A re examination of periclimenes novae zealandiae and recognition of the pontoniine shrimp genus hamiger

Bruce, A.J.

Journal of Natural History 20(4): 911-919


ISSN/ISBN: 0022-2933
Accession: 004617550

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The syntypes of Periclimenes (Hamiger) novae-zealandiae Borradaile, 1916, the only known specimens, from off North Cape, New Zealand, are redescribed and illustrated. Placed by Kemp (1922) in the genus Periclimenaeus Borradaile, 1915, the species is now removed from that genus and 'Borradaile's subgenus Hamiger is raised to generic status for its reception. The male specimen is designated as lectotype. The specimens are held in the collection of the British Museum (Natural History) [UK]. The genus Hamiger is most closely related to the genera Thaumastocaris Kemp, 1922, and Orthopontonia Bruce, 1982, both monospecific genera, known to associate with sponges. It is considered that H. novae-zealandiae is probably also a sponge associate and that Palaemonetes natalensis Stebbing, 1915 may be closely related.