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A complete hf digestion method for element and trace element determination in soils sediments sludges and other similar samples using a closed system

Schramel, P.; Lill, G.; Seif, R.

Fresenius Zeitschrift fuer Analytische Chemie 326(2): 135-138


Accession: 004565650

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Based on the earlier described pressure ashing device [1], a modified system is described for a complete HF-ashing technique of silicate matrices like soils, sediments and sludges. Using graphite fortified PTFE material in combination with pure PTFE sample containers, it is possible to apply a mixture of HNO3/HF for ashing in the closed pressure ashing apparatus. This technique was tested with several standard reference materials. The advantage of the new system is a considerable saving of time, freedom of contamination and element losses in comparison to the open techniques.

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