Development of water resources and agricultural practices under irrigation in Thrace Region: analysis of existing data for the solution of problems

Istanbulluoglu, A.; Konukcu, F.; Kocaman, I.

Journal of Tekirdag Agricultural Faculty 3(2): 139-152


Accession: 004511370

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Although Turkiye (Turkey), particularly Thrace Region, seems to be rich in soil and water resources in comparison to its location, population growth, pollution caused by industrialization and possible global warming threaten the high potential cultivated lands and important water resources and shadows food security and economical development. Shortages in these resources are not only inevitable for all sectors but also affect profoundly irrigated agriculture which has an important place in the country's stability. In this research, soil and water resources potential of Thrace Region located in the European part of Turkiye were investigated, problems in relation to the use of water resources for irrigation in the regional base were evaluated, practical solution to the existing problems were suggested analysing the available data thoroughly. Problems and solutions were categorized into 3: problems related to the wise use of available resources, problems encountered during the application of water, and problems faced during operations. Initiating works to improve water resources before being late, producing scientific projects and supporting them with priority were particularly emphasized to overcome inevitable future water crisis in the region.