2 individuals with elliptocytic red cells apparently lack 3 minor erythrocyte membrane sialo glyco proteins

Anstee, D.J.; Parsons, S.F.; Ridgwell, K.; Tanner, M.J.A.; Merry, A.H.; Thomson, E.E.; Judson, P.A.; Johnson, P.; Bates, S.; Fraser, I.D.

Biochemical Journal 218(2): 615-620


ISSN/ISBN: 0264-6021
Accession: 004535919

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The erythrocytes of 2 individuals (P.L. and K.W.) who lack the Gerbich (Ge) blood-group antigen were studied. The erythrocytes of P.L. and K.W. were not reactive with 2 monoclonal antibodies (NBTS/BRIC 4 and NBTS/BRIC 10) which reacted with normal erythrocytes. The membranes of P.L. and K.W. erythrocytes appeared to lack 3 minor sialoglycoproteins (.beta., .beta.1 and .gamma.). These 3 minor sialoglycoproteins were found to be associated with the cytoskeletons of normal erythrocytes. About 10% of the erythrocytes of P.L. and K.W. were frankly elliptocytic. One or more of the minor sialoglycoproteins may play a part in maintaining the discoid shape of the human erythrocyte.