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A study of the solubility diagrams as a base for the preparation of controlled released fertilizers with ammonium nitrate ii. systems ammonium nitrate diammonium magnesium bissulfatehexahydrate water and ammonium nitrate magnesium sulfate heptahydrate water

Jimenez-Gomez, S.; Cartagena-Causape, M.C.; Mateo-Lopez, J.M.; Garcia-Martitegui, J.

Anales de Edafologia y Agrobiologia 43(11-12): 1633-1650


Accession: 004634723

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The combination of NH4NO3 and (NH4)2Mg(SO4)2.cntdot.6H2O or MgSO4.cntdot.7H2O brings about a solubility decrease of ammonium salt which allows its use as base for controlled action fertilizer. The solubility diagrams of ternary systems NH4NO3/Mg(SO4)2.cntdot.6H2O/H2O and NH4NO3/MgSO4.cntdot.7H2O/H2O, are used in order to choose the best salt mixture. The solubility of the NH4NO3 decrease caused by the presence of magnesium salts is evaluated. The number of crystallization water molecules of MgSO4.cntdot.7H2O varies in terms of the percentage of NH4NO3 used in the solid mixture.

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