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Chapter 4,534

1st micro fossils of the organic wall in the olisthostroma of the membrillar upper proterozoic of central spain

Palacios, T.

Revista Espanola de Micropaleontologia 15(3): 511-517


ISSN/ISBN: 0556-655X
Accession: 004533171

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An association of organic walled microfossils is cited that gives precise details of the biostratigraphic type of this formation. The presence of Baylinella faveolata (Shepeleva, 1962) and Trachysphaeridium laufeldi? Vidal, 1976, let the formation be included in an age similar to the upper part of the lower Vendian-upper Vendian of the North-Atlantic region. B. faveolata is a dominant species in the Varangenian glacial epoch of great world-wide extension (Vidal G. et Knoll H. 1982), so the unit probably has a middle Vendian age (Varangenian).

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