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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 4633

Chapter 4633 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Limanowska H.; Kobylanska M.; George B., 1982:
A study of factors aggravating dental fluorosis

Kent, G.; Warren, P., 1985:
A study of factors associated with changes in dental anxiety

Taguchi N., 1986:
A study of factors facilitating the effects of cognitive motivation in the mildly retarded

Ahuja, M.M.; Kapoor, S.K.; Menon, N.; Malhotra, S.C.; Kumar, V., 1976:
A study of factors in relation to vascular disease in Indian diabetics

Spencer, K., 1976:
A study of factors influencing continuous flow kinetics: the use of serum calcium estimation as a model

Andriacchi, T.P.; Andersson, G.B.; Ortengren, R.; Mikosz, R.P., 1984:
A study of factors influencing muscle activity about the knee joint

Potts, M.; Whitton, B.A., 1977:
A study of factors influencing redox potential in fresh water pools on aldabra atoll

Sayers, H.; Tonge, D.A., 1986:
A study of factors influencing synapse formation by a foreign nerve in skeletal muscle of Rana pipiens

Humpesch, U. , 1971:
A study of factors influencing the periodicity of emergence in baetis alpinus baetidae ephemeroptera

Kiroff G.K.; Maddern G.J.; Jamieson G.G., 1984:
A study of factors responsible for the efficacy of fundoplication in the treatment of gastroesophageal reflux

Dyban A.P.; Noniashvili E.M., 1986:
A study of factors which determine the frequency and ways of parthenogenetic development in the ethanol activated mouse egg cells

Davies E.C.; Chow W.S.; Jordan B.R., 1986:
A study of factors which regulate the membrane appression of lettuce lactuca sativa cultivar celtuce thylakoids in relation to irradiance

O'connor, R.; Macfarlane, J.K.; Murray, D.; Thomson, D.M.P., 1978:
A study of false positive and negative responses in the tube leukocyte adherence inhibition assay

Andre J.L.; Deschamps J.P.; Gueguen R., 1984:
A study of familial aggregation of blood pressure values

Das S.K.; Chandra M.; Shukla R.N.; Nityanand S.; Agarwal S.S., 1983:
A study of familial combined hyper lipidemia in 11 families

Whalley, L.J.; Carothers, A.D.; Collyer, S.; De Mey, R.; Frackiewicz, A., 1982:
A study of familial factors in Alzheimer's disease

Schwartz R.M.; Newell R.B.Jr; Hauch J.F.; Fairweather W.H., 1980:
A study of familial male breast carcinoma and a 2nd report

Karlin S.; Carmelli D., 1985:
A study of familial resemblance for 2 cognitive psychometric tests by permutation analyses

Sorokina Z.A.; Chizhmakov I.V.; Elyakov G.V.; Kozlovskaya E.P.; Vozhzhova E.V., 1984:
A study of fast sodium channel inactivation mechanism by a neurotoxin from sea anemone radianthus macrodactylus and by various chemical reagents

Verma K.B.L., 1980:
A study of fasting and re fed rat small intestinal villi

Georgiev, S., 1985:
A study of fat content in the seeds of certain foreign and local peanut cultivars of the virginia group in bulgaria

Moberger L.; Larsson K.; Buchheim W.; Timmen H., 1987:
A study of fat oxidation in a microemulsion system

Srivastava, A.K.; Das Gupta, S.M.; Tripathi, C.B., 1987:
A study of fatal strangulation cases in Varanasi (India)

Saitoh, O., 1987:
A study of fatty acids in fecal fat in various malabsorption syndromes

Borisova, L.S.; Martynov, A.I.; Korshunov, V.M., 1987:
A study of fc gamma receptor expression rate on lymphoid cells under the action of various substances

Park Y.D.; Park N.J., 1981:
A study of feasibility of village scale bio gas plants through a farm demonstration trial during the winter season

Youther, M.L.; Mcpherson, J.E., 1975:
A study of fecundity fertility and hatch in euschistus servus hemiptera heteroptera pentatomidae with notes on pre copulatory and copulatory behavior

Kolpakov, M.G.; Kolchanov, N.L.; Matveev, P.V.; Polyak, M.G.; Protsenko, M.I.; Tsys, O.N., 1977 :
A study of feedback mechanisms in the renin angiotensin system

Yule A.B.; Crisp D.J., 1983:
A study of feeding behavior in temora longicornis crustacea copepoda

Sapaev, E.A., 1977:
A study of feeding habits in 2 subspecies of chaetogaster limnaei oligochaeta naididae

Magomedov M R.D.; Subbotin A.E., 1985:
A study of feeding intensity in jerboas

Berk, S.G.; Colwell, R.R.; Small, E.B., 1976:
A study of feeding responses to bacterial prey by estuarine ciliates

Mage G.; Manhes H.; Pouly J.L.; Ropert J.F.; Bruhat M.A., 1983:
A study of fertility after laparoscopic treatment of unruptured tubal pregnancy

Sedlarska B., 1984:
A study of fertilizer application effect and aftereffect on irrigated maize monocrop

Rayburn, W.F.; Duhring, J.L.; Donaldson, M., 1978:
A study of fetal acceleration tests

Yashiro H.; Hirota N.; Onuma T.; Takebe K.; Saitou S.; Numaoka Y., 1987:
A study of fetal hemoglobin hbf in patients with diabetes mellitus

Todorov T.; Lukipudis S.; Donchev N.; K"ncheva A., 1986:
A study of fiber flax

Gandrille, S.; Jouvin, M.H.; Toulon, P.; Remy, P.; Fiessinger, J.N.; Roncato, M.; Moatti, N.; Aiach, M., 1988:
A study of fibrinogen and fibrinolysis in 10 adults with nephrotic syndrome

Yukawa, F., 1976:
A study of fibrinolysis in blood following combined use of cancer chemo therapeutic drug and uro kinase

Adachi H., 1988:
A study of fibrinopeptide a b beta 15 42 and protease inhibitors in the umbilical cord blood of asphyxia infants

Ap-Dewi, I.; Kelso, W.I.; Johnson, D.B., 1987:
A study of field drain ochre deposits 1. abiotic chemical precipitation

Ap-Dewi, I.; Johnson, D.B.; Kelso, W.I., 1987:
A study of field drain ochre deposits 2. the distribution of microorganisms

Tan K.T.; Fok A.C.K.; Sum C.F.; Tey B.H.; Cheah J.S., 1988:
A study of fifty one cases of hypoglycemia in singapore

Suzuki, S.; Nomiyama, T.; Sakita, R.; Miwa, M.; Harasawa, S.; Tani, N.; Miwa, T.; Hata, J., 1979:
A study of fine structures of colo rectal mucosa and polyps 1. application of dissecting microscopy and scanning electron microscopy

Mottershead, D.N.; Collin, R.L., 1976:
A study of flandrian glacier fluctuations in tunsbergdalen southern norway

Shiga K.; Horiike K.; Nishina Y.; Otani S.; Watari H.; Yamano T., 1979:
A study of flavine protein and flavo protein ligand interactions binding aspects and spectral properties of d amino acid oxidase and riboflavine binding protein

Ryl'tseva, E.V.; Kopylova, L.F., 1978:
A study of fleas from small forest mammals of the udmurt assr ussr

Ohno, T.; Murakami, K., 1986:
A study of floaters after cataract surgery 1. clinical analysis of the vitreous

Szlovak, S., 1975:
A study of flooding effect on maize transpiration at 2 nutrient levels

Gemmeke V., 1982:
A study of floral organogenesis in the mimosaceae

Jawdedar S.S.; Dandare M.P., 1984:
A study of flour mill workers and their working environment in pune city india

Leroy M.; Jaeger Denavit O.; Liot F., 1984:
A study of flow patterns during forced expiration in respiratory paralysis

Mikhov M.I., 1985:
A study of flower morphology and hybridization techniques in lens

Woolf, C.M.; Gianas, A.D., 1977:
A study of fluctuating dermatoglyphic asymmetry in the sibs and parents of cleft lip propositi

Shiraishi M., 1986:
A study of fluoride retention in synthetic hydroxyapatites treated with sodium fluoride and rare earths

Butterworth, C.E.Jr ; Baugh, C.M.; Krumdieck, C., 1969:
A study of folate absorption and metabolism in man utilizing carbon 14 labeled poly glutamates synthesized by the solid phase method neopl leukemia neopl hodgkins granuloma

Klumpp, D.W.; Nichols, P.D., 1983:
A study of food chains in seagrass communities 2. food of the rock flathead platycephalus laevigatus a major predator in a posidonia australis seagrass bed

Nicols, P.D.; Klumpp, D.W.; Johns, R.B., 1985:
A study of food chains in seagrass communities iii. stable carbon isotope ratios

Chockalingam S., 1979:
A study of food consumption and utilization in pericallia ricini lepidoptera arctidae

Otsu S., 1979:
A study of food preference as an attracting bait for wild rat rattus argentiventer in indonesia

Boyd, J.V.; Sherman, P., 1975:
A study of force compression conditions associated with hardness evaluation in several foods

Tsankova D.; Dimitrov L.; Lukipudis S., 1985:
A study of foreign brewing cultivars of spring barley

Katrandzhiev K.; Tsankova D.; Lukipudis S., 1985:
A study of foreign cultivars of rye

Gupta, N.K., 1970:
A study of formaldehyde dismutation by liver alcohol dehydrogenase ec with nad analogs

Vexiau P.; Helmy Khalil S.; Mamoun F.; Homberg J.C.; Cathelineau G.; Deschamps I.; Busson M.; Hors J., 1986:
A study of four different types of islet cell antibodies in 74 insulin dependent diabetics and their family according to the hla genotype

Linares E.; Bye R.A.Jr, 1987:
A study of four medicinal plant complexes of mexico and adjacent usa

Kolb H.H.; Hewson R., 1980:
A study of fox vulpes vulpes populations in scotland uk from 1971 1976

Schrier, E.E.; Robinson, R.A., 1971:
A study of free energy relationships in some amino acid sodium chloride water systems

Schrier, E.E.; Robinson, R.A., 1970:
A study of free energy relationships in the urea sodium sulfate water system

Chen S.; Weller M.A.; Penney D.G., 1982:
A study of free lung cells from young rats chronically exposed to carbon mono oxide from birth

Elek G.; Rockenbauer A.; Magyar E.; Jokay L., 1987:
A study of free radicals in paraffin embedded and deparaffinized human heart muscle tissue using esr

Peng H.; Dai B., 1985:
A study of freeze replica and scanning electron microscopy on the hepatocytic tight functions and canaliculi in guinea pig with leptospirosis icterohaemorrhagiae

Harris, A.J.; Miledi, R., 1972:
A study of frog muscle maintained in organ culture

Pluzhnikova, G.N.; D'evai, A.; Mikhal, K., 1976:
A study of functional activity of the adrenal cortex of rat fetuses in a mono layer tissue culture

Carreras, E.; Rozman, C.; Rodes, J.; Bruguera, M.; Bordas, J.M.; Piera, C.; Canals, J.; Bru, C.; Companys, X.; Elena, M., 1987:
A study of functional cholestasis associated to hodgkin's disease

Parry, D.J., 1977:
A study of functional de nervation in fast and slow muscles of dystrophic mice of various ages

Sawada, M., 1976:
A study of functional development of hypothalamo hypophyseo gonadal system in human fetuses

Shiomi T., 1986:
A study of functional recovery for urination and defecation through a modified sero muscular ileal flap fixation to the bladder on patients with neurogenic bladder

Lopez Llorca L.V.; Duncan G.H., 1988:
A study of fungal endoparasitism of the cereal cyst nematode heterodera avenae by scanning electron microscopy

Nair, P.K.K.; Srivastava, V., 1977:
A study of fungal infection of pollen grains of cereus tetragonus

Moustafa, A.F.; Kamel, S.M., 1976:
A study of fungal spore populations in the atmosphere of kuwait

Singh C.S., 1983:
A study of fungi on droppings of certain birds

Russell Smith A., 1979:
A study of fungus flies diptera mycetophilidae in beech woodland

Subramanian, C.V.; Lodha, B.C., 1975:
A study of fungus flora developing on steamed and unsteamed dung

Zhu J.; Koizumi T., 1987:
A study of furosemide disposition in man

Forsyth, A.L.; Thorby, J.H.; Bunt, E.A., 1976:
A study of future trends of population resources and investments in south africa by means of the world computer model

Krauz V.A.; Mamchur V.I., 1988:
A study of gamma aminobutyric acid ergic mechanisms of ketamine effect on the hippocamporeticuloneocortical system of the brain

Colautti, P.; Moschini, G.; Stievano, B.M.; Tregnaghi, C.; Jori, G., 1976:
A study of gamma and neutron interaction with aqueous solutions of l phenyl alanine

Ashiba, G.; Watanabe, S., 1977:
A study of gamma component a myo fibrillar protein

Crepin G.; Querleu D.; Delahousse G.; Tassart M.; Bonet M.; Bonte Lecomte D., 1979:
A study of gamma glutamyl trans peptidase and of the ratio of immuno globulin a to transferrin in the pregnant woman and when using oral contraception and in the new born

Zurabashvili Z.A.; Bakuradze N.A., 1987:
A study of gas composition in the blood in alcohol intoxication of different degrees

Reardon E.J.; Poscente P.J., 1984:
A study of gas compositions in sawmill waste deposits evaluation of the use of wood waste in close out of pyritic tailings

Vil'yams, M.V.; Rumyantseva, V.B., 1978:
A study of gas exchange in the light and effectiveness of carbon di oxide utilization in biomass formation in wheat planting

Shaposhnikov-Yu, K.; Kondakova, L.V.; Kirillova, N.N.; Lebedev, M.A., 1976:
A study of gaseous emission composition in the production of food acetic acid

Omar S.; Ibrahim A.S.; E.A.ser A.A.; Tawfik H.N.; Hagary M.E., 1979:
A study of gastric cancer in egypt

Nakatsuji, N., 1986:
A study of gastric emptying in gastric and duodenal ulcers

Nikolaevskaya, V.R.; Chernikov, M.P., 1978:
A study of gastric milk protein digestion at a young age

Rideau, N.; Mongin, P., 1983:
A study of gastrin in gallus gallus 1. evidence of gastrin like immuno reactivity and biological activity in chicken digestive tract

Rideau, N.; Mongin, P., 1983:
A study of gastrin in gallus gallus 2. no evidence of gastrin like immuno reactivity in chicken serum

Raux H.; Labbe F.; Fondaneche M C.; Koprowski H.; Burtin P., 1983:
A study of gastro intestinal cancer associated antigen in human fetal organs

Krasnopol'skaya K.D.; Byalik M.D., 1984:
A study of gd minus alleles discovered in the population study of schoolchildren in the town of kostroma ussr

French, R.R.; Gore, M.G.; York, D.A., 1988:
A study of GDP binding to purified thermogenin protein from brown adipose tissue

Petz M.; Meetschen U., 1987:
A study of gel permeation chromatography gpc as a clean up procedure in residue analysis of veterinary drugs

Singh, S.; Singh, R.B., 1978:
A study of gene effects in 3 wheat crosses

Gurgenidze G.V.; Gamkrelidze A.G.; Baraban E.I., 1987:
A study of general and local humoral immunity indices in pollinosis patients in local immunotherapy

Stokes M.A.; Moriarty K.J.; Catchpole B.N., 1988:
A study of genesis of colic

Ebringer L.; Lahitova N.; Trubacik S.; Beno J., 1984:
A study of genetic activity of nitrofuran derivatives

D'antuono L.F., 1985:
A study of genetic contamination caused by wild carrot pollination on carrot seed crops

Sharma S.K.; Rana N.D., 1986:
A study of genetic divergence in a collection of small seeded soybean glycine max accessions

Shevchenko, V.A.; Pechkurenkov, V.L.; Abramov, V.I.; Zuev, N.D.; Suvorova, L.I., 1978:
A study of genetic effects induced in populations by radioactive products of uranium 235 nuclear division part 2 predicting genetic effectiveness of irradiation at low dose rates

Gintovt, V.E.; Novik, I.E.; Moiseeva, I.G.; Tolokonnikova, E.V., 1976:
A study of genetic linkage of the blood group egg and serum protein and the plumage color loci in chickens

Jotova I.; Tsonev P.; Kirchev D.; Nikolova M.; Atanasov K., 1987:
A study of genetic polymorphism of transferrins in blood serum of cows of the bulgarian red cattle and its f 1 and f 2 crosses with the black and white cattle reacting positively and negatively to leukosis

Li, F.H.F.; Gaunt, S.N., 1972:
A study of genetic polymorphisms of milk beta lacto globulin alpha s1 casein beta casein and kappa casein in 5 dairy breeds

Vasileva J.; Tsocheva K., 1979:
A study of genetic structure by quantitative characters of inbred bombyx mori populations

Devilly, C.I.; Houghton, J.A., 1977:
A study of genetic transformation in Gloeocapsa alpicola

Alonso L.C.; Kimber G., 1983:
A study of genome relationships in wheat based on telocentric chromosome pairing 2

Alonso L.C.; Kimber G., 1983:
A study of genomic relationships in wheat triticum spp based on telocentric chromosome pairing 1

Joarder, O.I.; Eunus, A.M., 1977:
A study of genotype environment interaction shown by heading and harvesting time of brassica campestris

Singh S., 1979:
A study of genotype x environment interaction in 3 barley triple crosses

Singh S.; Pawar I.S.; Singh I.P., 1986:
A study of genotype x environment interaction in three chickpea triple test crosses

W.Y.; Kuang B., 1986:
A study of genus micrapis apidae

Lay, D.M.; Nadler, C.F., 1975:
A study of gerbillus rodentia muridae east of the euphrates river

Nissani, M., 1977:
A study of germinal mosaicism in drosophila melanogaster

Elleman C.J.; Entwistle P.F., 1982:
A study of glands on cotton gossypium hirsutum responsible for the high ph and cation concentration of the leaf surface

Balabko, P.N., 1976:
A study of gleyed alluvial soils using scanning electron microscopy

Clements R.L., 1987:
A study of gliadins of soft wheats from the eastern usa using a modified polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis procedure

Bordi C.; Ravazzola M.; Baetens D.; Gorden P.; Unger R.H.; Orci L., 1979:
A study of glucagonomas by light microscopy and electron microscopy and immuno fluorescence

Volchek, A.G.; Danilov, S.M.; Kim, A.A., 1977:
A study of gluco corticoid receptors of cytosol in various rat organs

Swift M.L.; Ahmed M., 1984:
A study of glucose lowry positive substances and triacylglycerol levels in the hemolymph of crassostrea virginica

Tankeyoon, M.; Dusitsin, N.; Poshyachinda, V.; Larsson-Cohn, U., 1976:
A study of glucose tolerance, serum transaminase and lipids in women using depot-medroxyprogesterone acetate and a combination-type oral contraceptive

Fahien, L.A.; Ruoho, A.E.; Kmiotek, E., 1978:
A study of glutamate dehydrogenase amino transferase complexes with a bi functional imidate

Isay, S.V.; Makarchenko, M.A.; Vaskovsky, V.E., 1976:
A study of glyceryl ethers part 1 content of alpha glyceryl ethers in marine invertebrates from the sea of japan and tropical regions of the pacific ocean

Kawamura T., 1985:
A study of glycogen deposition in distal tubular cells during experimental acute renal failure

Bennett, M.J.; Ogilvy, K.M.; Blake, G.M.; Lewtas, N.; Timperley, W.R., 1976:
A study of glycolytic and pentose phosphate shunt enzymes in relationship to the altered permeability in the blood brain barrier

Liu M.; Yang Y.; W.J., 1987:
A study of gm cfu in 23 patients with myelodysplastic syndrome

Il'yashchenko V.I., 1982:
A study of gnathosoma in mites of the genus psoroptes psoroptidae under electron scanning microscope

Brmner, P.M.; Davidson, J.L., 1978:
A study of grain number in 2 contrasting wheat cultivars

Hamerly, J.R.; Quick, R.F.J. ; Reichert, T.A., 1977:
A study of grating contrast judgment

Borovinskaya L.B.; Borovinskii B.A.; Kiselev N.F.; Alifanov V.M., 1982:
A study of gray forest soils by electrometric methods

Hill G.J.E., 1981:
A study of gray kangaroo macropus giganteus density using pellet counts

Ruiz-Cabello, F.; López Nevot, M.A.; Garrido, A.; Garrido, F., 1987:
A study of GRM1 monoclonal antibody that reacts with natural killer cells and granulocytes

Akhtar, T.; Zai, S.; Khatoon, J.; Zohra, A.; Roghani, M.T.; Ahmad, A., 1987:
A study of group B streptococcal colonization and infection in newborns in Pakistan

Fleischer J.E., 1987:
A study of growth and nutritive value of green panic panicum maximum var trichoglume cultivar petrie and rhodes grass chloris gayana kunth

Kubjatko F., 1979:
A study of growth and organogenetic processes of winter wheat during the vegetative stage

Larkum A.W.D., 1986:
A study of growth and primary production in ecklonia radiata laminariales at a sheltered site in port jackson new south wales australia

Mikhno, I.L.; Kondratenko, V.M.; Matsyuk, V.M.; Mel'nyk, S.P., 1975:
A study of growth and reproduction of yeast like fungi candida and staphylococci during cultivation in vitro and in vivo in association

Ruget F.; Andre M.; Massimino J., 1981:
A study of growth and variation of respiration throughout a growth cycle on maize zea mays grown in a carbon di oxide exchange chamber

Bulow Olsen A.; Hamilton N.R.S.; Hutchings M.J., 1984:
A study of growth form in genets of trifolium repens as affected by intra plant and inter plant contacts/

Maany, I.; Mendels, J.; Frazer, A.; Brunswick, D., 1979:
A study of growth hormone release in depression

Morillo, G.; Botanico, J., 1986:
A study of guyanese flora asclepiadaceae ii. new or interesting species for venezuela and guyana

Pizarro, O.; Vergara, U.; Figueroa, F., 1977:
A study of h 2 histo compatibility antigens in wild mice from santiago chile

Mnatsakanyan-Yu, A.; Pospelov, L.E.; Egorov, I.K., 1977:
A study of h 2 mutations in mice part 7 defective reactivity of the h 2 ba mutant in hem agglutination and graft vs host tests

Wiegleb G., 1984:
A study of habitat conditions of the macrophytic vegetation in selected river systems in western lower saxony west germany

Reynolds, D.; Basel, R.; Wasserman, D.E.; Taylor, W., 1984:
A study of hand vibration on chipping and grinding operators 1. vibration acceleration levels measured on pneumatic tools used in chipping and grinding operations

Reynolds, D.D.; Falkenberg, R.J., 1984:
A study of hand vibration on chipping and grinding operators 2. 4 degree of freedom lumped parameter model of the vibration response of the human hand

Evenhuis H.H., 1982:
A study of hartigs xystus species with type designations and new synonyms hymenoptera cynipidae alloxystinae and charipinae

Al-Noaim, A.A.; Davies, G.M.; Farnworth, J., 1978:
A study of hasawi alfalfa under 3 irrigation and 3 cutting regimes in saudi arabia

Ishizuka M.; Hashimoto I.; Miyazaki Y.; Sakai H.; Watanabe M., 1987:
A study of health and physical fitness assessment by health promotion car

Srinivasan S., 1984:
A study of health care delivery system in tamil nadu india with special reference to primary health care

Bertrand E.; Coly M.; Chauvet J.; Coulibaly A.O.; Darracq R.; Dienot B.; Metras D.; N'dori R.; Assamoi M.O.; Ouattara K.; Renambot J., 1979:
A study of heart disease particularly rheumatic heart disease in school children in the ivory coast

Lazarev Y.A.; Shnyrov V.L., 1979:
A study of heat denaturation of bacterio rhod opsin from halobacterium halobium

Nakamura, T., 1979:
A study of heat of formation of acetyl alpha chymotrypsin ec intermediate by stopped flow calorimetry

Tewari, L.; Agrawal, S.K.; Kumar, A., 1981:
A study of heat stable entero toxins of entero pathogenic escherichia coli 2. chemical nature of toxic fractions

Yeates, N.T.M.; Partridge, I.J., 1975:
A study of heat tolerance growth rate and the onset of puberty in brahman santa gertrudis and hereford heifers in a humid tropical climate fiji

Burton, K.W.; John, E., 1977:
A study of heavy metal contamination in the rhondda fawr south wales

Ndiokwere C.L., 1984:
A study of heavy metal pollution from motor vehicle emissions and its effect on roadside soil vegetation and crops in nigeria

Pulvirenti D.; Lupo L.; Bellassai S., 1987:
A study of height and weight of a school children population

Dobrynin, M.I., 1978:
A study of helminth fauna of domestic animals in the turkmen ssr ussr

Bryan, R.P.; Bainbridge, M.J.; Kerr, J.D., 1976:
A study of helminth parasites in the gastro intestinal tract of the swamp buffalo bubalus bubalis in the northern territory australia

Venkatagiri, H.S.; Hinkle, W.G., 1975:
A study of hemispheric asymmetry for auditory feedback control of speech

Yamazaki H., 1984:
A study of hemodynamic effect of intraoral surgery under intravenous sedation with diazepam in hypertensive patients

Honda H., 1985:
A study of hemorheology in cerebral infarction

Halonen P.; Linko K.; Myllyla G., 1987 :
A study of hemostasis following the use of high doses of hydroxyethyl starch 120 and dextran in major laparotomies

Mettinger, K.L., 1982:
A study of hemostasis in ischemic cerebro vascular disease 4. a 5 year follow up of some blood coagulation parameters also including fibrino peptide a factor xii and pre kallikrein

Mettinger, K.L., 1982:
A study of hemostasis in ischemic cerebro vascular disease 5. a multi variate evaluation of risk indicators and predictors early results of a longitudinal study

Jung S.E.; Kim Y.H., 1985:
A study of hepatic glucose balance after glucose loading in diabetic dogs

Yagi T., 1986:
A study of hepatic transit time and portal circulation using indocyanine green

Park K S., 1982:
A study of heritability of plasma hapto globin level

Thadani V.M., 1980:
A study of hetero specific sperm egg interactions in the rat mouse and deer mouse peromyscus maniculatus bairdi using in vitro fertilization and sperm injection

Damerval C., 1983:
A study of heteroblastic development in some species of the genus medicago

Robertson D.S., 1984:
A study of heterofertilization in diverse lines of maize

Sidhu G.S.; Webster J.M., 1979:
A study of heterokaryosis and its influence on virulence in fusarium oxysporum lycopersici

Abplanalp, H.; Okamoto, S.; Napolitano, D.; Len, R.E., 1984:
A study of heterosis and recombination loss in crosses of inbred Leghorn lines derived from a common base population

Van-Cong, N.; Weil, D.; Rebourcet, R.; Frezal, J., 1975:
A study of hexosaminidases in interspecific hybrids and in gm 2 gangliosidosis with a discussion on their genetic control

Arora R.C.; Agarwal N.; Arora S.; Gupta G.C., 1986:
A study of high fat and cholesterol diet induced changes in plasma cholesterol and lipoprotein in healthy human volunteers vegetarians

Bukhalo, A.S.; Zakordonets, O.A.; Shashek, V., 1985:
A study of higher basidial fungal cultures by scanning electron microscopy 1. clamps

Hirani, S.; Little, L.; Miller, A.L., 1982:
A study of highly purified muco lipidosis 3. urinary n acetyl beta d hexosaminidase b ec

Olubadewo J.O.; Bodhankar S.L., 1982:
A study of histamine tachyphylaxis on isolated chick esophagus

Woo E.; Nightingale S.; Dick D.J.; Walls T.J.; French J.M.; Bates D., 1986:
A study of histocompatibility antigens in patients with motor neuron disease in the northern region of england uk

Ebina, K., 1980:
A study of histological changes of the intra cranial arteries after permanent clipping or ligation 1. an experimental study in dogs

Rodey G.E.; Fink J.; Koethe S.; Schlueter D.; Witkowski J.; Bettonville P.; Rimm A.; Moore V., 1979:
A study of hla a hla b hla c and hla dr specificities in pigeon breeders disease

Ahmed A.R.; Strom H.; Bierman S.; Myers Elliot R.; Tiwari P.; Terasaki P.I., 1982:
A study of hla and drw antigens in severe recurrent herpes progenitalis herpes simplex virus type 2 infection

Van Neste D.; Szapiro E.; Breuillard F.; Goudemand J., 1980:
A study of hla antigens and immune response to di nitrochloro benzene in alopecia areata

Morellini M.; Trabace S.; Mazzilli M.C.; Lulli P.; Cappellacci S.; Bonamico M.; Margarit I.; Gandini E., 1988:
A study of hla class ii antigens in an italian pediatric population with celiac disease

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A study of homicides in manhattan new york city usa 1981

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A study of hormonal levels of the locust locusta migratoria cinerascens artificially changed to the solitary state by a chronic carbon di oxide treatment of 1 minute per day

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A study of horseradish peroxidase labeled sources of thalamic projections to the area of vibrissae representation of the rat somato sensory cortex

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A study of host defense reaction of breast carcinoma and its correlation with generalized delayed hyper sensitivity

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A study of host parasite interaction in coccus hesperidum homoptera coccidae and its parasite coccophagus scutellaris hymenoptera aphelinidae part 1 experimental study of the egg laying behavior of the parasite

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A study of human adaptability in antarctica

Naidu K.R.C., 1979:
A study of human female urethral supports

Mukerjee B.; Baveja R.; Sinha D.N.; Shukla R., 1979:
A study of human fetal uterus

Bagnall R.G., 1979:
A study of human impact on an urban forest remnant redwood bush tawa near wellington new zealand

Kaneko M., 1986:
A study of human jejunal absorptive capacity for sugars and amino acids by measurement of electrical potential difference particularly in patients with several digestive diseases

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A study of human leukocyte d locus related antigens hla d in graves disease

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A study of human myocardial tissue in Chagas' disease: distribution and frequency of inflammatory cell types

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A study of human pan t cell lymphocyte markers expression in primary immunodeficiency

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A study of human type blood factors in sus scrofa indian pig along with a report on presence of rhesus blood factor

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A study of humic substances of the west siberian soils by ir spectra ussr

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A study of hydnum subcrinale and odontia laxa

Lysiak, E., 1977:
A study of hydro carbons in the baltic sea

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A study of hydrodynamic properties from soil profiles installed in lysimeters 1. measurement and calculation methods of capillary conductivity

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A study of hydrogen ion transport in gastric microsomal vesicles using fluorescent probes

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A study of hydrolases during gypsy moth metamorphosis

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A study of hydroxy ethyl starch 3. comparison of metabolic fates between 2 o hydroxyethyl starch and 6 o hydroxy ethyl starch in rabbits

Yoshida, M.; Kishikawa, T., 1984:
A study of hydroxyethyl starch 2. degradation sites of hydroxyethyl starch by pig pancreas alpha amylase

Yoshida, M.; Nozaka, T.; Kishikawa, T., 1984:
A study of hydroxyethyl starch 5. some physicochemical and biological properties of hydroxyethyl starch isolated from the blood and urine and limit hydroxyethyl starch

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A study of hymenostome ciliates protozoa from acid waters in the region of besse en chandesse france

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A study of hyper bilirubinemia in clinical practice

Kremmer, T.; Holczinger, L., 1976 :
A study of hyper lipidemia induced by ascites tumors

Paterson J.M.; Blackbourn J.; Berbatis C.G.; Jackson S.M., 1985:
A study of hyperlipidemic inpatients implications for pharmacists

Hirai, Y., 1978:
A study of hypertension cardio vascular effects of alpha and beta adrenergic mechanism in central nervous system

Nakagawa, M., 1978:
A study of hypertension catecholamine metabolisms in the brain stem of the angiotensin ii induced hypertensive rat with intra ventricular pre treatment of tritiated dopa and tritiated norepinephrine

Yokoyama, E., 1977:
A study of hypertension changes of norepinephrine contents in rat hypothalamus induced by the intra venous administration of angiotensin ii and catecholamines

Kitamura, Y., 1976:
A study of hypertension effect of angiotensin ii on brain stem norepinephrine of rat

Yamamoto, N., 1978:
A study of hypertension interaction of the pressor action of alpha angiotensin with adrenergic mechanisms and beta adrenergic mechanisms in central nervous system

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A study of hypo thermia and hyper thermia induced changes in carbohydrate and lipid metabolism in dogs

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A study of hypoplastic anemia

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A study of hypothalamic neuro secretory cells of bull frogs in vitro

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A study of hysteria in a general hospital in north india

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A study of identical twins with klinefelters syndrome

L.Y.; E.A., 1987:
A study of identification on two atypical strains of brucella melitensis

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A study of image enhancement for the electronic endoscope pictures

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A study of immobilized formate dehydrogenase under nonstationary conditions in the flow reactor of ideal mixing

Kazanskii D.B.; Fedeeva T.A.; Skvortsova E.V.; Artsimovich N.G., 1987:
A study of immune responses of cba mice during postnatal ontogenesis

Odaka Y., 1985:
A study of immunity and nutrition in patients with gastric cancer

Obrosova Serova N.P.; Sharfenort Kh; Gerke M.; Isachenko V.A.; Kupryashina L.M., 1987:
A study of immunity in the citizens of the ussr and east germany to the reference strains of influenza viruses and a characterization of a new antigenic variant of the virus

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A study of immuno globulin structure part 3 an estimate of the variability of human light chains

Varro, R., 1973 :
A study of immuno specifically isolated tetanus antibodies

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A study of immunoglobulin e in immunoglobulin preparations for intravenous administration i. immunoglobulin e in intravenous immunoglobulin g

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A study of immunohistochemistry of atriopeptins in rat heart

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A study of immunological effects of intra thymic injection of carcinogen in adult albino rats

Baisheva S.A.; Bogdanova A.G., 1984:
A study of immunological response and hormonal profile in breast cancer patients

Konishi K., 1987:
A study of immunological vascular changes in various skin diseases especially angiodermatitis group using the direct immunofluorescent technique

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A study of implant failure in the Wagner resurfacing arthroplasty

Ali Q.; Baig M.S.; Hassan M.A., 1979:
A study of important soil forming processes in quetta pishin area pakistan

Terruhn V., 1980:
A study of impression molds of the genital tract of female fetuses

Goldstein, W.N., 1981:
A study of impulse control in the borderline patient

Ahmed, S.I.; Kenner, R.A., 1977 :
A study of in vitro electron transport activity in marine phyto plankton as a function of temperature

Boge G.; Rigal A.; Peres G., 1981:
A study of in vivo glycine absorption by fed and fasted rainbow trout salmo gairdneri

Nishimoto K., 1984:
A study of in vivo measurements of electrical bio impedance on breast tumors

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A study of inactivation of Chlamydia trachomatis by normal human serum

Alström, C.H., 1977:
A study of incest with special regard to the Swedish penal code

Katsumi, A., 1984:
A study of incidence of abomasum ulcer in beef cattle raised by large scale farming 2. experiments on causation of abomasum ulcer in beef cattle by restriction of roughage feeding

Mikheev V.S.; Pavlov Y.I., 1981:
A study of induced somatic recombination in drosophila melanogaster hetero zygotes for autosome translocations estimation of the role of eu chromatin and hetero chromatin

X.Z.; Wang M., 1985:
A study of inducing petite in yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae by using of complex treatments with acriflavine and ethidium bromide

L.C L., 1981:
A study of inducing wheat triticum aestivum pollen plant using simplified culture medium of sechium edule

Ling D.; Chen W.; Chen M.; M.Z., 1984:
A study of induction and plantlet differentiation of embryogenic cluster of trihaploid rice oryza sativa x oryza latifolia

Kondo S.; Morita T.; Saeki H., 1985:
A study of indwelling time of biocathera a temporary blood access for hemodialysis

D'Souza, S.W.; Black, P., 1979:
A study of infant growth in relation to the type of feeding

Strom J., 1979:
A study of infections and illnesses in a day nursery based on inclusion bearing cells in the urine and infectious agent in feces urine and nasal secretion

Calop, J.; Burckhart, M.F.; Fontanges, R., 1976:
A study of influence of trace elements on the hydroxylation of benzo a pyrene

Raouf A.; Joseph T.K., 1986:
A study of informational load and task difficulty

Kosner J., 1987:
A study of inheritance in the alternative growth habit of the cultivar ceska presivka

Lereim I.; Sahlin Y., 1984:
A study of injured children treated at the regional hospital in trondheim norway

Silverbåge Carlsson, G.; Svärdsudd, K.; Carlsson, S.; Tibblin, G., 1986:
A study of injuries during life in three male populations

Ganesalingam, V.K., 1976:
A study of insects in 4 rice stores in the kandy district in sri lanka

Larter R., 1982:
A study of instability to electrical symmetry breaking in uni cellular systems

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A study of institutionalized mentally retarded patients in manitoba canada 1. classification and preventability

Evans J.A.; Hunter A.G.W.; Thompson D.R.; Ramsay S., 1985:
A study of institutionalized mentally retarded patients in manitoba canada over representation by canadian indian children

Taguchi N., 1985:
A study of instructional patterns of motivating methods for mentally retarded children

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A study of instruments in preparation for a blood pressure survey of children

Ohgawara, H.; Tasaka, Y.; Machiyama, E.; Sakurai, Y.; Hirata, Y., 1985:
A study of insulin and glucagon secretion from adult rat pancreatic monolayer islets

Kanashiro O., 1987:
A study of insulin antibody in thyroid gland disorders

Pedersen, O.; Beck-Nielsen, H., 1976:
A study of insulin receptors in human mononuclear leukocytes

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A study of insulin secretion in thoracic duct lymph of the dog

Price M.; Morris B.; Robertson A., 1982:
A study of inter granular and fissure permeability in chalk and permian aquifers using double packer injection testing

Singh R.P.; Singh S., 1984:
A study of interaction of additive dominance and epistatic gene effects with microenvironments and macroenvironments in 2 tomato triple test crosses

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A study of interaction of an o specific polysaccharide from pseudomonas fluorescens with antibodies

Canete M.; Villanueva A.; Juarranz A.; Stockert J.C., 1987:
A study of interaction of thioflavin t with dna evidence for intercalation

Takla P.G.; Dakas C.J., 1988:
A study of interactions of chloroquine with ethanol sugars and glycerol using uv spectrophotometry

Han D.H.; Jung H W.; Lee S.H.; Min B.G.; Sim B.S., 1986:
A study of interhemispheric diaschisis reduction of cerebral blood flow in both hemispheres following unilateral middle cerebral artery occlusion in cats

Chillappa S., 1985:
A study of interpersonal communication net works of opinion leaders in the context of transfer of dairy production technology

Yazaki, T., 1978:
A study of interval psycho therapy for manic depressive patients

Ponka P.; Borova J.; Neuwirt J.; Fuchs O.; Necas E., 1979:
A study of intra cellular iron metabolism using pyridoxal iso nicotinoyl hydrazone and other synthetic chelating agents

Dacey R.G.Jr; Duling B.R., 1982:
A study of intra cerebral arterioles methods morphology and reactivity

Jacobson L.; Greenbaum R., 1981:
A study of intracuff pressure measurements, trends and behaviour in patients during prolonged periods of tracheal intubation

Smith G.M.; Duncan G.G., 1981:
A study of intra vascular platelet aggregation by continuous platelet counting

Fukuchi, H.; Yoshida, M.; Kumagai, M.; Kitaura, T., 1978:
A study of intra venous admixtures stability of sodium cephalothin in large volume parenteral solutions

Bevington A.; Mundy K.I.; Yates A.J.P.; Kanis J.A.; Russell R.G.G.; Taylor D.J.; Rajagopalan B.; Radda G.K., 1986:
A study of intracellular orthophosphate concentration in human muscle and erythrocytes by phosphorus 31 nmr spectroscopy and selective chemical assay

Tsuchikawa, K.; Yokomichi, H.; Satoh, I.; Suzuki, C.; Watanabe, Y.; Tajima, G., 1987:
A study of intracytoplasmic inclusions in myeloma cells from two patients with multiple myeloma

Fuse, Y., 1987:
A study of intrapartum and postpartum bleeding based on changes in blood coagulation and fibrinolysis during pregnancy

Zakharov, V.M., 1976:
A study of intraspecific variability of insects as a method of revealing population structures using sympetrum flaveolum as an example

Asano, S., 1986:
A study of intravascular lymphostasis i. pathogenesis of lymphangioma

Asano, S., 1986:
A study of intravascular lymphostasis ii. morphological changes in the wall of the cervical lymphatic trunk due to experimental occlusion

Efstathiou I.; Reysset G.; Truffaut N., 1986:
A study of inulinase activity in the clostridium acetobutylicum strain abkn8

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A study of iodine 131 labeled albumin metabolism in patients with gastro intestinal diseases using the method of whole body radiometry

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A study of ion binding in the hemolymph of Periplaneta americana

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A study of irradiated bone 3. scintigraphic and radiographic detection of radiation induced osteo sarcomas

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A study of isoetharine mesylate in patients with chronic bronchial asthma

Quan T.; E.A., 1986:
A study of isolation and identification of aeromonas hydrophila from diarrhea patients together with its pathogenic significance

Pollitzer W.S.; Smith M.T.; Williams W.R., 1988:
A study of isonymic relationships in fylingdales parish england uk from marriage records from 1654 through 1916

A.Mishari M.A., 1986:
A study of isotretinoin roaccutan in nodulocystic acne

Xiong Q.; Xia S., 1985:
A study of isozymes in myxocyprinus asiaticus

Sato, S.; Sugiyama, Y.; Takekawa, T.; Nakamura, K., 1983:
A study of jenkins activity survey student version 2. personality correlates of the jenkins activity survey

Waheed, S.; Murtuza, S.M.; Ashrafi, S.H., 1974:
A study of joint action of insecticides with petkolin against musca domestica

Wells, M.P., 1975:
A study of kansas usa cottonwoods

Kohno M., 1984:
A study of keto acid metabolism in children with chronic renal failure

Ohkoshi, K.; Kikuchi, Y., 1980:
A study of kinesthetic illusion

Brown, J.E.; Corstvet, R.E.; Stratton, L.G., 1979:
A study of Klebsiella pneumoniae infection in the uterus of the mare

Kim, I.S., 1976:
A study of korean spinous loaches cobitis taenia part 3 on the morphology and distribution of the crossband b type and c type

Russell, P.J.; Srb, A.M., 1974:
A study of l glutamine d fructose 6 phosphate amido transferase ec in certain developmental mutants of neurospora crassa

Hunston R.N.; Gerothanassis I.P.; Lauterwein J., 1985:
A study of l proline sarcosine and the cis trans isomers of n acetyl l proline and n acetylsarcosine in aqueous and organic solution by oxygen 17 nmr

Willcox, M.L.; Newman, M.M.; Paton, B.C., 1978:
A study of labeled pluronic f 68 poly oxalkal after intra venous injection into the dog

Ikeda, Y., 1976:
A study of labor accidents in small factories analysis of the causes of labor accidents in small factories and of subcontract workers

Sahlstrand, T.; Petruson, B., 1979:
A study of labyrinthine function in patients with adolescent idiopathic scoliosis 1. an electro nystagmographic study

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A study of lactate dehydrogenase ec and malate dehydrogenase ec in adult hymenolepis diminuta cestoda

Serov, O.L.; Poznakhirkina, N.A.; Korochkin, L.I., 1975:
A study of lactic dehydrogenase isozymes in the early embryogenesis of rats

Reid S.A., 1986:
A study of lamellar organization in juvenile and adult human bone

Jackson, R.; Jackson, J., 1980:
A study of lapwing vanellus vanellus breeding population changes in the new forest hampshire england uk

Antonelli P.L.; Fuller K.D.; Kazarinoff N.D., 1987:
A study of large amplitude periodic solutions in a model for starfish predation of coral

Van D.Meene E.A., 1983:
A study of late pleistocene river deposits of the rhine system western europe based on static penetrometer soundings

Hatayama R.; Sasano Y.; Kawai K.; Matsuzaki H., 1986:
A study of latent nystagmus by the electro oculogram fixation pursuit eye movement optokinetic nystagmus

Hong S.C., 1982:
A study of lateral internal sphincterotomy

Low K.S.; Lee C.K.; Arshad M.Y.B.H., 1979:
A study of lead content in soils and grass around roadside locations in and around kuala lumpur malaysia

Matakov N.; Radeva A.; Dabizhev J., 1986:
A study of leaf aphid infestation on potato fields for seed production

Kubyatko, F.; Gobo, O.; Zhaiova, A., 1976:
A study of leaf apparatus development in the ontogeny of stepnaya 135 winter wheat in southern slovakia czechoslovakia

Singh, V.; Pande, P.C., 1977:
A study of leaf epidermal structures in some scitamineae

Carson, P.A.; Goetzinger, C.P., 1975:
A study of learning in deaf children

O.C.H.; Kim S.N., 1985:
A study of lectin histochemistry on normal skin of human rat rabbit and guinea pig

Kim M.G.; Kim S.N., 1986:
A study of lectin histochemistry on psoriasis and the diseases showing epidermal hyperplasia

Nakano M., 1987:
A study of left unilateral spatial neglect with special reference to hemianopsia

Letac, B.; Cribier, A.; Desplanches, J.F., 1977:
A study of left ventricular function in coronary patients before and after physical training

Ihoriya, K., 1986:
A study of left ventricular hypertrophy with body surface isopotential maps i. sensitive lead position in diagnosis of left ventricular hypertrophy

Ihoriya, K., 1986:
A study of left ventricular hypertrophy with body surface isopotential maps ii. comparative study of two dimensional echocardiograms

Rolfe, M., 1986:
A study of Legionnaire's disease in Zambia

Talhari, S.; Torrecila, M.A.; Talhari, A.C., 1987:
A study of leprosy and other skin diseases in school children in the state of Amazonas, Brazil

Lawton M.E.; Sutton J.G., 1982:
A study of leucine amino peptidase as a possible means of identifying semen

Kamiyama, R.; Funata, N., 1976:
A study of leukemic cell infiltration in the testis and ovary

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A study of leukemic cell migration by an agarose plate method

Tsuruta K.; Yoshida M., 1987:
A study of leydig cell function

Hosono, T., 1983:
A study of life history of blue magpie cyanopica cyana 11. breeding helpers and nest parasitism by cuckoo cuculus canorus

Lazim M.N.; Zeki M., 1987:
A study of life span instar duration growth and reproduction in scapholebris kingi new record sars

Chao, T.C.; Pakiam, J.E.; Chia, J., 1981:
A study of lightning deaths in Singapore

Young A.; Giesbrecht E.; Soldin S.J., 1986:
A study of lipid effects on the digoxin immunoassay and on the binding to and activity of sodium potassium atpase

Ugoleva, S.V., 1977:
A study of lipid metabolism in pregnant women with diabetes mellitus and in women with physiological pregnancy

Bogdanov, M.V.; Fedoseeva, G.N.; Nesmeyanova, M.A., 1986:
A study of lipid protein interactions during protein transfer through bacterial membranes iii. the exchange of phospholipids and the content of periplasmic oligosaccharides in the biosynthesis and secretion of alkaline phosphatase in escherichia coli

Botto E.N., 1979:
A study of lipids of the fat body and hemolymph of insects

Oudart J L.; Michel A.; Bruno R.; Vigouroux C.; Quilichini F.; Nicoli J., 1983:
A study of liposomes as vectors of molecules with hydrophobic domains

Margalit R.; Shanzer A., 1981:
A study of lithium ion selective permeation through lipid bi layer membranes mediated by a new ionophore as 701

Stuart Harris C.; Heath R.B.; Potter C.W.; Beare A.S.; Collins J.; Cumming G.; Dunnet W.N.; Empey D.W.; Howard P.; E.A., 1980:
A study of live influenza virus vaccine in patients with chronic bronchitis report to medical research council committee on influenza and other respiratory virus vaccines

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A study of liver function in rats with mirex induced enlarged livers

Nagata, K.; Ikeda, K.; Wakabayashi, Y.; Takehana, S., 1977:
A study of load deformation curves and natural frequency of the extracted teeth

Henson D.; Tarone R., 1979:
A study of lobular carcinoma of the breast based on the 3rd national cancer survey in the usa

Latsis R.V.; Drize N.I., 1979:
A study of localization and migration of the hemopoietic cells in the ontogenesis of the japanese quail and chicken by means of xenogeneic transplantation

Heckner U., 1982:
A study of loco motion in some species of ruminants tragulus javanicus muntiacus muntjak reevsi artiodactyla

Durran D.R.; Meldgin M.J.; Liu M K.; Thoem T.; Henderson D., 1979:
A study of long range air pollution problems related to coal development in the northern great plains usa

Bittiger, H.; Maitre, L.; Krinke, G.; Schnider, K.; Hess, R., 1977:
A study of long term effects of guanethidine on peripheral noradrenergic neurons of the rat

Lider, L.A.; Ferrari, N.L.; Bowers, K.W., 1978:
A study of longevity of graft combinations in california vineyards with species interest in the vitis vinifera x vitis rupestris hybrids

Kowithayakorn L.; Hill M.J., 1982:
A study of lucerne medicago sativa seed development and some aspects of hard seed content

Anderson, C.K.; Chaffin, D.B.; Herrin, G.D., 1986:
A study of lumbosacral orientation under varied static loads

Akachuku A.E., 1987:
A study of lumen diameter variation along the longitudinal axis of wood vessels in quercus rubra using cinematography

Notani, P.N.; Rao, D.N.; Sirsat, M.V.; Sanghvi, L.D., 1977:
A study of lung cancer in relation to bidi smoking in different religious communities in Bombay

Singh, S.H.; Gupta, H.L.; Gandhi, A.; Rai, U.C., 1986:
A study of lung function abnormalities in workers of cotton spinning shops

Panjwani R.C., 1984:
A study of lung function test among welders

Moore, V.L.; Pedersen, G.M.; Hauser, W.C.; Fink, J.N., 1980:
A study of lung lavage materials in patients with hyper sensitivity pneumonitis in vitro response to mitogen and antigen in pigeon breeder disease

Dill J.; Fox R.; Landrigan P.; Macsween M.; Osborn D.; Rajaraman R., 1977:
A study of lung specific cell mediated immunity in chronic pulmonary diseases

Haston W.S., 1979:
A study of lymphocyte behavior in cultures of fibroblast like lympho reticular cells

Aversa L.; Ciaffi P., 1985:
A study of lymphocyte subpopulations in allergic patients using monoclonal antibodies

Deugnier, Y.; Le Treut, A.; Glaise, D.; Brissot, P.; Le Gall, J.Y., 1980:
A study of lysosomal enzyme activities in serum and leukocytes in chronic hepatic disease

Wang X., 1986:
A study of lysozyme activity of cerebrospinal fluid for diagnosis of tuberculous meningitis

Borrelli P.L.; Briganti M.; D.C.lla G.; Del Balzo V.; Gori F.; Loreti R.; Maggio C.; Martini L.; Sollente G.; Travia L., 1986:
A study of magnesium blood level in relation to metabolic condition in the elderly

Okabe H.; Inoue K.; Okabe K.; Omata S.; Saigenji K.; Sajima Y.; Sugata F.; Miwa T.; Yao T.; Yoshida T., 1987:
A study of maintenance therapy with cimetidine on gastric ulcer relapse

Yamazaki H.; Hiwatashi N.; Kumagai Y.; Miura M.; Azumi K.; Nakajima K.; Suzuki K.; Yamashita K.; Sasaki T.; E.A., 1988:
A study of maintenance treatment and factors inducing relapse in ulcerative colitis

Ivanova V., 1985:
A study of maize hybrids in the troyan region bulgaria

G.M.G.; Ting Y.C.; Zhang X Q., 1981:
A study of maize pachytene chromosome by giemsa c banding technique

Sudomo M.; Hanifah A.; Mak J.W.; Lim B.L., 1982:
A study of malayan filariasis in lubuk mumpo and datar lebar villages in lais regency north bengkulu sumatra indonesia

Fabre Nys C.; Signoret J P.; Garnier D.H., 1983:
A study of male sexual behavior induced by testosterone treatment in ovariectomized adult ewes effect of different doses and previous sexual experience

Banks, R.W.; Stacey, M.J.; Harker, D.W., 1977:
A study of mammalian intrafusal muscle fibers using a combined histochemical and ultrastructural technique

Stanton L.; Villafana T.; Day J.L.; Lightfoot D.A.; Stanton R.E., 1979:
A study of mammographic exposure and detail visibility using 3 systems xerox 125 min r and xonics xerg

Node Y.; Yajima K.; Nakazawa S., 1983:
A study of mannitol and glycerol on the reduction of raised intra cranial pressure and on their rebound phenomenon

Kobayashi, S.; Kobayashi, K.; Mikami, T., 1986:
A study of Marek's disease in Japanese quails vaccinated with herpesvirus of turkeys

Kharchenko S.V.; Korneeva G.A.; Vetrov A.A., 1987:
A study of marine and river water yellow stuff biological activity

D.Fay E., 1985:
A study of markers of cambial growth patterns in hevea brasiliensis euphorbiaceae the rhythmic growth rings of juvenile wood

Kanehira H., 1984:
A study of masseter performance in response to photo stimuli

Farquharson R.G.; Klopper A.I., 1984:
A study of maternal, retroplacental and umbilical cord estradiol levels in term infants delivered by caesarean section

Singh P.; Mavi G.S., 1982:
A study of mating behavior of the leaf miner phytomyza horticola on brassicas

Haile R.; Smith P.; Read D.; Nassim D.; Warlow C.; Russell W.C., 1982:
A study of measles virus and canine distemper virus antibodies and childhood infections in multiple sclerosis patients and controls

Butenko, G.M.; Ivanova, N.I., 1978:
A study of mechanisms of changes in phagocytic activity of peritoneal macrophages with aging

Chang Y.D.; Lee C.W., 1987:
A study of medical care of insured workers by age group

Selivanov, V.A.; Lanin, V.N., 1986:
A study of megakaryocytopoiesis using a mathematical model 1. simulation model steady state distribution of cells number of divisions in a proliferating population

Selivanov, V.A.; Lanin, V.N.; Tyazhelova, V.G., 1986:
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A study of morphological changes during the development of mouse pleura from the embryonic to the senile stages

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A study of morphopathological changes in the ovary caused by parabiotic union in rats

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A study of motor coordination and neuro muscular activities in human loco motion

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A study of multiple invasions and interspecific associations in the monogeneans of marine fishes of the order beloniformes

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A study of new contraceptive acceptors of pills and intra uterine devices at 3 bangkok clinics

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A study of non linear tidal propagation in shallow inlet estuarine systems part ii. theory

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A study of normal and anemic hemo globins in indian sheep

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A study of nutrition of fresh water infusorians

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A study of nutritional problems affecting the smallholder broiler industry in papua new guinea

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A study of nutritional status of farmers of ludhiana district india

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A study of obesity in experimental animals from the viewpoint of nutrition and cooking hypothalamic obesity

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A study of obstructive biliar tract diseases in 307 common bile duct exploration cases

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A study of occupational exposure to pesticides on the health of workers

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A study of occupational lead hazard at a small scale lead smeltery

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A study of occurrence of hepatitis b antigens and antibodies in mothers and newborn infants as indicators of the vertical transmission

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A study of oogenesis in hydra oligactis and hydra attenuata 4. phagocytic activity of oocytes

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A study of optimal reaction conditions for an assay of the human alternative complement pathway

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A study of optimum dose of a glucocorticoid methylprednisolone sodium succinate before and after neurosurgical major operations relationship between serum beta glucuronidase level and postoperative brain edema

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A study of order effect for harvest index in wheat double cross hybrids

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A study of organ antigens in gastric mucous membranes of cancerous tumors and their metastases

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A study of organophosphorus compounds used on fruit farms in kent england uk

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A study of out of hospital cardiac arrests in northeastern minnesota usa

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A study of overlap and collateralization of bulbar reticular and raphe neurons which project to the spinal cord and diencephalon of the North American opossum

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A study of oviposition at low temperatures in temnothorax recedens and some species of the genus leptothorax formicidae myrmicinae

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A study of ovulation suppression system in pregnant rat

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A study of oxalate concentration in 5 grasses in the wet tropics of queensland australia

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A study of oxygen consumption by hepatopancreas homogenates of ucides cordatus l. 1763 using sea water

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A study of p loops by high gain atrial vector cardiogram in essential hypertension

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A study of pain threshold in diabetics with neuropathic foot lesions

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A study of palpation to determine premature tooth contact during tooth tapping. Part 3. Relationship between tooth displacement and ability to distinguish by palpation

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A study of pancreatic exocrine function using selenium 75 labeled methionine

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A study of pancreatic injury in patients with sle

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A study of paramesotriton deloustali in captivity with descriptions of the egg larva juvenile and adult amphibia caudata salamandridae

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A study of parasite infestations in populations of small rodents apodemus sylvaticus and clethrionomys glareolus on ross island killarney ireland

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A study of parasitic trematodes of littorina saxatilis and their impact on this host

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A study of parasitism of the southern green stink bug nezara viridula hemiptera pentatomidae by trichopoda pennipes diptera tachinidae

Adret P., 1983:
A study of parental behavior of the avocet in reproduction colonies inter familial and intra familial spatial organization

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A study of paridae community in japan part 3 ecological separation in social structure and distribution

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A study of partial nephrectomy

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A study of participants in the kentucky usa alcohol driver education program

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A study of particle ingestion by 3 fiddler crab species foraging on sandy sediments

T.K.W.; Hinchliffe L.E., 1983 :
A study of particulate emissions from portable space heaters

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A study of passive potassium efflux from human red blood cells using ion specific electrodes

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A study of pathogenesis and pathophysiology of cysteamine induced duodenal ulceration

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A study of patients in a vegetative state clinical evaluation and indication for shunt operation

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A study of patients with abdominal symptoms of undefined cause

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A study of patients with acute poisoning admitted to alexandria main university hospital egypt during the year 1977

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A study of patients with bronchiolitis who show almost normalcy in chest x ray films from the viewpoint of radiodiagnostic

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A study of patients with the sick sinus syndrome with long term survival

Shirabe S.; Kawano M.; Soda T.; Shiraishi K., 1984:
A study of patients with vertigo using a tilt apparatus

Takaoka M., 1987:
A study of pear pollinosis

Brillouet J M., 1987:
A study of pectic polysaccharides in musts from various mature grapes grown in the pech rouge gruissan france experimental vineyards

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A study of peptide pool in salicornia herbacea

Nakamura K.; Sugiyama Y.; Takekawa T.; Satohisa E.; Sano T., 1981:
A study of perceptual ability of neo nates contrast preference and contrast threshold

Kipling C., 1984:
A study of perch perca fluviatilis and pike esox lucius in windermere england uk 1941 1982

Totev T.V., 1985:
A study of perennial cereal and leguminous plants sown independently or in double mixtures after plowing degraded meadow pasture areas

Petkov M.; Penkov I., 1987:
A study of performance of silkworm feeding on different starting terms during the spring season

Poi S.C., 1986:
A study of performance of some phosphate solubilizing microorganisms in presence of some energy sources

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A study of perinatal morbidity and morality in maternity hospitals iii. congenital anomalies in live births

Laurenti R.; Buchalla C.M.; Costa M.L.Jr, 1984:
A study of perinatal morbidity and mortality in maternity hospitals

Laurenti, R.; Buchalla, C.M., 1985:
A study of perinatal morbidity and mortality in maternity hospitals 2. perinatal mortality according to birth weight maternal age prenatal care and maternal smoking

Vitrai J.; Czobor P.; Marosfi S.; L'aune G., 1980:
A study of periodicity and structure of electro encephalogram complexes in a case of subacute sclerosing pan encephalitis

Szurszewski, J.H.; Weems, W.A., 1976:
A study of peripheral input to and its control by postganglionic neurons of the inferior mesenteric ganglion

Damyanova G.; Cherkezova M.; Mikhov D., 1986:
A study of peripheral microcirculation in patients with migraine treated by acupuncture

Capblancq, J.; Cassan, M., 1979:
A study of periphyton in a polluted river agout france 1. structure and development of communities on artificial substrata

Capblancq, J.; Cassan, M., 1979:
A study of periphyton in a polluted river agout france 2. metabolism and dynamics of growth on artificial substrata

Galvin Chabriere N.; Cazaubon A., 1983:
A study of periphyton in a polluted section of a var france river the argens spatial evolution of the algal population during a period of intense pollution

Lloyd, J.B., 1971:
A study of permeability of lysosomes to amino acids and small peptides

Van-Huystee, R.B., 1976:
A study of peroxidase ec synthesis by means of double labeling and affinity chromatography

Narasimham J.V.; Chawla H.S., 1984:
A study of peroxidase enzymes in isogenic lines of wheat in relation to leaf rust resistance

Shindler, J.S.; Haworth, K.; Axon, A.; Bardsley, W.G.; Tindall, V.R.; Laing, I., 1977 :
A study of peroxidase levels in human cervical mucus as an index of ovulation

Geetha P.R.; Channabasavanna S.M., 1981:
A study of personality in hysteria

Hoffman J.J.; Veron G.; Lagrave G.; Nadeau G., 1986:
A study of personality in patients with a spinal nerve lesion at the institution nationale des invalides france

Mohan V.; Chopra R., 1985:
A study of personality variation in women before and after menstruation

Bloomer, A.W.; Nash, S.I.; Price, H.A.; Welch, R.L., 1977:
A study of pesticide residues in michigan a general population 1968 1970

Kanai H.; Mikanagi Y., 1987:
A study of petal disposition types in five petaled flowers 3

Fujikura, S., 1985:
A study of peyers patch of the terminal ileum 2. a clinico statistical study

Fujikura, S., 1984:
A study of peyers patch on the terminal ileum 1. a study of the mucosal surface appearance and histological finding in endoscopic cases and autoptic cases

Ravin, V.K.; Polukhina, G.N., 1968:
A study of phage conversion in escherichia coli iii genetic analysis of conversion done by bacterio phage lambda

Arutyunyan S.Zh; Kazhoyan S.V.; Chitchyan M.B.; Chakhmakhchyan A.G.; Oganezova G.G.; Karabekov B.P.; Akhverdyan V.Z.; Krylov V.N., 1987:
A study of phage resistant mutants of brevibacterium flavum

Wang W L.; L.H.; L.J.T., 1984:
A study of pharmacokinetics of cefotaxime in rabbit

Popova T.P.; Lytvynenko V.I.; Pakaln D.A., 1979:
A study of phenol compounds of populations of scutellaria sevanensis and related species

Brackenridge, C.J., 1978:
A study of phenotypic arrays derived from 7 genetic systems in an australian population sample

Priesner, E.; Baltensweiler, W., 1987:
A study of pheromone polymorphism in zeiraphera diniana gn. lepidoptera tortricidae 1. male pheromonal response types in european wild populations 1978 85

Priesner, E.; Baltensweiler, W., 1987:
A study of pheromone polymorphism in zeiraphera diniana gn. lepidoptera tortricidae 2. pheromonal response types in f 1 hybrids between three host races

Lee, C.S.; Lee, Y.N., 1976:
A study of phosphate metabolism of chloroplast isolated from spinach

Ali, M.; Brownstone, Y.S., 1976:
A study of phospho glycerate kinase ec in human erythrocytes part 1 enzyme isolation purification and assay

Ali, M.; Brownstone, Y.S., 1976:
A study of phospho glycerate kinase ec in human erythrocytes part 2 kinetic properties

Ricquier, D.; Hemon, P., 1976:
A study of phospho lipids and tri glycerides in several tissues of the rat during fetal and neo natal development effect of cretinism

Sahu, C.; Bose, A.K., 1976:
A study of phosphorylase in the glycogen body of chick

Tajiri H.; Saito D.; Shiotani H.; Miura K.; Hijikata A.; Yamaguchi H.; Yoshida S.; Yoshimori M.; Oguro Y.; E.A., 1986:
A study of photodynamic therapy and local interstitial hyperthermia using low power neodymium yag laser including experimental studies

Roy, P.K.S.; Muhsi, A.A.A., 1976:
A study of photoperiodic response in flowering of 4 introduced varieties of mustard brassica spp

Levesque M.P.; Mathur S.P.; Richard P.J.H., 1982:
A study of physical and chemical changes in a cultivated organic soil based on palynological synchronization of subsurface layers

Co-Fish-Consultants-Ltd-(Can), 1987:
A study of physical capacity and capital investment in nova scotia's canada fish processing industry

Dua, G.L.; Sen Gupta, J., 1980:
A study of physical work capacity of sea level residents on prolonged stay at high altitude and comparison with high altitude native residents

Bachrata, M.; Bezakova, Z.; Blesova, M., 1984:
A study of physico chemical properties of drug substances with cancerostatic effect part iii. thermal analysis

Bachrata, M.; Bezakova, Z.; Blesova, M., 1985:
A study of physico chemical properties of drug substances with cancerostatic effect part iv. thin layer chromatography

Kuznetsov, A.N.; Livshits, V.A.; Malenkov, G.G.; Tenchov, B.G., 1976:
A study of physicochemical properties of lecithin membranes using hydrophobic and hydrophilic spin probes

Filippova R.I.; Strel'nikova T.R.; Stebletskaya V.I.; Izerskaya V.N., 1984:
A study of physiological characters for predicting heterosis in greenhouse cucumber

Katsumura, R.; Nakamoto, A.; Nakanishi, M.; Ikeda, N.; Miyake, N.; Hiraoka, A., 1986:
A study of physique and physical fitness of field hockey players i. a case of japanese national men's field hockey players

Nakamoto, A.; Nakanishi, M.; Katsumura, R.; Ikeda, N.; Miyake, N.; Hiraoka, A., 1988:
A study of physique and physical fitness of field hockey players ii. a case of japanese national women's field hockey players

Takeshima N.; Suzuki M., 1982:
A study of physique of japanese high school judo and kendo competitors

Mccullough, J.D., 1978:
A study of phyto plankton primary productivity and nutrient concentrations in livingston reservoir texas

Chertov O.G.; Druzina V.D., 1986:
A study of phytocenotic boundaries on the basis of the edaphic gradient in the turkish terebinth pistache from the badkhyz area turkmen ssr ussr

Hernandez Becerril D.U., 1986:
A study of phytoplankton in the puerto de el sauzal baja california mexico

Ulloa M.; Herrera T., 1981:
A study of pichia membranaefaciens and saccharomyces cerevisiae the yeast constituents of the zoogloeae known in mexico as tibicos

Bailey D.K., 1987:
A study of pinus subsection cembroides i the single needle pinyons of the californias and the great basin

Trofimova T.M.; Alekberova Z.S.; Pokryshkin V.I.; Kobladze S.G.; Taletene I.P.; Lyashenko M.M.; Zhivutskii I.I., 1986:
A study of pirprofen rengasil combined with maintenance doses of corticosteroids in rheumatoid arthritis during a double blind multicenter test

Boado R.; Chopra I.J.; Huang T S.; Chin W.W.; Wettstein F.O., 1988:
A study of pituitary thyrotropin its subunits and messenger rnas in nonthyroidal illness

Balansard P.; Baralla A.; Gonzales T.; Frances Y.; Sans P.; Debois R., 1987:
A study of placebo effect by the blood pressure profile method

Pueschel S.M.; Boylan J.M.; Jackson B.T.; Piasecki G.J., 1982:
A study of placental transfer mechanisms in nonhuman primates using carbon 14 labeled phenyl alanine

Luo J P.; Lou Z C., 1987:
A study of plant origin of chinese gentian

Yang P.C.; L.C.C.; H.F.W.; Yin S.A., 1981:
A study of planting whole stalk seed cane its germination growth and sugarcane yield

Moscovici, C.; Chi, D.; Gazzolo, L.; Moscovici, M.G., 1976:
A study of plaque formation with avian RNA tumor viruses

Kim S.Y.; Min H.K., 1984:
A study of plasma and red blood cell magnesium levels in patients with diabetic retinopathy

Nakahashi Y.; Shimamoto K., 1987:
A study of plasma antidiuretic hormone in patients undergoing chronic hemodialysis

Mor, C.; Orefice, S.; Rocco, F.; Ferrara, R.; Biancardi, C.; Accinni, R.; Bartorelli, A., 1977:
A study of plasma carcino embryonic antigen by a direct radio immunoassay method in 1704 cases

Purroy Unanua A.; Gonzalez Buitrago J.M., 1985:
A study of plasma enzymes in fighting bulls killed in spanish bullfights

Miyashita, B., 1978:
A study of plasma kinin kininogen system in hepatic failure

Ollikainen P.; Nyberg K., 1988:
A study of plasmin activity during ripening of swiss type cheese

Nair, P.K.K.; Sharma, D., 1975:
A study of pollen germination of petunia hybrida

Zhang Y L.; Chen Y D., 1984:
A study of pollen morphology of sparganium from china

Trivedi, B.S.; Verma, H., 1975:
A study of pollen production and stainability in cassia tora and arachis hypogaea

Nair, P.K.K.; Singh, B., 1974:
A study of pollination and pollen germination in onion allium cepa

Sistla G.; Samson P.; Keenan M.; Rao S.T., 1979:
A study of pollutant dispersion near highways

Cronin, J.A., 1977:
A study of pollution by some lead emitting industries in the dublin area

Karlesky D.; Shelly D.C.; Warner I.M., 1983:
A study of poly nuclear aromatic hydro carbons on an amino bonded phase liquid chromatographic column in the normal and reversed phase

Zybina, E.V.; Chernogryadskaya, N.A., 1976:
A study of poly ploid nuclei of the giant cells of the tropho blast of some rodent species using phase contrast microscopy

Takenouchi, Y., 1976:
A study of poly ploidy in races of japanese weevils coleoptera curculionidae

Jotova I.; Tsonev P.; Kirchev D.; Nikolova M.; Kamburov G.; Atanasov K., 1985:
A study of polymorphism of cholinesterase and transferrins in blood serum of healthy and of leukosis infected cows of bulgarian brown cattle black and white cattle and their crosses

Darmency H., 1982:
A study of polymorphism of prolamines in a population of avena fatua

Naletova, E.A.; Egorova, T.A.; Nasirillaev, U.P.; Ushakova, G.I., 1978:
A study of polymorphism of some silkworm egg enzymes in different strains of chinese silkworm

Lun Z., 1987:
A study of polymorphism of trypanosoma evansi in mice irradiated with cobalt 60 gamma rays and treated with hydrocortisone acetate

Kuroda Y., 1980:
A study of polymorphonuclear leukocyte chemo taxis in pyelo nephritis and bladder tumor

Sohn D.H.; Lee K.S.; Heo M.Y., 1986:
A study of polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons in atmospheric particulate matters based on the data acquired in heukseok dong seoul south korea

Andreeva I.N.; Bolobova A.V.; Linevich L.I.; Zhiznevskaya G.Ya, 1984:
A study of polysaccharide of the root nodule peribacteroid space of phaseolus vulgaris and lupinus luteus

Cortay J C.; Marchal J.; Cozzone A., 1980:
A study of polysome level in escherichia coli cells treated with sublethal doses of amino glycosides

Pip E., 1986 :
A study of pond colonization by freshwater molluscs

Finet, Y.; Gregoire, J.C., 1982:
A study of poplar populus resistance to phratora vitellinae equals phyllodecta vitellinae coleoptera chrysomelidae 2. field observations

Finet, Y.; Pasteels, J.M.; Deligne, J., 1983:
A study of poplar resistance to phyllodecta vitellinae coleoptera chrysomelidae 3. laboratory experiments

Maze J.; Parker W.H., 1983:
A study of population differentiation and variation in abies procera

Holmes P.R., 1986:
A study of populations changes in adult culex quinquefasciatus diptera culicidae during a mosquito control program in dubai united arab emirates

Wimalajeewa D.L.S.; Flett J.D., 1985:
A study of populations of pseudomonas syringae pathovar syringae on stonefruits in victoria australia

Buschmann, H.; Pawlas, S., 1980:
A study of porcine lymphocyte populations. I. Separation of porcine lymphocyte subpopulations

Buschmann, H.; Pawlas, S., 1980:
A study of porcine lymphocyte populations. II. Characterization of porcine lymphocyte populations

Honeybourne, C.L.; Jackson, J.T.; Simmonds, D.J.; Jones, O.T.G., 1980:
A study of porphyrin analogs 3. syntheses enzyme interactions and self aggregation of new models for i iii and ix porphyrins

Takemori S.; E.A., 1986:
A study of positional vertigo

Tokuyasu, K.T., 1978:
A study of positive staining of ultra thin frozen sections

Kunev K., 1987:
A study of possibilities for selection of hen with extended duration of laying eggs

Morozova T.M.; Budker V.G.; Gutkina N.I.; Moiseeva G.I.; Salganik R.I., 1982:
A study of possibility of directed transport of drugs into cells of estrogen dependent tissues and tumors by estradiol containing liposomes

Kamal'dinova, Z.M.; Shillinger-Yu, I.; Zaitsev, A.N., 1977:
A study of possible mutagenic activity of raw and fried beef irradiated with gamma rays and its influence on the reproductive function of white rats

Bhatt, R.V.; Pachauri, S., 1979:
A study of post abortion vs. interval sterilization

Yamakawa K., 1983:
A study of post operative infections in neuro surgery

Morcamp D.; Manchon N.D.; Bercoff E.; Bouju D.; Lefebvre E.; Senant J.; Bourreille J., 1987:
A study of post prandial changes in blood pressure in the elderly

Hirokawa H.; Yoshida A.; Igarashi H.; Fukui Y.; Murakami K., 1987:
A study of posterior vitreous detachment in ocular sarcoidosis

Aota Y.; Murase T.; Sahashi M.; Takashi M.; Ito H.; Shimoji T.; Miyake K.; Mitsuya H., 1988:
A study of postoperative adjuvant chemotherapy for advanced urinary epithelial cancer

Martinez Vazquez J.M.; Capdevila J.A.; Fernandez D.S.villa T.; Ruibal A.; Ocana I.; Ribera E., 1985 :
A study of postprandial cholylglycine and sulfolithocholylglycine in focal and diffuse liver disease

Vita F.; Tofini G.; Barbarossa C.; Anzalone M., 1985:
A study of postprandial plasma insulin changes after acute detaxtran hydrochloride administration

Hoshino, Y.; Shannon, W.A.J. ; Seligman, A.M., 1977:
A study of potassium osmium cyanide complex application to ultrastructural cytochemistry with di amino benzidine

Ganitkevich V.Ya; Smirnov S.V.; Shuba M.F., 1985:
A study of potential dependent inward calcium current in a single isolated smooth muscle cell

Fleming M.; Cohen D.; Salt P.; Jones D.; Jenkins S., 1981:
A study of pre surgical and post surgical trans sexuals minnesota multiphasic personality inventory characteristics

Chaklin A.V.; Il'nitskii A.P.; Il'enkova M.K.; Vlasenko N.L., 1984:
A study of precancerous lesions of the stomach observed in the kalmyk assr russian sfsr ussr

Sergeeva T.K., 1983:
A study of predation of soil living click beetles larvae by a serological method

Hodgkiss, J.P., 1985:
A study of preganglionic and postganglionic fibers in the intestinal nerve remak's nerve of the chicken

Hassan M.K.; Khalique A., 1987:
A study of prejudice in hindu and muslim college students

Tillack, W.S.; Tyler, C.W.; Paquette, R.; Jones, P.H., 1972:
A study of premarital pregnancy

Mizunoe T., 1987:
A study of prenatal diagnosis by chromosome analysis of chorionic villi in the early stage of pregnancy

Drummond, D.S.; Narechania, R.G.; Rosenthal, A.N.; Breed, A.L.; Lange, T.A.; Drummond, D.K., 1982:
A study of pressure distributions measured during balanced and unbalanced sitting

Ramarao P.; Jagadeesh G.; Das P.K., 1981:
A study of presynaptic alpha adrenoceptors of rabbit intestine

Kim J.C.; Koo B.S., 1986:
A study of prevailing features and causes of myopia and visual impairment in urban school children

David, A.K.; Boldt, J.S., 1980:
A study of preventive health attitudes and behaviors in a family practice setting

Dunner D.L.; Jie S.Q.; Ping Z.Y.; Dunnner P.Z., 1984:
A study of primary affective disorder in china

Hatayama R.; Kawai K.; Matsuzaki H., 1986:
A study of prismatic treatment of congenital nystagmus by the electro oculogram fixation pursuit eye movement and optokinetic nystagmus

Kaytasov G.; Stojanchev T.; Boychev G., 1987:
A study of productivity of broilers reared in battery cages and on deep litter

Mizutani Y., 1981:
A study of products in marginal area and elements penetrating into tooth substance in the case of high copper amalgam filled in cavities in vivo by means of scanning electron microscopy and x ray micro analysis

Kimura K., 1985:
A study of prognostic factors of esophageal cancer by multiple regression analysis

Itoh H., 1985:
A study of progression of atherosclerotic lesion after vascular injury with special reference to hypercholesterolemia

Nath S., 1980:
A study of progression of segmental growth and maturational direction among tribal boys of india

Falsetti L.; Voltolini A.M.; Pollini C.; Pontiroli A.E., 1982:
A study of prolactin fsh and luteinizing hormone in puerperium spontaneous variations and the effect of metergoline

Kuznetsova, T.V.; Uteshev, B.S.; Maksimova, G.F.; Kalinkovich, A.G., 1978:
A study of proliferative kinetics of antibody producing cells under normal conditions and under the effect of vinblastine

Iwabuchi K., 1986:
A study of proliferative responses to host ia antigens in fully allogeneic bone marrow chimeras in mice sequential analysis of the reactivity and characterization of the cells involved in the response

Terpstra, W., 1977:
A study of properties and activity of chlorophyllase ec in photosynthetic membranes

Mozhayeva, G.N.; Naumov, A.P.; Khodorov, B.I., 1986:
A study of properties of batrachotoxin modified sodium channels

Pisareva, L.N.; Glushankova, M.A.; Ivanova, G.I., 1986:
A study of properties of energy supply enzymes of the grass frog during different physiological states i. changes in the activity of succinate dehydrogenase and atpase

Glushankova, M.A.; Ivanova, G.I.; Pisareva, L.N., 1986:
A study of properties of enzymes of the grass frog during different physiological states ii. changes in the heat resistance of succinate dehydrogenase and atpase

Bloxam, D.L.; Curzon, G., 1978:
A study of proposed determinants of brain tryptophan concentration in rats after porta caval anastomosis or sham operation

Eddy-Moeljono, M.P.; Bazer, F.W.; Thatcher, W.W., 1976:
A study of prostaglandin f 2 alpha as the luteo lysin in swine part 1 effect of prostaglandin f 2 alpha in hysterectomized gilts

Moeljono, M.P.; Thatcher, W.W.; Bazer, F.W.; Frank, M.; Owens, L.J.; Wilcox, C.J., 1977:
A study of prostaglandin f 2 alpha as the luteo lysin in swine part 2 characterization and comparison of prostaglandin f estrogens and progestin concentrations in utero ovarian vein plasma of nonpregnant and pregnant gilts

Frank, M.; Bazer, F.W.; Thatcher, W.W.; Wilcox, C.J., 1977:
A study of prostaglandin f 2 alpha as the luteo lysin in swine part 3 effects of estradiol valerate on prostaglandin f progestins estrone and estradiol concentrations in the utero ovarian vein of nonpregnant gilts

Frank, M.; Bazer, F.W.; Thatcher, W.W.; Wilcox, C.J., 1978:
A study of prostaglandin f 2 alpha as the luteo lysin in swine part 4 an explanation for the luteotropic effect of estradiol

Matsuo R.; Kakimoto S.; Kondo A.; Torii H.; Kitamura T.; Kishikawa M., 1987:
A study of prostatic smear cytology

Izumi, H.; Ikeda, S.; Ishibashi, A.; Koshiba, K., 1987:
A study of prostatic tissue levels of cefbuperazone

Yoshida, H.; Hoshino, M.; Haraguchi, C.; Ogawa, Y.; Kawai, N.; Sakurai, H.; Ishihara, Y.; Higaki, Y.; Imamura, K., 1985:
A study of prostatic tissue levels of cefoperazone

Tominaga T.; Kaneko H.; Kishi H.; Kawabe K.; Isurugi K.; Niijima T.; Ishii Y.; Kawamura T.; Hoshino Y.; E.A., 1985 :
A study of prostatic tissue levels of ceftizoxime

Takeuchi, N.; Kinukawa, T.; Matsuura, O.; Hattori, R.; Hasegawa, S.; Ohshima, S.; Ono, Y., 1986:
A study of prostatic tissue levels of latamoxef, cefoperazone and cefotaxime

Lou F.; Zhu S.; Chen D.; E.A., 1987:
A study of protective factors of coronary heart disease chd and hypertension among the fishermen in zhoushan islands china

Bind, J.L.; Chiron, J.P.; Denis, F., 1978:
A study of protein a in 1200 strains of staphylococcus detection by passive hem agglutination with glutaraldehyde treated erythrocytes

Przytulski T., 1980:
A study of protein and enzyme polymorphism in blood of black and white cattle

Markova, M.; Popova, D.; Ancheva, M., 1976:
A study of protein and enzyme systems in parental forms and hybrids of pepper capsicum annuum

Ivanov V.N., 1982:
A study of protein antigens during differentiation of the maize root cells

Kullyev, P.; Agalykov, N.; Zbarskii, I.B., 1977:
A study of protein biosynthesis in the silk gland of the chinese silkworm bombyx mori

Dimitrov D.; Ilcheva I., 1985:
A study of protein content and amino acid composition of triticale

Ilcheva I., 1987:
A study of protein content in the grain of regionally distributed winter bread wheat at different agroecological conditions

Petrov, V.N., 1975:
A study of protein fractions of the skin and serum of rats following a thermal burn

Volchek, A.G., 1976:
A study of protein hormone interaction on the basis of mass action law by the solid phase adsorption method

Bennett W.F.; Belville J.S.; Lynch G., 1979:
A study of protein phosphorylation in shape change and calcium dependent serotonin release by blood platelets

Easty D.J.; Patel K.; Dover R.; Dunn M.J.; Evans D.J., 1987:
A study of protein synthesis in subpopulations of cultured human epidermal keratinocytes using two dimensional gel electrophoresis

Rigbi, M.; Katcoff, D.J., 1977:
A study of proteinase inhibition by simulation of inhibitor reactive site regions interaction of the carboxyl terminal undeca peptide of ovine prolactin with some proteinases

Ermolaev S.V.; Korzh V.P.; Neifakh A.A., 1984:
A study of proteins synthesized in loach embryogenesis by 2 dimensional electrophoresis

Trieu Cuot P.; Gripon J C., 1982:
A study of proteolysis during camembert cheese ripening using iso electric focusing and 2 dimensional electrophoresis

Kuo M C.; Drakenberg T.; Gibbons W.A., 1980:
A study of proton relaxation mechanisms stereochemistry and dynamics of the deca peptide tyrocidine a

Mustacich, R.V.; Ware, B.R., 1976:
A study of protoplasmic streaming in nitella flexilis by laser doppler spectroscopy

Mustacich, R.V.; Ware, B.R., 1977 :
A study of protoplasmic streaming in physarum polycephalum by laser doppler spectroscopy

Kean, K.T.; Kutty, K.M.; Huang, S.N.; Jain, R., 1986:
A study of pseudocholinesterase induction in experimental obesity

Mantanus H.; Sulon J.; Von Frenckell R.; Sepul A.; Legros J.J., 1981:
A study of psychological and endocrine variables on 14 patients treated by chronic hemo dialysis

Okamoto, T.; Meguro, T., 1976:
A study of pulmonary function of chronic bronchitis in the air polluted area and the non air polluted area

Kulpati, D.D.; Mayall, I.D.; Hira, H.S., 1986:
A study of pulmonary functions and serum theophylline levels in bronchial asthma

Stocker, J.T.; Malczak, H.T., 1984:
A study of pulmonary ligament arteries. Relationship to intralobar pulmonary sequestration

Kinefuchi S., 1985:
A study of pulmonary pathophysiology under the control of artificial ventilation after surgery for esophageal carcinoma with special emphasis on ventilatory dynamics

Srivastava U.S.; Prasad S.S., 1982:
A study of pupal adult intermediates produced with juvenoid treatment of spodoptera litura pupae

Yoshida I.; Nakamura Y., 1986:
A study of purification of domestic wastewater by trench method

Shibuya, T.; Kurita, A.; Aosaki, N.; Mizuno, K.; Kondo, S.; Satomura, K.; Arakawa, K.; Sugahara, H.; Hosono, K., 1982:
A study of qrs loop with the frank system of vector cardiography 1. left ventricular hypertrophy

Wendt, P.P.; Johnson, R.P., 1985:
A study of quadriceps excursion, torque, and the effect of patellectomy on cadaver knees

Tsil'ke, R.A., 1977:
A study of quantitative character inheritance in soft spring wheat top crosses part 4 the number of spikelets per spike

Mata Moreno C.; Aparicio Ruiz F., 1985:
A study of quantitative characteristics of bovine carcasses of andalusian and charolais andalusian cross cattle

Hatsukawa Y.; Hamada Y.; Akena K.; Emi K.; Haruta Y.; Mano T.; Yonemoto H.; Hohki T.; Otori T., 1981:
A study of quantitative guidelines for strabismus surgery

Berdnikov, V.A.; Gorel, F.L., 1975:
A study of quantitative ratios between histone fractions

Hiller, R.I., 1970:
A study of quinacrine di hydro chloride in the human breast in vitro and in vivo

Wang E.; E.A., 1986:
A study of rabbit as a serological experimental animal infected with paragonimus westermani

Young, H.C.J. ; Prescott, J.M., 1977:
A study of race populations of puccinia recondita f sp tritici

Shapiro, S.; Adelson, L.; Oseasohn, R., 1977:
A study of racial difference seasonal variation and temporal variation in hip fracture related mortality cuyahoga county ohio usa 1958 1962 1968 1972

Yan H H.; Lin L M.; Huang Y L.; Lian S L.; Hsu P C.; Weng P S., 1987:
A study of radiation dose in dental radiography measured on human body and phantom

Tanaka J., 1987:
A study of radiation effect on capillaries of rat skin application of scanning electron microscopy with corrosion casting technique

Zherbin, E.A.; Kolesnikova, A.I.; Konoplyannikov, A.G.; Khoptynskaya, S.K.; Zhukovskii, I.Y. ; Ermakov, V.I., 1978:
A study of radiation injury to human hemopoietic cells using bone marrow organ cultures in vitro

Leach V.A.; Lokan K.H.; Martin L.J., 1980:
A study of radiation parameters at nabarlek uranium mine northern territory australia

Faktor, V.M., 1978:
A study of radioactivity of an acid soluble liver fraction after tritiated thymidine injection for clarifying the causes of late labeling of dna

Varanda E.A.; Takahashi C.S.; Soares A.E.E., 1985:
A study of radioresistance in melittobia hawaiiensis hymenoptera eulophidae

Mason G.C.; Elliott G.; Gan T.H., 1982:
A study of radon emanation from waste rock at northern territory australia uranium mines

Sakai, W.S.; Shiroma, S.S.; Nagao, M.A., 1984:
A study of raphide microstructure in relation to irritation

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