A quick enzyme squash technique for detailed studies on female meiosis in Solanum

Jongedijk, E.

Stain Technology 62(3): 135-141


ISSN/ISBN: 0038-9153
PMID: 3303456
Accession: 004614678

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A simple enzyme squash technique that enables detailed studies of meiosis in potato ovules has been developed. Fixation of ovules in iron-propionic-ethanol followed by enzymatic maceration and squashing in acetocarmine yielded numerous well preserved megasporocytes with nicely spread chromosomes. Resolution was sufficient, allowing detailed analysis of chromosome pairing and chiasma formation and readily permitting distinction between normal and desynaptic mutant plants. Whereas the use of previously developed ovule squash techniques has been restricted to cytogenetic analyses of plant species with relatively large megasporocytes and large chromosomes, the present technique is potentially more useful for analyses of species with small megasporocytes and small chromosomes.