Malus domestica

Okwakol, M.J.N., 1989:
Damage to hedges in a housing estate in central Uganda by Macrotermes bellicosus

Robbrecht, E., 1988:
Tropical woody Rubiaceae. Characteristic features and progressions. Contribution to a new subfamilial classification

Santiago A.; Santiago L.A., 1989:
Charcoal chips as a practical substrate for container horticulture in the humid tropics

Sivaraman, T.K.; Royar, A.; Bheema Rao, M., 1989:
Boron status of coffee soils in Coorg, Coimbatore and Yercaud area

Tano, Y.; Lepage, M., 1989:
Abundance and distribution of Macrotermes bellicosus mounds (Isoptera: Macrotermitinae) in Sudan savanna, Ivory Coast

Borel, R., 1988:
Agroforestry at CATIE. Present and future

Lutterodt, G.D., 1989:
Inhibition of gastrointestinal release of acetylcholine by quercetin as a possible mode of action of Psidium guajava leaf extracts in the treatment of acute diarrhoeal disease

Mushiaque, M., 1988:
Rat problem in sugarcane in the central Punjab

Quiros, R., 1989:
A procedure for selecting seed production areas for Cupressus lusitanica in Costa Rica

Hallim, M.K.I., 1989:
1988 honey industry in Trinidad and Tobago

Howcroft, N.H.S., 1990:
An overview of the National Tree Seed Centre, Papua New Guinea

Mackenzie, J.A.; Robinson, P.; Shrestha, H.S., 1990:
Seed improvement of multipurpose tree species in Nepal, with special reference to forage species

McKinnon, D.M., 1990:
Keeping honeybees and flora on rural wooded Zimbabwe highveld

Pomier, M.; Benard, G., 1988:
Nitrogen deficiency symptoms in coconut

Shehaghilo, I.M., 1990:
Germination problems of some multipurpose indigenous tree seeds in Tanzania

Suryanarayana, M.C.; Mujumdar, S.M., 1988:
Tropilaelaps clareae on Apis mellifera in Uttar Pradesh, India

Zubanov, S.A., 1988:
Hardness of watermelon rind as an indicator of ripeness of the fruit

Ahmad, K.U.; Mojumder, A.A.; Islam, Q.A.K.M.M., 1988:
Physico-organoleptic attributes of some commercial mangoes grown in Chittagong

Ahmed, F.F.; Abo Shelbaya, M.A.M., 1988:
Response of Balady guava to Cycocel and certain micronutrient sprays

Aiyelaagbe, I.O.O., 1989:
Effect of NPK fertilizer on the growth and yield of guava in Kadawa, Kano State

Aiyelaagbe, I.O.O.; Fawusi, M.O.A., 1989:
Out-of-season pawpaw production in Ibadan, South Western Nigeria

Bhambid, R.B.; Gunjate, R.T.; Lad, B.L.; Salvi, M.J., 1988:
Effects of irrigation on fruit drop in Alphonso mango

Chattopadhyaya, P.K., 1988:
Leaf nutrient status of 'Giant Governor' banana following nitrogen fertilization

Etejere, E.O.; Ajibade, G.A., 1985:
Metabolism of the seed of Adansonia digitata L

Ishihata, K., 1988:
Cultivation of tropical and subtropical fruit trees and problems present in Japan

Kaleemullah ; Mahmooduzzafar ; Ahmad, Z., 1988:
Micro-morphological responses of the bark in Mangifera indica Roxb. to air pollution, caused by coal burning

Kanechi, M.; Uchida, N.; Yasuda, T.; Yamaguchi, T., 1988:
Relationships between leaf water potential and photosynthesis of Coffea arabica L. grown under various environmental conditions as affected by withholding irrigation and re-irrigation

Kishimoto, O., 1988:
Ecological features and distribution of tropical fruits

Leovasuta, A.; Thirakul, A., 1989:
Fertilizer management for hybrid coconuts

Mannan, M.A.; Haque, M.A., 1988:
Studies on sex-ratio, pollination and fruit setting of jackfruit

Matlob, A.N.; Hassawi, W.A.;, M.T., 1988:
Effect of cold storage and ethrel treatments on ripening and quality in muskmelon cv. Asfar Shitwi

Omran, H., 1987:
Growth of new shoots and their importance in cocoa growing

Poeloengan, Z., 1988:
Land characteristics as a tool for evaluating land suitability for oil palm cultivation. I. Numerical approach

Rossetti, A.G.; Pimentel Gomes, F.; Ferreira Viegas, R.M., 1988:
Optimum plot size for experiments in rubber tree nurseries

Sabatier, D.; Prevost, M.F., 1990:
Some data on the floristic composition and diversity of forest stands in French Guiana

Sandhya Tyagi, 1988:
Studies on the effect of certain growth regulants on the total alkaloid contents of the leaves of Tylophora indica (Burm.f.) Merr

Teoh, K.C.; Chew, P.S., 1989:
Rachis tissue offers alternative for diagnosing potassium nutrition of oil palms

Ucheagwu, A.C., 1989:
Survey on the traditional methods of growing pineapple in Oyo, Ogun and Lagos states of Nigeria

Ucheagwu, A.C., 1989:
The effect of plastic and sawdust mulches on the weed growth and yield of pineapples (Ananas comosus (L.) Meer.)

Anonymous, 1988:
Identification sheets for standing trees of New Caledonian forests. Bureavella wakere. Arillastrum gummiferum. Neoguillauminia cleopatra

Anonymous, 1988:
Identification sheets for standing trees in French Guianan forests. Wallaba (Eperua falcata. E. grandiflora. E. rubiginosa)

Anonymous, 1989:
Notes on mango graft and citrus budding production for field assistants

Anonymous, 1990:
Identification sheets for standing trees of the forests of French Guiana. Micropholis guyanensis. Ragala sanguinolenta. Ocotea spp. Licania spp

Anonymous, 1990:
Identification sheets for standing trees of the forests of French Guiana: Eschweilera amara; Couma guianensis; Tetragastris spp.; Eriotheca crassa

Abou Aziz, A.B.; Shawky, I.; E.T.nahy, M.M.; Tadros, M.R., .:
Effect of potassium fertilization on growth and yield of Williams banana

Abou Aziz, A.B.; Shawky, I.; Tadros, M.R.; E.T.nahy, M.M., .:
Effect of different rates of nitrogen fertilization on growth and yield of Williams banana

Clement, C.R.; Mora Urpi, J.; Costa, S. de S., 1985:
Estimation of the leaf area of pejibaye palm (Bactris gasipaes), A.L.; Montasser, A.S.; Behairy, Z.; Salama, M.A.; Beder, R., .:
Effect of irrigation on growth, mineral status and anatomy of 'Hindi' banana suckers

Lowe, K.F.; Gramshaw, D., 1988:
Performance of US and Australian cultivars in sub-humid, sub-tropical areas of Queensland, Australia

Mahmoud, R.M.; E.S.emy, M.G., . :
Properties of polyphenol oxidase from guava (Psidium guajava L.)

Shawky, I.; Abou Aziz, A.B.; Shabaan, E.A.; Saleh, M.M.S., .:
Effect of planting distance on growth, yield and fruit quality of Williams banana

Tadros, M.R.; Shawky, I.; Desouky, I., .:
Leaf removal of banana suckers

White A.R.; Elmore H.W.; Watson M.B.; Gill J.P., 1989:
Purification and partial characterization of polysaccharides from coconut milk

Lobreau Callen, D.; Suarez Cervera, M., 1987:
Relationship between the ultrastructure of the pollen exine, the pollination of flowers and the ecology of Gaudichaudia cynanchoides (Malpighiaceae)

Chrestin, H.; Gidrol, X.; Pean, M.; Marin, B., 1987:
Delta micro H+-controlled reversible fluxes of H+ and calcium at the tonoplast but quasi-total citrate sequestration within the intact vacuoles from the latex cells of Hevea brasiliensis. Implications in the production of natural rubber

Chrestin, H.; Gidrol, X.; Marin, B., 1987:
Transtonoplast pH changes as a signal for activation of the cytosolic metabolism in Hevea latex cells in response to treatments with Ethrel (an ethylene releaser). Implications for the production of a secondary metabolite: natural rubber

Fekete, J.; Fernandez, J.; Lopez, M.A., 1987:
The soil flood effect on the budding and growth of the sugarcane variety C87-51

Furstenberg, P. von, 1980:
Possibilities and problems in the management of agrosilvopastoral systems in the semiarid zones of Africa and Latin America

Graf, A.B., 1986:
Tropica. Color cyclopedia of exotic plants and trees for warm-region horticulture - in cool climate, the summer garden or sheltered indoors

Jimenez Saa, H., 1981:
Agris Forestry, an information service for developing countries

Leal, F., 1989:
On the history, origin and taxonomy of the pineapple

Lin, T.T.; Hwang, S.L., 1987:
Studies on the fertigation system and the application of liquid fertilizers for PE sheet-tunnel cultivation of muskmelon

Owuor, P.O.; Othieno, C.O., 1988:
Factors affecting tea quality: postharvest variables - a review

Perez, A.; Cedeno Maldonado, A.; Reyes, I.; Lopez, J., 1987:
Growth and yield of mango trees at three stages of development influenced by rootstock, scion variety

Saba, T.; Aono, H.; Tanaka, S., 1988:
Relationships between the characteristics and quality of made tea and the growth of the new shoots of tea plants

Schwyzer, A., 1980:
Possibilities for natural regeneration of the tropical rain forest in the Jenaro Herrera region, Peru

Schwyzer, A., 1981:
Combining artificial and natural regeneration in the tropical rain forest of Peru

Anonymous, 1985:
Ecology and resource management in tropics. Vol. I

Anonymous, 1988:
Forty-first annual report 1987-88

Agatsuma, S.; Tachibana, S.; Sumimoto, M., 1986:
Studies on pitch problems caused by pulping and bleaching of tropical woods XVII. Agglomerated resin deposition into sulfate pulps from the Dipterocarpaceae woods (1)

Boshier, D.H., 1984:
The international provenance trial of Cordia alliodora (R&P) Oken in Costa Rica

Brienza Junior, S., 1982:
Friejo in agroforestry systems

Budowski, G., 1984:
Agroforestry systems in Central America

Camino, R. de, 1986:
Organization of production and costs in large nurseries in Venezuela

Carpanezzi, A.A.; Marques, L.C.T., 1981:
Germination of seeds of jutai-acu (Hymenaea courbaril) and jutai-mirim (H. parvifolia) scarified with commercial sulphuric acid

Carvalho, J.O.P. de, 1981:
Girdling of undesirable trees in dense tropical forest in Amazonia

Carvalho, J.O.P. de, 1983:
Abundance, frequency and degree of aggregation of pau-rosa (Aniba duckei) in the Tapajos National Forest, Para, Brazil

Carvalho, J.O.P. de; Silva, J.N.M.; Lopes, J. do C.A.; Costa, H.B. da, 1984:
Management of natural forests of the humid tropics with special reference to the Tapajos National Forest in the state of Para, Brazil

Combe, S., 1984:
Advantages and limitations of managing pastures with agroforestry systems

Dantas, M.; Matos, A. de O., 1981:
Phytoecological studies of the Brazilian humid tropics. III. Nutrient contents in ash from forest and secondary vegetation, Capitao Poco, Para

Fotius, G.A.; Sa, I.B., 1985:
Outline of the vegetation of the Sipaube catchment area, Bodoco, Pernambuco, Brazil

Glauner, H.J.; Keil, H., 1988:
The approaches, goals and methods of ecofarming in tropical and subtropical regions of developing countries

Gomes, J.I., 1983:
Indications of natural hybridization between Hevea brasiliensis and H. camargoana based on wood anatomy

Huang, C.C.; Su, S.Y., 1984:
A study on physiological ecology of dominant population in Cryptocarya community of Ding Hu Shan. I. A tentative study on water condition of Aporosa yunnanensis Metc

Kanashiro, M., 1982:
Genetic improvement of freijo (Cordia goeldiana)

Kanashiro, M.; Vianna, N.G., 1982:
Maturation of Cordia goeldiana seeds

Liao, L.Y.; Ding, M.M.; Yi, W.M.; Chen, T.X., 1984:
Research on N2ase activity of the nodules of Acacia auriculaeformis in different ecological conditions

Li, G.C.; Huang, L.J.; Chen, L.; Zhang, S.X., 1984:
Evapotranspiration from the tropical artificial broad-leaf forest in XiaoLiang

Marengo Orsini, J.A., 1982:
Estimation of evapotranspiration in the rain forest of Amazonia

Marques, L.C.T., 1982:
Production of freijo (Cordia goeldiana) seedlings

Maydell, H.J. von, 1984:
Agroforestry systems from the forestry point of view

Maydell, H.J. von, 1984:
Criteria for planning and evaluation of agroforestry projects

Melo, C.F.M. de; Wisniewski, A.; Alves, S. de M., 1980:
Cuiarana as raw material for paper making

Mendoza, L.H. de, 1987:
Prehispanic patterns of land use in the tropical forests of Costa Rica

Monge, C., 1985:
Sources of information on agroforestry

Mueller Dombois, D.; Jacobi, J.D.; Cooray, R.G.; Balakrishnan, N., 1980:
'Ohi'a rain forest study: ecological investigations of the 'ohi'a dieback problem in Hawaii

Picado, W., 1986:
Establishment and production of plants from family and communal forest nurseries in Costa Rica

Rodrigues, I.A., 1982:
Botanical information on Cordia goeldiana

Salas, G. de las; Fassbender, H., 1984:
Edaphic factors in agroforestry-based systems of production

Schwyzer, A., 1982:
Use of ring barking of trees in the silvicultural treatments of a tropical rain forest in Peru

Silva, M. da G., 1983:
Flora of Mozambique. 1. Cycadaceae. 2. Podocarpaceae. 3. Cupressaceae

Torres, S.; Vasquez, W., 1985:
The systematic Nelder design in forestry research

Vianna, N.G., 1982:
Preservation of andiroba (Carapa guianensis) seeds

Anonymous, 1988:
Technical information sheet: gaboon (Aucoumea klaineana)

Azevedo, H.P.; Roitman, I., 1984:
Cultivation of Trypanosoma cruzi in defined media

Jaffe, C.L.; Grimaldi, G.; McMahon Pratt, D., 1984:
The cultivation and cloning of Leishmania

Rickert, K.G., 1988:
Computer models and the study of grazing systems

Anonymous, 1987:
Guidelines for evaluation of plant molluscicides

Dwivedi, B.K.; Malhotra, S.K., 1987:
Environmental correlates to the population dynamics of plant nematodes around root zones of Carica papaya in an Indian sub-humid region

Dasgupta, M.K.; Mandal, N.C., 1986 :
Ecology and epidemiology of postharvest diseases of perishables: prelude to their control

Parthasarathy Rao, P.; Oppen, M. von, 1987:
Food legume production in Asia: past trends and future prospects

Parish, D.H., 1987:
The role of fertilizers in increasing food productivity in developing countries

Reed, W., 1987:
Increase of productivity of crops: control of pre- and post-harvest losses

Abd Rahman, M.Y.; Mohd Jaafar, D.; Sharif, H.; Faizah, M., 1987:
Feedlot performance of goat and sheep fed oil palm and rice by-products

Basery, M.; Campling, R.C., 1987:
The voluntary intake of mixtures of forages by cattle: associative effect and palatability

Handayani, S.W.; Ginting, S.P.; Ketaren, P.P., 1987:
Effect of supplementation of palm oil mill effluent to sheep fed a basal diet of native grass

Kabeerathumma, S.; Ghosh, S.P.; Lakshmi, K.R., 1985:
Soil erosion and surface runoff: multiple systems compared

Miyashige, T.; Abu Hassan, O.; Mohd Jaafar, D.; Wong, H.K., 1987:
Digestibility and nutritive value of palm kernel cake, palm oil mill effluent, palm press fibre and rice straw by Kedah-Kelantan bulls

Mohd Sukri, M.I.; Jariah, M.N.; Rozali, H., 1987:
Fattening of swamp buffalo in feedlot

Sharma, M.P.; Singh, K., 1987 :
Tractor mounted pit digger for ring method of sugarcane planting

Suparjo Noordin, M.; Abd Rahman, M.Y., 1987:
Digestibilities of palm kernel cake, dried palm oil mill effluent and Guinea grass hay by sheep

Tuen, A.A., 1987:
Availability of minerals in crop residues with special reference to rice straw

Wong, C.C.; Wan Hassan, W.E.; Tan, K.L., 1987:
Milk production of Sahiwal X Friesian cow grazing on Leucaena-B. decumbens pasture with concentrate supplementation

Wong, H.K.; Abu Hassan, O.; Zainur Alsmi, S.; Shibata, M., 1987:
The effects of supplementation of oil palm by-product based rations on the digestibility, rumen volatile fatty acids (VFA) and performance in cattle

Zhang, J.B., 1985:
The tropical forest ecosystem in Xishuangbanna

Brown, D.W.; Robinson, H.L., 1987:
Analysis of recombinants of RAV-0 and RAV-1 for tissue tropism

Malaisse, F., 1984:
Structure of a Zambezi dry tropical forest in the vicinity of Lubumbashi, Zaire

Passini, M.F., 1983:
An example of a dry tropical forest in Mexico: the Pinus cembroides forest

Schmidt, J.O.; Yamane, S.; Matsuura, M.; Starr, C.K., 1987:
East Asian hornet venoms: lethalities , lethal capacities and potential defensive roles

Singh, A., 1986 :
Tropical forest cover classification using Landsat data in north-eastern India

Thiebaut, B., 1982:
On the development of seedlings of Fagus sylvatica grown in a nursery, orthotropism and plagiotropism

Anonymous, 1986:
Microscopic structure of the wood of tropical commercial timber species: an identification catalogue

Anonymous, .:
Sexava nubila Stal

Berti, S.; Massei, M.; Berti, R.N.; Topa, G., 1982:
Volume tables for eighteen tropical species

Ghelmeziu, N., 1982:
Cuaruba , an exotic wood from Central and South America

Oshiro, Y., 1987:
Present status and some problems of weed control in sugar cane cultivation

Smith, A.R., 1987:
Euphorbiaceae (Part 1)

Finney, A., 1988:
Capped multi-stem pruning system for Arabica coffee. Notes on field practices in some of the large plantations in East Africa

Kang, S.K.; So, W.T.; Shim, K.; Lee, K.Y.; Kang, D.H.; Koo, J.O.; Ahn, K.M.; Yoon, S.L.; Cho, S.T.; Park, J.K.; Shim, S.R.; Lee, W.K.; Youn, Y.C.; Jo, M.J., 1982:
Studies on the end-use development of lesser-known tropical timbers. (I) Studies on five species, Elmerrillia sp., Koompassia sp., Litsea sp., Dillenia sp., Swintonia sp. grown in Batulicin district, South Kalimantan, Indonesia

Kang, S.K.; Shim, K.; Kang, J.H.; Kang, D.H.; Koo, J.O.; Ahn, K.M.; Yoon, S.L.; Cho, S.T.; Park, J.Y.; Shim, S.R.; Lee, W.K.; Jo, J.M.; Shim, C.S., 1983:
Studies on the end-use development of lesser-known tropical timbers. (II) Studies on five species amberoi (Pterocymbium beccarii K. Schum.), celtis (Celtis nymanii K. Schum.), dillenia (Dillenia papuana Mart.), malas (Homalium foetidum Benth.), spondias (Spondias dulcis Forst.), grown in Kapuluk district, New Britain, Papua New Guinea

Klusmann, C., 1988:
Trees and shrubs for animal production in tropical and subtropical areas

Li, S.M.; Xu, K.L.; Li, C.S.; Fon, G., .:
A study on the reniform nematode disease of dwarf banana in Guangdong Province of China

Bromchoom, C., 1988:
Weeds in the north-eastern region. 2. Tropic ageratum

Ekechukwu, O.V., 1987:
Experimental studies of integral-type natural-circulation solar-energy tropical crop dryers

Ferrer, R.; Gonzalez Romano, N., 1987:
Microclimate in open pig housing under warm humid conditions. III. Natural ventilation

Jara Navarro, L.F., 1980:
Study of variation between provenances of two tropical pine species of Central America: Pinus oocarpa and Pinus caribaea

Lai, Y.J., 1985:
An approach to the relationship between vegetation succession and flood calamities in mountainous regions of the central Asian sub-tropic area - a survey report on the mountainous region of Longnan County of Jiangxi Province

Obregon, J.; Ramos, P.; Aponte, J.; Conde, N., 1984:
Culture of BHK 21 clone 13 cells in suspension: construction and operation of an experimental fermentor

Ramos, P.; Obregon, J.; Aponte, J.; Wiederman, M., 1985:
Experimental equipment for the production of inactivated antigen for foot and mouth disease vaccine

Beer, J.W.; Clarkin, K.L.; Salas, G. de las; Glover, N.L., 1981:
A case study of traditional agro-forestry practices in a wet tropical zone; the La Suiza project

Glick, D., 1981:
Directory of human resources for conservation in Mesoamerica

Miller, C.P.; Webb, C.D., 1988:
Phosphorus supply to cattle grazing stylo pastures

Napier, I.A., 1982:
Nursery techniques for producing conifers in the tropics

Ackerman, J.D., 1985:
Pollination of tropical and temperate orchids

Duret, T.; Baron, V.; Barbosa dos Anjos, J., 1985:
Agricultural mechanization and alternatives for cultivation in dry regions

Luna, S.; Sandoval, E.; Lozoya, X., 1986:
Anatomical study of the leaf of guava (Psidium guajava) for the purpose of controlling the quality of the medicinal herb

Posudin, Y.I., 1985:
The photoinduced movement of chloroplasts

Shado, M.B., 1985:
Seed stand establishment procedures for promising tropical pines and some Eucalyptus species in plantations in savanna areas of Nigeria

Shah, A.H.; Miana, G.A.; Devi, S.; Pandey, V.B., 1986 :
Sativanine-H: A New Alkaloid from the Bark of Zizyphus sativa

Thiel, J., 1985:
Identification sheets for trees in the French Guianan forest. Cecropia sciadophylla. Lecythis davisii. Sclerolobium melinonii. Eschweilera odora. Minquartia guianensis

Dogra, K.K.; Sud, R.G.; Katoch, B.S., 1986:
Seasonal variations in nutrient components, mimosine, tannins, and in vitro digestibility of two Leucaena species under humid sub-tropics

Figueiredo, S.F.L., 1986:
Preservation of cocoa seed viability. I. Fifty years of study, a bibliographical review

Lockhart, L.A., 1987:
Investigation of tropical pine resin terpenes

Misra, S.S.; Agrawal, H.O., 1987:
Potato aphids: a review of the species, their identification, importance, control and pesticide residues in potatoes in India

Bahuguna, V.K., 1986:
Research needs of tropical rain forests of India

Bertaux, S.; Baron, V.; Anjos, J.B. dos, 1986:
Animal-drawn two-body plough

Bircher, B.W., 1986:
The phototropic response and circumnutation of Triticum aestivum var. Broom coleoptiles and the development of an experiment called FOTRAN for a Space Shuttle flight

Stalle, J. van, 1984:
Scientific results of the Belgian Mount Cameroon Expedition, February - April 1981. VII. Fam. Delphacidae, Tropiduchidae and Ricaniidae, with notes on the altitudinal zonation of Homoptera Fulgoroidea on Mount Cameroon

Stritzler, N.P.; Rabotnikof, C.M.; Lorda, H.; Pordomingo, A., 1986:
Evaluation of tropical pasture species in the semi-arid Pampas region. 3. Digestibility and intake of Digitaria eriantha and Bothriochloa intermedia under deferred conditions

Anonymous, 1986:
Scientific publications 1981-1985

Bakh, N., 1985:
Peroxidase activity of rice after Propanid treatment

Bruenig, E.F., 1986:
The tropical rainforest as ecosystem

Nicholson, C.H.L.; Cook, S.J., 1986:
TAMETDB - How to use 'TAMETDB', a CSIRO Division of Tropical Crops and Pastures data bank of daily climatic records

Penalosa, J., 1983:
Shoot dynamics and adaptive morphology of Ipomoea phillomega (Vell.) House (Convolvulaceae), a tropical rainforest liana

Weidelt, H.J., 1986:
Silvicultural opportunities in the tropical moist forest

Andrew, M.H.; Taylor, J.A., 1986:
Intensification of the buffalo and cattle industries in the Australian wet-dry tropics - some implications for the rangelands and their management in the Northern Territory

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Branch geometry and effective leaf area: a study of Terminalia -branching pattern. 1. Theoretical trees

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Branch geometry and effective leaf area: a study of Terminalia -branching pattern. 2. Survey of real trees

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A strategy for preserving tropical rainforests

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Soil data-base management

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Agroenvironments of a network of soil families and agrotechnology transfer in the Philippines

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Factors affecting the nutritive value of barley straw for Awassi sheep

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Means of agrotechnology transfer in Venezuela: need and prospects

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Utilization of food waste materials for energy, food and/or animal feeds production. 2. Biogas from dried pineapple peelings

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Comparison of the molluscicidal action of a Senegalese and an Egyptian strain of the plant Ambrosia maritima

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The use of water balance models in the optimisation of cereal yields in seasonally-arid tropical regions

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Use of 'Swiss tree grippers' for making botanical collections of tropical trees

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Mechanisms of resistance to shoot fly in sorghum: a review

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Tissue culture of poorly-known palms

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What type of agricultural intensification in plantation crop farming in Ivory Coast? History, production systems and agricultural policy; which programmes, for which types of farm? (2 articles)

Anonymous, 1982:
Bee plant propagation - a case for planting Prosopis in the tropics

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Morphological and physiological response of Valencia orange leaves at different levels of infestation by Tetranychus urticae Koch

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Behaviour of some biological parameters of T urticae Koch under laboratory conditions

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Functional role of earthworms in the decomposer subsystem

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Weed control in water melons

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Population fluctuation of Selenaspidus articulatus Morg (Coccoidea: Diaspididae) in mature groves of Valencia orange

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Wilmot Dear, C.M., 1985:

Wilmot Dear, C.M., 1985:

Anonymous, .:
Agronomy - Cerrados

Anonymous, .:
Cattle production systems

Anonymous, .:
Collaborative work in Panama

Anonymous, .:

Anonymous, .:
Pastures development - Cerrados

Anonymous, .:
Pasture quality and nutrition

Anonymous, .:
Pasture productivity and management

Anonymous, .:
Seed production

Anonymous, .:
Soils/plant nutrition

Anonymous, .:
Studies on native savanna of Llanos of Colombia

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Key for the identification with a magnifying glass of temperate and tropical timbers available in Belgium

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Functional relationships between industrial yield and quality of raw material in the sugarcane industry: a preliminary analysis

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Use of bananas by ruminants. 1. Composition and nutritive value of fresh or ensiled bananas: a review

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Tannins and related compounds. XLII. Isolation and characterization of four new hydrolyzable tannins, terflavins A and B, tergallagin and tercatain from the leaves of Terminalia catappa L

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Identification sheets for standing trees in the French Guianan forest. Enterolobium schomburgkii. Dipteryx odorata and D. punctata. Laetia procera. Sterculia pruriens. Parkia pendula

Anonymous, 1985:
The highest apiaries of Europe, on a tropical flowering plain

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Value of agro-industrial by-products and farm wastes in the feeding of pigs in Nigeria. 2. Cane molasses, maize cobs, yam peels and plantain peels

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Air sampling studies in tropical America (Venezuela). Frequency and periodicity of pollen and spores

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Forage production, digestibility and protein in sub-tropical grasses on sandy soil or on soil after a rice crop in northwestern Uruguay

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Models of edaphic environment and their application in tropical latitudes

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Bermuda grass (Cynodon dactylon) for beef production - review

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Practical identification sheets for standing trees in the French Guianan forest. Dimorphandra hohenkerkii

Thiel, J., 1984:
Practical identification sheets for standing trees in the French Guianan forest. Macrosamanea pedicellaris

Thiel, J., 1984:
Practical identification sheets for standing trees in the French Guianan forest. Caryocar glabrum

Thiel, J., 1984:
Practical identification sheets for standing trees in the French Guianan forest. Futui (Jacaranda copaia)

Thiel, J., 1984:
Practical identification sheets for standing trees in the French Guianan forest. Couratari pulchra

Thiel, J., 1984:
Practical identification sheets for standing trees in the French Guianan forest. Symphonia globulifera

Thiel, J., 1984:
Practical identification sheets for standing trees in the French Guianan forest. Platonia insignis

Thiel, J., 1984:
Practical identification sheets for standing trees in the French Guianan forest. Simaruba (Simarouba amara)

Thiel, J., 1984:
Practical identification sheets for standing trees in the French Guianan forest. Light virola (Virola surinamensis)

Thiel, J., 1984 :
Practical identification sheets for standing trees in the French Guianan forest. Virola melinonii

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Production and control of rice seed in the tropical zone

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Some plants in Kenya which have molluscicidal properties

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Systems approach for the management of fertilisers in rice and rice-based cropping sequences

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The Amazon. Bases of the ecology of the largest area of tropical forest

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Technical information sheets on French Guianan timbers: red louro (Ocotea rubra)

Anonymous, 1984:
Technical information sheets on French Guianan timbers: Vouacapoua americana

Anonymous, 1984:
Technical information sheets on French Guianan timbers: wallaba (Eperua falcata, E. grandiflora and E. rubiginosa)

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Effects of soil water content on the activity of the sugarcane wireworm, Melanotus okinawensis Ohira and efficacy of chemical control

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Names and numbers of papaya proteinases

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Fresh non-fruit latex of Carica papaya contains papain, multiple forms of chymopapain A and papaya proteinase omega

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Beekeeping in coconut smallholdings in Pontian, Johor, West Malaysia

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Palm oil as an alternative fuel for diesel engines

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The utilization and yield of the residues from cultivated millet, sorghum, groundnuts, cowpeas, maize and rice in the cattle producing areas of Nigeria

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Aspects of gap regeneration theory and the management of tropical rainforests

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The development of synecological methods for classification of rainforest and implications for their management

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Some properties of a key enzyme in the metabolism of latex: invertase

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Activating policies for increasing the effectiveness of forestation projects in the tropics involving non-governmental organizations

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Cassava: a basic food of Africa

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Insect pollination of economically important plants of tropical and sub-tropical Asia

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Spectrophotometric estimation of caffeine in coffee

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Isolation and hypoglycemic activity of saccharans A, B, C, D, E and F, glycans of Saccharum officinarum stalks

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Practical identification sheets for standing trees in the French Guianan forest. Bagassa tilaefolia

Thiel, J., 1984:
Practical identification sheets for standing trees in the French Guianan forest. Bocoa prouacensis

Thiel, J., 1984:
Practical identification sheets for standing trees in the French Guianan forest. Marmaroxylon racemosum

Thiel, J., 1984:
Practical identification sheets for standing trees in the French Guianan forest. Parkia nitida

Thiel, J., 1984:
Practical identification sheets for standing trees in the French Guianan forest. Moronobea coccinea

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Weeds of cotton/lucerne rotation in the Fergana region of Uzbek SSR

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Conditions suited for separation of tea stems by electrostatic separator

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Tropical forest trees

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Specific composition of weeds of Cuban sugarcane plantations

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The significance of weeds in oil-palm plantations in Nigeria

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An assessment of cultural weed control methods in Quillou coffee, (Coffea canephora Pierre ex Froehner var. canephora Haarer) plots

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Continuous-flow yeast production in nutrient-supplemented coconut water

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The anatomy of the pulvinus in various Mimosoideae in relation to function

Anonymous, 1983:
A bibliography on the anatomy of organs connected with nyctinastic and seismonastic movements in higher plants

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Soil requirements of cacao (Theobroma cacao L.) in equatorial West Africa

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Effect of four nitrogen sources on growth, nutrient composition and chlorophyll content of four tropical forest tree seedlings

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Production and marketing statistics for bananas

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Tropical field exposure of CCA-treated eucalypt stakes

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Woody plants of nutritional importance in traditional farming systems of the Nigerian humid tropics

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Models of stand development in some plantations of indigenous Meliaceae in the moist tropical rainforest region of Nigeria

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Rat: a menace to coconut - a bibliography

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Problems in the ecology and forest management of Burretiodendron hsienmu

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Mapping natural areas in eastern Senegal. Evaluation of the possibility of applying agro-silvo-pastoral techniques

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Nitrogen-fixing trees in the tropics: potentialities and limitations

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Field performance of flexible silos in the tropics

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Sustaining tropical forest resources: restoration of degraded land

Anonymous, 1983:
The development of rice production in tropical Africa

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Replacement of 'Cogon' vegetation under coconut with leguminous ground covers

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Herbicide evaluation in coffee plantations

Basagoitia, C.R., .:
Adaptation of coffee cultivars with different degrees of resistance to coffee rust (Hemileia vastatrix Berk & Br.)

Basagoitia M.C.R., .:
Effect of container size on growth of coffee cultivars Bourbon and Pacas in the nursery

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Study of the effect of fungicides recommended for rust (Hemileia vastatrix Berk & Br.) control on the nutrient content of coffee

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Trial of three nitrogen levels and 4 application dates

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Characterization of coffee canker in El Salvador and its possible control

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Determination of plant nematode infestation in banana plantations of Uraba, Colombia

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Evaluation of three spraying techniques used in Costa Rican coffee plantations in relation to coffee rust

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Agroforestry: contribution of trees and shrubs to food supply in the tropics

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Trial of three doses of the nematicide Mocap 10% for the control of Radopholus similis on Cavendish banana

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Evaluation of seven chemical products plus a control against Pellicularia koleroga Cooke in coffee

Addy, G., 1984:
An economic analysis of banana intercropping in the Windward Islands

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Evaluation of pesticides against the coffee leaf miner Leucoptera coffeella Guer

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Features and prevention of insects in tropical forests

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Evaluation of various methods of weed control involving herbicides for covercrop establishment

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Preliminary study on tolerance of coconut seedlings to different rates of glyphosate jun; X.X.u kun; Zhou Yun li; Huang Li ying, 1983:
Isolation and characterization of the antitumour constituents maytansine, maytanprine and maytanbutine from Maytenus variabilis

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The efficacy of diuron and ametryne against weeds in papaya orchards

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Evaluation of new insecticides against the leaf miner Leucoptera coffeella

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On the high-temperature drying of Eucalyptus wood

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Vegetable seed production and related problems in the tropics

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Studies on the xylans of tropical hardwoods

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Effects of gibberellic and indolebutyric acid on sprouting and growth of shoots of ratoon cane

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Anatomical characteristics of 16 species of woody plant from Panama. Part 2

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Coffee pulp and other fuels as sources of energy for coffee drying. An economic evaluation

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Tropical tree seed pathology, with particular reference to the Pinus species of Central America

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Design and operation of poultry facilities under conditions of high temperature

Anonymous, .:
Tropical timbers from Amazonia exhibited at the VI Ceara Furniture Fair

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The acidity of wood and the extractives of some tropical species

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Weight gain of cattle kept continuously on fields of cut sorghum straw and sorghum stubble in eastern Guarico

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Zeranol and molasses for growth of crossbred steers at pasture

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Sisal by-products as feed for ruminants

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Electrostatic separation of tea stalks

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Strategy for N fertilizer recommendation in multiple cropping systems with particular reference to its use efficiency

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Honey producing trees in the tropics

Verloo, M., 1983:
Importance of micronutriens in multiple cropping systems

Anonymous, 1983:
Technical information sheets on French Guianan timbers: purpleheart (Peltogyne spp., principally P. venosa and P. paniculata subsp. pubescens)

Anonymous, 1983:
Technical information sheets on French Guianan timbers: basralocus (Dicorynia guianensis)

Anonymous, 1983:
Technical information sheets on French Guianan timbers: Diplotropis purpurea

Anonymous, 1983:
Technical information sheets on French Guianan timbers: courbaril (Hymenaea courbaril)

Anonymous, 1983:
Technical information sheets on French Guianan timbers: Qualea rosea and Ruizterania albiflora

Detienne, P., 1980:
The wood of Moronobea coccinea: similarities and differences to Symphonia globulifera and Platonia insignis

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Description of a rust Puccinia polysora on corn in Hainan Island

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A study of some morphological and anatomical aspects of Anthurium andreanum Lind

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Zero/minimum tillage in the tropics - some comments and suggestions

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Cattle feeds and feeding practices under different cropping systems in Batangas and Quezon

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The detective, the maps and the simulated locust: thoughts on insect migration 1934-84

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Note on the molluscicidal properties of two Euphorbiaceae: Euphorbia tirucalli and Jatropha curcas. Laboratory trials

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The influence of agricultural development on crop diseases

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Foods of Hawaii and the Pacific Basin. Vegetables and vegetable products: raw, processed, and prepared. Volume 1: Composition

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Enzymes of Hevea brasiliensis latex. Adenylate kinase, sulphate adenyltransferase (ATP-sulphurylase) and thiosulphate sulphurtransferase (rhodanese)

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Bionomics of Stauropus alternus Walker

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Pesticides in the Third World. A comment from the tropics

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Comparative studies of some characteristics of seraya forests found on the coastal hills and inner highland

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Turpentine for synthetic fragrance: a commercial appraisal

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The effect of fertilizer and supplementary sulphur on the digestion of Digitaria pentzii in sheep

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Salt excretion in the mangrove Avicennia germinans

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Potassium requirements of some tropical tree crops (oil palm, coconut palm, rubber, coffee, cocoa) and cotton

Anonymous, .:
Management of the rice crop in the Eastern Llanos

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The use of cocoa husks in place of sorghum grain for feeding grazing cattle

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The occurrence of 3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl CoA reductase (NADPH) in the latex of regularly tapped Hevea brasiliensis

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Anatomical characteristics and properties of ten species of woody plant from the Philippines

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Ligniculture (intensive silviculture) in a tropical environment: reforestation with hybrid eucalypts in the coastal savanna of the Congo

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The inflammability of some tropical timbers (in relation to utilization as fuel)

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The prediction of stem and branch volume of Acacia nilotica in the Fung region in the Sudan

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Varietal resistance in the integrated pest management of cowpea pests.

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Understorey vegetation structure of the Sinharaja tropical wet evergreen forest type

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Anatomical characteristics and uses of 25 species of woody plant from Panama

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A mechanised thermal fogging system for controlling Helopeltis theobromae Mill. in cocoa

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A study of basic unit in forest community dynamics: a case study in the Seraya Ridge Hill Forest

Broughton, W.J., .:
Nitrogen fixation by tropical legumes

Detienne, P.; Jacquet, P.; Mariaux, A., 1982:
Identification guide to tropical timbers. Volume 3. French Guiana

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