A new Middle Ordovician sponge from western Newfoundland

Rigby, J.K.

Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences 14(11): 2662-2668


ISSN/ISBN: 0008-4077
Accession: 004597339

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Two specimens of the new sponge Epiplastospongia coactilis. n. gen., n. sp., have been collected from the Middle Ordovician Long Point Group of western Newfoundland. The massive sponge has a three dimensional skeletal net composed of ascending and of roughly horizontal, discontinuous, structural elements, all composed of laminated to concentrically layered, unsculptured, monaxial spicules overgrowing a core of monaxons. The Newfoundland sponge appears to be most closely related to Saccospongia from the Ordovician of Tennessee.