A controlled therapeutic trial in paucibacillary leprosy comparing a single dose of rifampicin followed by 1 year of daily dapsone with 10 weekly doses of rifampicin

Pattyn, S.R.; Groenen, G.; Bourland, J.; Grillone, S.; Janssens, L.

Leprosy Review 58(4): 349-358


ISSN/ISBN: 0305-7518
PMID: 3323751
Accession: 004567771

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Results of prospective therapeutic trials among paucibacillary leprosy patients conducted in 1980-82 in Anjouan, Burundi, Rwanda and Zaire are presented. Regimens were (TrA) rifampicin (RMP) 1500 mg single dose, supervised, followed by 1 year of dapsone 100 mg daily unsupervised; (TrB) RMP 900 mg once a week during 10 weeks and (B-com) RMP 600 mg once a week during 10 weeks. Regimens are evaluated in terms of cure rates and relapse rates based on the histopathology of skin biopsies. Among patients with less than 3 skin lesions TrA and TrB perform equally well (96097% cure rate), in patients with 3 or more skin lesions TrB is superior (98% cure) to TrA regimen (89% cure). Treatment B-com is as effective as TrB. The importance of late cures is stressed. Relapse rates are comparable in all regimens with a mean of 2.84 per 100 patient years.