Comparison of water relations and drought related flag leaf traits in hexaploid spring wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

Bhutta, W.M.; Ibrahim, M.; Tahira

Plant, Soil and Environment 52(5): 234-238


Accession: 004509950

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Six wheat varieties/lines and six derived F2 hybrids were studied to ascertain and compare heritability and genetic advance for flag leaf osmotic pressure, flag leaf water potential, flag leaf venation, flag leaf area and flag leaf thickness. Most of these characters had high heritabilities and expected a genetic advance. Prospects of a genetic improvement for all the characters studied are evident. The most promising cross combinations are PASBAN-90 x SARC-5 and SH-2002 x SARC-5. These traits therefore deserve a better attention in future breeding projects for evolving better wheat for stress environments.