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A cyto genetic study of the frequency of chromosomal aberrations in the peripheral blood lymphocyte culture of patients with hemophilia

Abilov, A.N.; Plyushch, O.P.; Tokarev-Yu, N.

Problemy Gematologii i Perelivaniya Krovi 22(7): 29-31


Accession: 004569327

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Quantitative and qualitative assessment were performed of chromosomal aberration frequency in peripheral lymphocytes in patients with hemophilia and of female conductors suspected of carrying the hemophilia gene in heterozygotic state. The frequency of chromosomal injuries in the patients under study did not exceed the control level of the frequency of spontaneous chromosomal aberrations in healthy persons. Aberrations of the chromatid type constituted the main type of aberrations in all the patients examined.

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