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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 4581

Chapter 4581 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Hirai R.; Kishimoto T.; Ohkuma M.; Tezuka T.; Kamiishi H., 1981:
A large cirsoid aneurysm

Nobile M.; Galietta L.J.V., 1988:
A large conductance chloride channel revealed by patch recordings in human fibroblasts

Von Essen C.; Holmgren E.; Nordborg C.; Svendsen P., 1981:
A large convexity meningioma followed by liquorrhea from a nasal encephalocele

Thornton, J.B.; Stanley, H.P.; Ballard, J.B., 1985:
A large dentigerous cyst in a child patient. The clinical implications

Nieuwstadt F.T.M.; J.P.J.M.M., 1987:
A large eddy simulation of buoyant and non buoyant plume dispersion in the atmospheric boundary layer

Keller S.; Keller E.; Auden J.A.L., 1986:
A large field trial to control the cockchafer melolontha melolontha with the fungus beauveria brongniartii

Slater, E.E.; Haber, E., 1978:
A large form of renin from normal human kidney

Carlson C.R.; Heyman P.M., 1979:
A large format optical display for the generation of generalized psychophysical stimuli

Harrison C.J.O., 1985:
A large fossil gamebird phasianidae from the middle miocene of turkey

Baigusheva, V.S., 1978:
A large horse from the khaprovskii complex from alluviums of the northwestern azov region

Zapfe, H., 1976:
A large ichthyosaurian from the koessener strata of the north alps

Shimura T.; Ueda K.; Nakazawa S., 1981:
A large intra cranial fibro myxoma a case

Schmidt J.; Rossie S.; Catterall W.A., 1985:
A large intracellular pool of inactive sodium channel alpha subunits in developing rat brain

Sutherland G.R.; Mulley J.C.; Goldblatt E., 1981:
A large kindred with an inversion 3 p25q23 clinical cyto genetic and genetic marker studies

Osanai R.; E.A., 1986:
A large laterally located thyroglossal duct cyst

Wear, R.G., 1977:
A large megalopa attributed to petalomera wilsoni decapoda dromiidae

Harris A.C., 1988:
A large migration of the australian meadow argus butterfly junonia villida calybe lepidoptera nymphalidae to southern new zealand

Enomoto M.; Yamashita T.; Arao M.; Mathumoto S.; Kamiya Y.; Fukaya M.; Takehana S.; Kameyama Y., 1987:
A large mucous cyst found in the inferior surface of the tongue in a neonate

Kawabata I.; E.A., 1981:
A large nasal polyp originated from the superior meatus surgical excision under endoscopy

Szymonajtys A.; Wronski T.; Janik W.; Jazwinski A.; Znamirowski W.; Hasyn J.; Kucia J., 1981:
A large nonparasitic liver cyst

Richmond S.; Burman R.; Crosdale E.; Cropper L.; Longson D.; Enoch B.E.; Dodd C.L., 1984:
A large outbreak keratoconjunctivitis due to adenovirus type 8

Vernon A.A.; Schable C.; Francis D., 1982:
A large outbreak of hepatitis a in day care center association with non toilet trained children and persistence of immuno globulin m antibody to hepatitis a virus

Craven D.E.; Reed C.; Kollisch N.; Demaria A.; Lichtenberg D.; Shen K.; Mccabe W.R., 1981:
A large outbreak of infections caused by a stain of staphylococcus aureus resistant to oxacillin and amino glycosides

Cruickshank, J.G.; Lightfoot, N.F.; Sugars, K.H.; Colman, G.; Simmons, M.D.; Tolliday, J.; Oakley, E.H., 1982:
A large outbreak of streptococcal pyoderma in a military training establishment

Herva, R.; de la Chapelle, A., 1976:
A large pericentric inversion of human chromosome 8

Kawakita I.; Urushibara K.; Miyamoto J.; Nakahara A.; Takase T., 1980:
A large polypoid malignant lymphoma

Koch, W.; Roth, H., 1976:
A large precision gas exchange measuring device with a separated green zone and a soil zone and its efficiency demonstrated on picea abies

Nakanishi, S.; Taii, S.; Hirata, Y.; Matsukura, S.; Imura, H.; Numa, S., 1976:
A large product of cell free translation of messenger rna coding for acth

Tonni E.P., 1980:
A large pseudodontorinitid pelecaniformes odontopterygia from the early tertiary of antarctica

Toole J.J.; Pittman D.D.; Orr E.C.; Murtha P.; Wasley L.C.; Kaufman R.J., 1986:
A large region approximately 95 kilodalton of human factor viii is dispensable for in vitro procoagulant activity

Wilson E.T.; Larson D.; Young L.S.; Sprague K.U., 1985:
A large region controls transfer rna gene transcription

Beard J.S.; Hnatiuk R.J., 1981:
A large remnant of yellow sand kwongan near brookton western australia

McCarthy, M.P.; Frogge, J.D.; Delgado, R.; Mac, P., 1977:
A large retroperitoneal lipoma

Wood, C.L., 1978:
A large sample kolmogorov smirnov test for normality of experimental error in a randomized block design

Ellison P.H.; Browning C.; Horn J.L., 1983:
A large sample many variable study of motor dys function of infancy

Soballe D.M.; Kimmel B.L., 1987:
A large scale comparison of factors influencing phytoplankton abundance in rivers lakes and impoundments

Krug, S.E.; Johns, E.F., 1986:
A large scale cross validation of second order personality structure defined by the 16 personality factor questionnaire

Ogureeva G.N.; Gunina M.P.; Veiisov S.V., 1979:
A large scale geobotanical map of repetekskiy reserve turkmen ssr ussr including the vegetation cover structure

Chin J.C.; Scott K.J., 1979:
A large scale isolation procedure for cereal mesophyll protoplasts

Majumdar, T.; Surolia, A., 1978:
A large scale preparation of peanut agglutinin on a new affinity matrix

Fager, R.S.; Shapiro, S.; Litman, B.J., 1977:
A large scale purification of phosphatidyl ethanolamine lyso phosphatidyl ethanolamine and phosphatidyl choline by high performance liquid chromatography a partial resolution of molecular species

Belyauskaite I.P.; Palubinskas V.I.; Firantene R.K.; Vesa V.S., 1986:
A large scale purification scheme of a trypsin like thrombolytic enzyme from actinomyces 771

Sasaki T.; Hattori T.; Mayumi M., 1979:
A large scale survey on the prevalence of hepatitis b e antigen and anti hepatitis b e among asymptomatic carriers of hepatitis b virus correlation with sex age hepatitis b surface antigen and serum glutamic pyruvic trans aminase value

Shiraishi M.; Ohtsuka E.; Ikehara M., 1986:
A large scale synthesis of a nonadecadeoxyribonucleotide duplex having a sequence identical to that of phage phi 80 o plus r 2 by the phosphoro p anisidate method

Diaz J.; Guegan R.; Beaumont M.; Benoit J.; Clement J.; Fauchard C.; Galtier D.; Millan J.; Muneaux C.; E.A., 1979:
A large scale synthesis of somatostatin for clinical use by a novel alternating solution solid phase procedure

Ashenden T.W.; Tabner P.W.; Williams P.; Whitmore M.E.; Mansfield T.A., 1982:
A large scale system for fumigating plants with sulfur di oxide and nitrogen di oxide

Velardi A.; Grossi C.E.; Cooper M.D., 1985:
A large subpopulation of lymphocytes with t helper phenotype leu 3 t 4 positive exhibits the property of binding to natural killer cell targets and granular lymphocyte morphology

Stahl H.; Droge P.; Zentgraf H.; Knippers R., 1985:
A large tumor antigen specific monoclonal antibody inhibits dna replication of sv 40 minichromosomes in an in vitro elongation system

Wheat L.J.; Slama T.G.; Eitzen H.E.; Kohler R.B.; French M.L.V.; Biesecker J.L., 1981:
A large urban outbreak of histoplasmosis histoplasma capsulatum clinical features

Jell P.A., 1983:
A larger bivalve arthropod from south australian department of mines and energy edeowie 1 well of probable cambrian age

Matsuda, M.; Ubels, J.L.; Edelhauser, H.F., 1985:
A larger corneal epithelial wound closes at a faster rate

Ali M.M., 1980:
A larva of a spiruroid nematode of fish

Gur'eva, E.L., 1977:
A larva of compsolacon turkestanicus coleoptera elateridae

Gilyarov M.S., 1979:
A larva of phyllocerus and position of this genus in the elateroidea coleoptera

Cannon, L.R.G., 1978:
A larval ascaridoid nematode from queensland australia scallops

Ashe P., 1985:
A larval diagnosis for the subfamily buchonomyiinae and the genus buchonomyia with a description of the 1st instar larva of buchonomyia thienemanni diptera chironomidae

Okiyama M., 1981:
A larval ipnops and its possible metamorphosing process

Kruger R.M.; Pinger R.R., 1981:
A larval survey of the mosquitoes of delaware county indiana usa

Klemp, P.F., 1977:
A laser back pointer

Kurosu Y., 1985:
A laser biopsy technique based on the combined use of yag laser

Radley K.; Tracey A.S., 1985:
A laser diffraction and nmr investigation of the cholesteric potassium n dodecanoylalaninate mesophase system

Uzgiris, E.E., 1976:
A laser doppler assay for the antigen antibody reaction

Rodgers M.A.J.; Bates A.J., 1982:
A laser flash kinetic spectrophotometric examination of the dynamics of singlet oxygen in uni lamellar vesicles

Beaumont P.C.; Parsons B.J.; Navaratnam S.; Phillips G.O., 1983:
A laser flash photolysis and fluorescence study of aminomethyltrimethyl psoralen in the presence and absence of dna

Heelis, P.F.; Parsons, B.J.; Phillips, G.O.; Mckellar, J.F., 1978:
A laser flash photolysis study of the nature of fmn triplet states and the reactions of the neutral form with amino acids

Heelis P.F.; M.A.; Phillips G.O., 1985 :
A laser flash photolysis study of the photoreduction of the lumiflavin triplet state

Fujiwara K.; Takahashi K.; Ikeda M., 1982:
A laser immunochemical system for determination of drugs in serum

Cullen K.J.; Allen R.D., 1980:
A laser micro beam study of amoeboid movement

Tajmir Riahi H.A.; Langlais M.; Savoie R., 1988:
A laser raman spectroscopic study of the interaction of calf thymus dna with copper ii and lead ii ions metal ion binding and dna conformational changes

Gianturco S.H.; Hong K Y.; Steiner M.R.; Taunton O.D.; Jackson R.L.; Gotto A.M.Jr; Smith L.C., 1979:
A laser spectro fluorometer for studies of cultured cells on the growth surface

Aubard, J.; Meyer, J.J.; Dubois, J.E., 1977:
A laser temperature jump apparatus with pulsed spectrophotometric detection application to the study of conformation equilibria of adenyl 3 5 adenosine

Lewy Z., 1981:
A late albian hypengonoceras ammonoidea from the bentonite bed at makhtesh ramon southern israel

Greer, J.W., 1976:
A late archaic burial from southwestern texas usa

Palmer A.R.; Cowie J.W.; Eby R.G., 1981:
A late cambrian dresbachian crepicephalus zone fauna from the boothia peninsula district of franklin canada

Venuat, A.M.; Dutrillaux, B.; Rosenfeld, C., 1977:
A late clonal evolution of a human leukemic line sequential cyto genetic studies

Lewy Z.; Honig G., 1985:
A late coniacian ammonite from the lower part of the sayyarim formation near elat southern israel

Allen, S.L., 1971:
A late determined gene in tetrahymena pyriformis heterozygotes

Gupta V.J.; Erben H.K., 1983:
A late devonian ammonoid fauna from himachal pradesh india

Rymer, L., 1977:
A late glacial and early postglacial pollen diagram from drimnagall north knapdale argyllshire scotland

Lotter A.; Boucherle M.M., 1984:
A late glacial and postglacial history of amsoldingersee and vicinity switzerland

Van Geel B.; Hallewas D.P.; Pals J.P., 1983:
A late holocene deposit under the westfriese zeedijk near enkhuizen province of noord holland the netherlands paleo ecological and archaeological aspects

Andrews J.T.; Webber P.J.; Nichols H., 1979:
A late holocene pollen diagram from pangnirtung pass baffin island northwest territories canada

Mildenhall D.C.; Moore P.R., 1983:
A late holocene pollen sequence at turakirae head and climatic and vegetational changes in the wellington area new zealand in the last 10000 years

Jago, J.B., 1977:
A late middle cambrian fauna from the que river beds western tasmania australia

Mackinnon D.I., 1983:
A late middle cambrian orthide kutorginide brachiopod fauna from northwest nelson new zealand

Bell, M.A., 1977:
A late miocene marine three spined stickleback gasterosteus aculeatus aculeatus and its zoo geographic and evolutionary significance

Agusti, J.; Cabrera, L.; Anadon, P.; Arbiol, S., 1988:
A late oligocene early miocene rodent biozonation from the southeastern ebro basin northeastern spain a potential mammal stage stratotype

Bolton T.E.; Nowlan G.S., 1979:
A late ordovician fossil assemblage from an outlier north of aberdeen lake district of keewatin canada

Winston R.B., 1983:
A late pennsylvanian upland flora in kansas usa systematics and environmental implications

Campbell K.S.W.; Phouc L.D., 1983:
A late permian actinopterygian fish from australia

Gaffney E.S.; Mckenna M.C., 1979:
A late permian captorhinid protocaptorhinus from rhodesia

Gill G.W.; Clark G.R., 1983:
A late plains archaic burial from iron jaw creek southeastern montana usa

Messing H.J., 1986:
A late pleistocene holocene fauna from chihuahua mexico

Corner, R.G., 1977:
A late pleistocene holocene vertebrate fauna from red willow county nebraska usa

Holyoak D.T., 1983:
A late pleistocene inter glacial flora and molluscan fauna from thatcham berkshire with notes on mollusca from the inter glacial deposits at aveley essex uk

Ono K.; Mishima H.; Mano K.; Kurokawa A.; Kinugawa T., 1984:
A late pleistocene loon from immba gun chiba prefecture japan aves gaviidae

Lundelius E.L.Jr, 1984:
A late pleistocene mammalian fauna from cueva quebrada val verde county texas usa

Mead J.I.; Haynes C.V.; Huckell B.B., 1979:
A late pleistocene mastodon mammut americanum from the lehner site southeastern arizona usa

Demere T.A., 1980:
A late pleistocene molluscan fauna from san dieguito valley san diego county california usa

Walker D.N., 1982:
A late pleistocene ovibos from southeastern wyoming usa

Brereton W.E.; Elson J.A., 1979:
A late pleistocene plant bearing deposit in currie township near matheson ontario canada

Roth J.A.; Laerm J., 1980:
A late pleistocene vertebrate assemblage from edisto island south carolina usa

Coxon P.; Flegg A.M., 1987:
A late pliocene early pleistocene deposit at pollnahallia near headford county galway ireland

Dozy J.J., 1984:
A late precambrian ediacara type fossil from galicia northwest spain

Miller M.E.; Gill G.W., 1980:
A late prehistoric bundle burial from southern wyoming usa

Harland, R.; Gregory, D.M.; Hughes, M.J.; Wilkinson, I.P., 1978:
A late quaternary bio stratigraphy and climato stratigraphy for marine sediments in the north central part of the north sea

Holman J.A.; Mcdonald J.N., 1986:
A late quaternary herpetofauna from saltville virginia usa

Mott, R.J.; Farley-Gill, L.D., 1978:
A late quaternary pollen profile from woodstock ontario canada

Scott L., 1982:
A late quaternary pollen record from the transvaal bush veld south africa

Lykke Andersen A L., 1987:
A late saalian eemian and weichselian marine sequence at norre lyngby vendsyssel denmark

Edwards D., 1979:
A late silurian flora from the lower old red sandstone of southwest dyfed wales uk

Gregory, J.E.; Harvey, R.J.; Proske, U., 1977:
A 'late supernormal period' in the recovery of excitability following an action potential in muscle spindle and tendon organ receptors

Green, M.; Holman, J.A., 1977:
A late tertiary stream channel fauna from south bijou hill south dakota usa

Lucas S.G.; Oakes W., 1988:
A late triassic cynodont from the american south west

Crush P.J., 1984:
A late upper triassic sphenosuchid crocodilian from wales uk

Prentice H.C., 1981:
A late weichselian and early flandrian pollen diagram from ostervatnet varanger peninsula northeastern norway

Aaris Sorensen K.; Petersen K.S., 1984:
A late weichselian find of a polar bear ursus maritimus from denmark and reflections on the paleo environment

Edwards D.; Feehan J.; Smith D.G., 1983:
A late wenlock flora from county tipperary ireland

Ashworth, A.C., 1977:
A late wisconsinan coleopterous assemblage from southern ontario canada and its environmental significance

Frayer D.W.; Bradley L.E., 1979:
A late woodland burial from platte county missouri usa

Gibbons I.R.; Fronk E., 1979:
A latent atpase form of dynein 1 from sea urchin sperm flagella

Wize, J., 1980:
A latent collagenase ec from rheumatoid synovial fluid purification and partial characterization

Shinkai, H.; Nagai, Y., 1977:
A latent collagenase from embryonic human skin explants

Woessner, J.F., 1977:
A latent form of collagenase in the involuting rat uterus and its activation by a serine proteinase

Sopata I.; Wize J., 1979:
A latent gelatin specific proteinase of human leukocytes and its activation

Morre, D.J.; Lembi, C.A.; Van-Der-Woude, W.J., 1977:
A latent idpase associated with golgi apparatus rich fractions from onion stem

Truant, A.L.; Hallum, J.V., 1977:
A latent infection of baby hamster kidney 21 cells with mumps virus

Butler, P.E.; Bond, J.S., 1988:
A latent proteinase in mouse kidney membranes. Characterization and relationship to meprin

Edwards, G., 1985:
A later follow up of a classic case series d. l. davies 1962 report and its significance for the present

Sargent R.C.; Bell M.A.; Krueger W.H.; Baumgartner J.V., 1984:
A lateral plate cline sexual dimorphism and phenotypic variation in the black spotted stickleback gasterosteus wheatlandi

Petruson, B.; Elversson, J., 1988:
A lateral rhinotomy approach to transsphenoidal hypophysectomy

Leather, R.P.; Karmody, A.M., 1977:
A lateral route for extra-anatomical bypass of the femoral artery

Pascoe J.R.; Wheat J.D.; Jones K.L., 1980:
A lateral surgical approach to the equine femoro patellar joint

Sussman, H.M.; Westbury, J.R., 1978:
A laterality effect in isometric and isotonic labial tracking

Playford G., 1982:
A latest devonian palyno flora from the buttons beds bonaparte gulf basin western australia

Hillyard, C.J.; Blake, A.S.; Wilson, K.; Rylatt, D.B.; Miles, S.; Bunch, R.; Elms, M.J.; Barnes, A.; Bundesen, P.G., 1987:
A latex agglutination assay for D dimer: evaluation and application to the diagnosis of thrombotic disease

Collen, D.; De-Cock, F.; Cambiaso, C.L.; Masson, P., 1977:
A latex agglutination test for rapid quantitative estimation of the plasmin anti plasmin complex in human plasma

Boorman, J.; Mellor, P.S.; Boreham, P.F.L.; Hewett, R.S., 1977:
A latex agglutination test for the identification of blood meals of culicoides diptera ceratopogonidae

Jordan, C.F.; Murphy, P.G., 1978:
A latitudinal gradient of wood and litter production and its implication regarding competition and species diversity in trees

Vermeij, G.J.; Veil, J.A., 1978:
A latitudinal pattern in bivalve shell gaping

Dashevskii V.G., 1980:
A lattice model for globular protein 3 dimensional structure

Lakhanpal, R.N.; Guleria, J.S., 1978:
A lauraceous leaf impression from the siwalik beds near tanakpur uttar pradesh india

Elson C.O.; Ealding W.; Lefkowitz J., 1984:
A lavage technique allowing repeated measurement of immuno globulin a antibody in mouse intestinal secretions

Tibshirani R., 1982:
A lay mans guide to the proportional hazards model

Davydova, T.V., 1976:
A layer by layer analysis of the neuron ultrastructure of the tectum opticum in horsfields terrapin

Nilsson, H.L.; Elofsson, R., 1977:
A layered rhabdom in an isopod (Crustacea). A case of convergent development

Srivastava A.K.; Lal K.; Tandon R.K., 1983:
A layerwise quantitation of human cholesterol gall stone constituents

Horwich, A.L.; Kalousek, F.; Mellman, I.; Rosenberg, L.E., 1985:
A leader peptide is sufficient to direct mitochondrial import of a chimeric protein

Brown T.D.K.; Boursnell M.E.G.; Binns M.M., 1984:
A leader sequence is present on messenger rna a of avian infectious bronchitis virus

Chauvin J.C.; Karnes F.A., 1983:
A leadership profile of secondary gifted students

Schwartz F.J., 1986:
A leadless stackable trap for harvesting common carp

Van Welzen P.C.; Baas P., 1984:
A leaf anatomical contribution to the classification of the linaceae complex

Blanche C.A.; Hodges J.D.; Nebeker T.E., 1985:
A leaf area to sapwood area ratio developed to rate loblolly pine pinus taeda tree vigor

Rudolph K.; Rasche E., 1979:
A leaf bioassay for semi quantitative determination of the chlorosis inducing toxin from pseudomonas phaseolicola

Ali M.I.M.; Florence E.J.M., 1987:
A leaf blight of teak mistletoe dendrophthoe falcata in kerala india

Jones A.T.; Gordon S.C.; Jennings D.L., 1984:
A leaf blotch disorder of tayberry rubus associated with the leaf and bud mite phyllocoptes gracilis and some effects of 3 aphid borne viruses

Ram-Mohan, H.Y.; Nayyar, V.L., 1978:
A leaf clearing technique with a wide range of applications

Stiling P.D.; Strong D.R., 1981:
A leaf miner hydrellia valida diptera ephydridae and its parasitoids on spartina alterniflora in northwest florida usa

Ciccarone C., 1985:
A leaf rust of paeonia officinalis caused by cronartium asclepiadeum

Johnson, D.A.; King, T.H., 1976:
A leaf spot disease of 3 genera of aquatic plants in minnesota

Engelhard A.W.; Mellinger H.C.; Ploetz R.C.; Miller J.W., 1983:
A leaf spot of florists geranium pelargonium hortorum incited by pseudomonas cichorii

Braverman, S.W., 1976:
A leaf spot of lotus corniculatus and lotus spp caused by myrothecium verrucaria

Abdel Rahim A.M.; Tawfig S., 1986:
A leaf spot of water hyacinth eichhornia crassipes caused by drechslera spicifera

Halliwell R.S.; Lyda S.D.; Lukefahr M.J., 1980:
A leafhopper scaphytopius albifrons transmitted virus of cotton gossypium hirsutum

Soughers T.K.; Etscorn F., 1980:
A learned preference effect in the mouse mus musculus using potassium deficiency as the induced need state

Becker, J.M.T., 1977:
A learning analysis of the development of peer oriented behavior in 9 month old infants

Walker, J.J.; Young, J.F., 1977:
A learning machine which learns remembers and reproduces sequences without the use of delays

Rothblum L.M.; Watkins J.W.; Jenssen T.A., 1979:
A learning paradigm and the behavioral demonstration of audition for the lizard anolis grahami

Livesey, D.J.; Dawson, R.G., 1977:
A learning performance distinction during development

Wooley, S.C.; Blackwell, B.; Winget, C., 1978:
A learning theory model of chronic illness behavior: theory, treatment, and research

Pederson D.G., 1981:
A least squares method for choosing the best relative proportions when inter crossing cultivars

Nimmo, I.A.; Bauermeister, A., 1977:
A least squares method for fitting the hill equation to data from several animals

Urata Y.; Mitsui Y.; Nakamura K.T., 1981:
A least squares minimization procedure to attain optimum spatial fit between homologous molecular structures and its application to studying protein structural homology

Amerasinghe D.M.; Jayasuriya D.G.C., 1987:
A leather laminated wood patellar tendon bearing socket for the below knee prosthesis

Fordyce, R.E.; Clark, W.C., 1977:
A leatherback turtle dermochelys coriacea new record from kaikoura new zealand

Kobiler D.; Mirelman D., 1980:
A lectin activity in entamoeba histolytica trophozoites

King I.A.; Tabiowo A.; Pope F.M., 1986:
A lectin binding 135000 molecular weight glycoprotein associated with basal keratinocytes in pig epidermis

Heine H., 1988:
A lectin carbohydrate complex as a marker for blood cells extended functional diagnostic of blood smears

Pena C.; Villarraga F.; Perez G., 1988:
A lectin from the seeds of erythrina rubrinervia

Shet, M.S.; Murugiswamy, B.; Madaiah, M., 1985:
A lectin from winged bean (Psophocarpus tetragonolobus) tubers

Prevot J.; Guesdon J.L., 1981:
A lectin immuno test using erythrocytes as marker erythro lit for detection and titration of rotavirus antigen

Kolb, H.; Kolb-Bachofen, V., 1978:
A lectin like receptor on mammalian macrophages

Reid, J.A., 1976:
A lectotype for anopheles pampanai

Cooper K.W., 1986:
A lectotype for dinapate wrightii the giant palm borer and description of a new species of dinapate from eastern mexico coleoptera bostrichidae

Berch S.M.; Fortin J.A., 1984:
A lectotype for glomus microcarpum endogonaceae zygomycetes

Miyake, Y., 1977:
A lecture commemorating the 50th general meeting of the japan endocrine society remember pioneers remembering kanji tsuji

Kurachi, K., 1977:
A lecture commemorating the 50th general meeting of the japan endocrine society remember pioneers remembering toyoichi hirose

Baeumlein H.; Meuller A.J.; Schiemann J.; Helbing D.; Manteuffel R.; Wobus U., 1987:
A legumin b gene of vicia faba is expressed in developing seeds of transgenic tobacco

Witt T., 1979:
A lemonia pia friedeli new subspecies lepidoptera lemoniidae

Brigner W.L., 1979:
A length aftereffect from grafting adaptation

Fournier D.A.; Doonan I.J., 1987:
A length based stock assessment method utilizing a generalized delay difference model

Gablehouse D.W.Jr, 1984:
A length categorization system to assess fish stocks

Maida, J.; Sheets, J.H., 1978:
A lens glide punch

Ito J.; Shimura S., 1980:
A lepocreadiid cercaria cercaria isoninae new species trematoda from a littoral gastropod japeuthria ferrea from kanagawa and chiba prefectures japan

Matthews, C.M.; Jesudasan, M., 1978:
A leprosy health education project

Manchester K., 1981:
A leprous skeleton of the 7th century from eccles kent and the present evidence of leprosy in early britain uk

Howell, J.N., 1969:
A lesion of the transverse tubules of skeletal muscle inst electron micrograph frog

Proca E.; Sinescu I., 1986:
A less common urologic emergency embolism of the renal artery

Wiens J.A.; Rotenberry J.T.; Van Horne B., 1986:
A lesson in the limitations of field experiments shrubsteppe birds and habitat alteration

Barthelmess I.B., 1984:
A lethal allele at the putative regulatory locus cpc 1 of cross pathway control in neurospora crassa

Haraldsted V.Y.; Noreng M.F.; Hasselstrom L., 1987:
A lethal anaphylactoid reaction to atracurium tracrium

Coste F.; Tremolieres F.; Bousquet M.; Martin E.; Dreyfuss D.; Levesque M.; Barge J., 1985:
A lethal case of massive intravascular coagulation during phlebography probably due to epsilon aminocaproic acid

Waterworth, H.E.; Tousignant, M.E.; Kaper, J.M., 1978:
A lethal disease of tomato experimentally induced by rna 5 associated with cucumber mosaic virus isolated from commelina diffusa from el salvador

Genermont J., 1981:
A lethal gene maintained in a population the case of the tailless cat of the isle of man uk

Macapinlac M.P.; Olson J.A., 1981:
A lethal hyper vitaminosis a syndrome in young monkeys macaca fascicularis following a single intra muscular dose of a water miscible preparation containing vitamin a vitamin d 2 and vitamin e

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A lethal pacifier

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A leuko tactic in the stratum corneum of pustulosis palmaris et plantaris a possible mechanism for the formation of intra epidermal sterile pustules

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A lhrh induced serum luteinizing hormone surge is not detectable in the milk of cows

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A liberal arts model for environmental education the first fifteen years of the environmental studies program at st. lawrence university new york usa

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A library of monoclonal antibodies to torpedo californica cholinergic synaptosomes

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A lid spatula

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Udo H., 1981:
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A light activated on off switch for the center for disease control light trap

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A light and scanning electron microscope study of the marine diatom auliscus pruinosus bailey eupodiscaceae

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A light harness for metabolism experiments with dairy cows

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A light microscope and electron microscope study of nuclear structure throughout the cell cycle in the euglenoid astasia longa

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A light microscopic and electron microscopic comparison of limax and flabellate marine amoebae belonging to 4 genera

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A light microscopic and electron microscopic study of mitosis in bullera alba and the histochemistry of some cytoplasmic substances

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A light microscopic and electron microscopic study of smooth muscle like cells in the walls of radicular dental cysts in man

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A light microscopic and electron microscopic study of stigmas in aneilema spp and commelina spp commelinaceae

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A light microscopic and electron microscopic study of the cardiac ganglion of the blue crab callinectes sapidus

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A light microscopic and electron microscopic study of the development of 2 regions of the chick forebrain

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A light microscopic and electron microscopic study of the distribution and effects of water soluble radiographic contrast medium after retrograde infusion into the rat submandibular gland

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A light microscopic and electron microscopic study of the dorsal buccal lancet of haemonchus contortus

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A light microscopic and electron microscopic study of the dorsal motor nucleus of the vagus nerve in the cat

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A light microscopic and electron microscopic study of the intra neuronal transport of horseradish peroxidase and wheat germ agglutinin peroxidase conjugates in the rat visual system

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A light microscopic and electron microscopic study of the leukocytes of channel catfish ictalurus punctatus

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A light microscopic and electron microscopic study of the nucleus isthmo opticus in the pigeon

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A light microscopic and electron microscopic study of the peri parturient bovine corpus luteum

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A light microscopic and electron microscopic study of the pineal in the blind goby typhlogobius californiensis pisces gobiidae

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A light microscopic and electron microscopic study of the region of cartilage resorption in the embryonic chick femur

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A light microscopic and electron microscopic study of the retina of 2 species of nocturnal geckos hemidactylus bowringii and gekko gecko

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A light microscopic and electron microscopic study of the so called uni visceral shwartzman reaction

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A light microscopic and electron microscopic study of trichamoeba sinuosa new species amoebida with a re diagnosis of the genus

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A light microscopic and electron microscopic study of trichodubosquia epeori microspora duboscquiidae

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A light microscopic and electron microscopic study on n n butyl n nitroso urethane induced esophageal carcinomas of mastomys and rats

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A light microscopic and electron microscopic study on the migration of primordial germ cells in the teleost oryzias latipes

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A light microscopic and electron microscopic study on the pancreatic ductal system

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A light microscopic and histochemical study of the persistent synergid of ottelia alismoides

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A light microscopic and morphometric analysis of the Sertoli cell during the spermatogenic cycle of the rat

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A light microscopic and scanning electron microscopic study in intra ventricular macrophages in the brains of aged mice

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A light microscopic and scanning electron microscopic study of seed morphology in agalinis scrophulariaceae and its taxonomic significance

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A light microscopic and scanning electron microscopic study of the basilar papilla in the salamander ambystoma tigrinum

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A light microscopic and scanning electron microscopic study of the development of enamel free areas on the molar teeth of the rat

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A light microscopic and ultrastructural study of the isolation culture and regeneration of protoplasts from leaf mesophyll and stem callus cells of skimmia japonica

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A light microscopic and ultrastructural study of two cases of fibrolamellar hepatocellular carcinoma

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A light microscopic comparison of the cysts of 4 species of sarcocystis infecting the domestic reindeer rangifer tarandus in northern norway

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A light microscopic detection of mycoplasma like organisms associated with pawlownia witches broom

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A light microscopic detection of plant mycoplasma infection by feulgen staining procedure

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A light microscopic horseradish peroxidase study of limbic projections to the vasopressin containing nuclear groups of the hypothalamus

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A light microscopic investigation of amoebal and plasmodial mitosis in the myxomycete echinostelium minutum

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A light microscopic observation of rabbit auricular artery embolization with gelatin sponge powder

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A light microscopic study of some translocations in aspergillus nidulans

Tsuchiya, S., 1980:
A light microscopic study of steroid induced retinopathy in rat

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A light microscopic study of the development and behavior of the synaptonemal complex in spermatocytes of the mouse

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A light microscopic study of the effects of testicular hyaluronidase on the outflow system of a baboon (Papio cynocephalus)

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A light microscopic study of the nervous system of simocephalus vetulus cladocera with special reference to neuro secretion

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A light microscopic study on coronary athero sclerosis in an unselected population sample of bucharest romania aged 41 50 years

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A light microscopical and electron microscopical study of glomerular lipoidosis in beagle dogs

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A light microscopical and electron microscopical study of paraflabellula reniformis type species of a genus of amoebae amoebida flabellulidae with subpseudopodia

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A light microscopical and electron microscopical study of pituitary adenomas

Hals E., 1983:
A light microscopical and micro radiographic study of coronal dentin in red deer cervus elaphus with special reference to the occurrence of giant tubules

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A light microscopical study of healing incised dermal wounds in rats with special reference to eosinophil leukocytes and to the collagenous fibers of the peri wound areas

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A light microscopical study on the eyes of artemia salina crustacea anostraca

Zahid, Z.R.; Al-Haidary, M.T., 1977:
A light microscopical study on the nervous system of artemia salina crustacea anostraca with reference to cerebral paraldehyde fuchsin positive neuro secretory elements

Zahid, Z.R., 1977:
A light microscopical study on the neuro secretory system of allolobophora caliginosa and allolobophora rosea annelida oligochaeta

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A light microscopy study of pulps from traumatized permanent incisors with reduced pulpal lumen

Greenberg S.R., 1987:
A light resistant permanent eosin counterstain for hematoxylin

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A light respirator for transport

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A light scattering method of measuring membrane vesicle number averaged size and size dispersion

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A light scattering study of the effects of rhodopsin phosphorylation on its interaction with transducin

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A light scattering study on membrane permeability regulation of proton potassium atpase reaction in gastric vesicles

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A light scattering study on the ion permeabilities of dark adapted bovine rod outer segment disc membranes

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A light sensitive mutant in maize zea mays 2. photosynthetic properties

Izhar, S.; Davey, M.R.; Gatenby, A.A., 1979:
A light sensitive mutant in petunia hybrida growth ultrastructure and regulation of chlorophyll and ribulose 1 5 bis phosphate carboxylase ec content in the leaves

Medgyesy, P.; Golling, R.; Nagy, F., 1985:
A light sensitive recipient for the effective transfer of chloroplast and mitochondrial traits by protoplast fusion in Nicotiana

Mahon J.D.; Domey J., 1979:
A light weight battery operated ir gas analyzer for field measurements of photosynthetic carbon di oxide exchange

Jones, R.J.; Cowper, L.J., 1975:
A light weight electronic device for measurement of grazing time of cattle

Underwood J.K.; Ogden J.G.IIi, 1985:
A lightweight nearshore water sampler

Ikeya Y.; Taguchi H.; Mitsuhashi H.; Takeda S.; Kase Y.; Aburada M., 1988:
A lignan from schizandra chinensis

Khomeriki S.G.; Morozov I.A., 1986:
A like cells of the stomach mucous membrane as a possible source of prostaglandins

Volund, A., 1974:
A likelihood ratio test for mixtures of distributions

Kissling P., 1985:
A limewood on jurassic lapiaz

Peterson E.L., 1980:
A limit cycle interpretation of a mosquito culex pipiens quinquefasciatus circadian oscillator

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A limitation of the hybrid index using quercus leaf characters

House, B.J.; Hanley, M.J.; Magid, D.F., 1979:
A limitation on the law of effect

Marley A.A.J.; Cook V.T., 1986 :
A limited capacity rehearsal model for psychophysical judgments applied to magnitude estimation

Blier, P.R.; Bothwell, A., 1987:
A limited number of B cell lineages generates the heterogeneity of a secondary immune response

Mclelland, A.S.; Fleck, A.; Burns, R.F., 1978:
A limited protocol for assessment of within batch performance of multi channel analyzers/

Tanaka, T.; Hasegawa, A.; Matsuki, Y.; Lee, U.S.; Ueno, Y., 1986:
A limited survey of Fusarium mycotoxins nivalenol, deoxynivalenol and zearalenone in 1984 UK harvested wheat and barley

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A line of ring necked pheasant cells susceptible to infection by avian oncornaviruses

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A line transect density index for wolf spiders pardosa spp and a note on the applicability of catch per unit effort methods to entomological studies

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A linear relation between the egg size and average rate of embryonic volume increase in sea urchins

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A linear sensor for the integrated measurement of the photosynthetically active radiation par within crop canopies

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A linear suction control for the vitreous cutter (ocutome)

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A lineid heteronemertean from south africa polybrachiorhynchus dayi new genus new species nemertea anopla possessing a multi branched proboscis

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A lipoprotein nomogram

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A liquid chromatographic ir detector for lipids

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A liquid chromatographic method for the determination of ay 25712 5 di hydro 5 methyl 4 oxo 5 phenyl furan 2 carboxylic acid a lipid lowering agent in serum

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A liquid chromatography assisted assay for angiotensin converting enzyme peptidyl di peptidase ec in serum

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A liquid chromatography technique for routine determination of urinary estriol in human pregnancy

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A liquid culture method for the biochemical analysis of the circadian clock of neurospora crassa

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A liquid culture system for murine megakaryocyte progenitor cells

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A liquid ion exchanger alternative to potassium chloride for filling intra cellular reference micro electrodes

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A liquid ionization detector for digital radiography of therapeutic megavoltage photon beams

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A liquid nitrogen turbinate probe for hypertrophic rhinitis

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A liquid phase enzyme antibody screening method for use with a photometric microplate haemagglutination reader

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A liquid phase immunoradiometric assay for human sex hormone binding globulin

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A liquid scintillation detector module for use in bulk sample and whole body counters

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A list of some aquatic beetles of iraq coleoptera dytiscidae

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A list of the pteridophytes found in the yangmingshan area in northern taiwan with a note on their phyto geography

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A list of the scutelleroidea of the la rue pine hills ecological area illinois usa with notes on biology

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A list of the spiders of peppermint in western and central oregon usa

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A list of the stoneflies from the high po valley cottian alps italy

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A list of the types of phanaeini in the museum national d'histoire naturelle paris france coleoptera scarabaeidae

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A list of trees shrubs and woody climbers indigenous or naturalized in rhodesia

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A list of types of cerambycidae at the field museum of natural history chicago illinois usa coleoptera

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A list of venezuela chiggers particularly of small mammalian hosts acarina trombiculidae

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A list with commentary of scolytidae and platypodidae coleopteran from the valle de mexico mexico

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A listing of the taxonomists and faunists working on the insects of central europe

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A literature review of phaseolus angularis the adsuki bean

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A literature review of the pineapple disease of sugarcane

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A literature survey on the role of nutritional factors in the endogenous synthesis of carcinogenic n nitroso compounds

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A literature survey on tracer experiments for atmospheric dispersion modeling studies

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A lithiation route to carbon 5 substitution of an imidazole nucleoside and its application to the synthesis of 3 deazaguanosine

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A lithium sensitive regulator of sperm flagellar oscillation is activated by cyclic amp dependent phosphorylation

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A litho chrono sequence of soils formed in dune sand

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A litho sequence in coastal plain sediments in alabama usa

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A lithological geochemical expedition in the baltic sea on the research vessel professor dobrynin

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A little ice age extinction of a water beetle gyrinus colymbus from britain uk

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A little known anonymous work on american and european butterflies and moths 1906 which should be attributed to william beutenmueller lepidoptera nymphalidae

D.Bethune G., 1981:
A little known cause of feeding difficulties in the infant the variable flow teats

Baytop A., 1986:
A little known drug in turkey ajowan

Fuentes C.H., 1981:
A little known fish of chile galeichthys peruvianus new record pisces ariidae

Alessio C.L., 1980:
A little known fungus amanita curtipes

Gershenzon Z.S., 1980:
A little known moth species from the genus yponomeuta lepidoptera yponomeutidae from poland

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A little known species of book louse ectopsocopsis xerophylla psocoptera ectopsocidae

Perez C.; Pasquet E., 1983:
A little known species scaphixodes rothschildi new record of larvae in france

Alessio, C.L., 1977:
A little known tricholoma boreale

Sharma J.K.; Mohannan C.; Florence E.J.M., 1983:
A little leaf disease of eucalyptus in kerala india

Vavra N., 1984:
A littoral bryozoan assemblage from the korytnica clays middle miocene holy cross mountains central poland

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A live born tri ploid 69 xxy

Contoli L.; Amori G., 1986:
A live crocidura new record mammalia insectivora from pantelleria island italy

Bird A.G.; Britton S., 1979:
A live human bone marrow derived cell activator operating in isolation of other cellular influences

Purdy, C.W.; Livingston, C.W.; Frank, G.H.; Cummins, J.M.; Cole, N.A.; Loan, R.W., 1986:
A live Pasteurella haemolytica vaccine efficacy trial

Hickman G.C., 1979:
A live trap and trapping technique for fossorial mammals

Hart, J.L.; Todd, L.L., 1976:
A live trap for birds attending a feeding station

Duckworth A.C.; Maddock A.H.; Hickman G.C., 1987:
A live trap for the capture of the giant golden mole

Garty, B.; Mammon, Z.; Chemke, M.; Reisner, S., 1985:
A liveborn child with complete triploidy

Darcel C.L., 1982:
A liver antigen associated with avian erythro blastosis binding by bentonite and precipitation with sodium dodecyl sulfate

Jung K.; Hirschberg K.; Faust H.; Matkowitz R., 1985:
A liver function test using nitrogen 15 labeled ammonium chloride

Costa R.H.; Grayson D.R.; Xanthopoulos K.G.; Darnell J.E.Jr, 1988:
A liver specific dna binding protein recognizes multiple nucleotide sites in regulatory regions of transthyretin alpha 1 antitrypsin albumin and sv 40 genes

Etiemble, J.; Simeon, J.; Buc, H.A.; Picat, C.; Boulard, M.; Boivin, P., 1983:
A liver type mutation in a case of pronounced erythrocyte phospho fructo kinase ec deficiency without clinical expression

Fang L S.; Shen P., 1988:
A living mechanical file the burrowing mechanism of the coral boring bivalve lithophaga nigra

Gorgidze A.D., 1979:
A living relict of cultivated wheat

Shelton P.M.J.; Chapman C.J., 1987:
A living tag for recording molt histories in crustaceans

Newman, W.A.; Ross, A., 1977:
A living tesseropora cirripedia balanomorpha from bermuda and the azores 1st records from the atlantic since the oligocene

Rankin P.R.; Gillam M.W., 1979:
A lizard ctenotus vertebralis new species lacertilia scincidae from the northern territory australia with notes on its biology

Young D.A., 1984:
A local activator inhibitor model of vertebrate skin patterns

Oba T.; Aoki T.; Liu G H.; Hotta K., 1987:
A local anesthetic tetracaine similarly inhibits silver and potassium contractures in frog skeletal muscle

Takagaki Y.; Hirayama A.; Fujio H.; Amano T., 1982:
A local antigenic determinant distribution in a continuous antigenic region at residues 38-54 of hen egg white lysozyme

Buchanan, G.D., 1979:
A local effect of the ovary on implantation in CFE rats

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A local flora of frodinge parish south sweden

Milbrath, G.M.; Soong, M.M., 1976:
A local lesion assay for soybean mosaic virus using phaseolus vulgaris cultivar top crop

Buchanan, G.D., 1975:
A local (nonsystemic) effect of the ovary on the uterus in rats

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A local population of helminths

Thomson, J.D., 1978:
A local replacement of bombus ternarius by bombus terricola in northern wisconsin usa hymenoptera apidae

Tempere, G., 1977:
A locality for collecting insects belhade in the landes region france new data on rhysothorax rufus coleoptera scarabaeidae

Broz, E., 1977:
A locality of plagiothecium undulatum in the swietokrzyskie mountains poland

Elias, P., 1978:
A locality with rich occurrence of echio melilotetum albi in bratislava nove mesto czechoslovakia

Astrahan M.A., 1982:
A localized current field hyper thermia system for use with iridium 192 interstitial implants

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A localized growth zone in the wall of the developing mouse telencephalon

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A locally most powerful test of homogeneity with many strata

Ademosun O.C.; Noble D.H., 1982:
A location allocation model for the nigerian oil palm elaeis guineensis industry assuming an infinite location space

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A loco motion sensor for recording some stereotyped behavior of the rat

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A loculate stromatic conidiomatal isolate of glomerella cingulata

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A locus encoding host range is linked to the common nodulation genes of Bradyrhizobium japonicum

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A locus on chromosome 11p with multiple restriction site polymorphisms

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A log linear model approach to estimation of population size using the line transect sampling method

Griffiths, H.J.; Gobien, R.P., 1978:
A logical approach to arthritis

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