Molecular cloning of super hybrid rice DAD1 and construction of plant expression vector for sense and anti-sense

Jiang Hong; Zhou TianHong; Hong YaHui; Tang DongSheng; Xiao LangTao

Journal of Hunan Agricultural University 32(2): 131-134


Accession: 004520487

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DAD1 (defender against apoptotic cell death-1) cDNA from super hybrid rice (Oryza sativa) was amplified by RT-PCR, and the coding sequence of the cDNA was analysed. The coding region of DAD1 cDNA was 342 bp, encoding a protein consisting of 114 amino acids. Compared with the sequence in the GenBank, there were 3 different bases from the gene XM_472334. To study the function of this gene, binary vectors were constructed, in which the coding region of the gene was placed under the 35S promoter in either sense or antisense orientation.