A revision of the genus horridipamera hemiptera heteroptera lygaeidae

Slater, J.A.; Zheng L Y.

Journal of the New York Entomological Society 92(4): 316-341


Accession: 004620991

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The genus Horridipamera Malipatil is revised. Two new species, H. medleri from West Africa [Nigeria] and H. compacta from South India, are described. A key to species, a cladogram and discussion of phylogenetic relationships are included. All species are diagnosed [including H. inconspicua (Dalla) (= Diplonotus rusticus Scott, syn. nov.; = Pamera spinicrus Reuter, syn. nov.; = P. ebenaui Reuter, syn. nov.), H. cantrelli Malipatil, H. perlonga (Scudder), H. pullata (Hesse), H. ferruginosa (Stall), comb, nov. (P. ferruginosa), H. nietneri (Dohrn), H. bergrothi (Horvath), H. robusta Malipatil and H. emersoni (Distant), stat. nov. (P. emersoni)]. Extensive distributional data are included. A dorsal view drawing of H. medleri and 33 drawings with details of genitalia are given. The relationships of Horridipamera to other genera, is discussed. [H. subsericea (Breddin) and Plociomerus undulatus Dohrn are listed as incertae sedis].