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A study on cropping patterns of forage crop field for dairy farming case study on chonam province korea

Cho K H.; Chun W B.; Cho S G.

Korean Journal of Animal Science 29(1): 49-56


Accession: 004635270

This study was carried out to determine the best condition of roughage supply for the efficient management of farm land for forage production. To investigate the present situation of feed production in forage crop field, 31 farms were surveyed in Chonnam province during summer season of 1985. The results obtained were as follows: 1. Production of forage crops in upland was more profitable than that of other crops such as red pepper, garlic, Irish potato, barley and soybeans. 2. The optimum combination of feed for a milk cow was determined as 2,000 kg of concentrate and 4,435 kg of hay when a cow produced 5,000 kg of milk a year. 3. Minimum land requirement for self-sufficiency of roughage to feed a cow was 0.17 ha of forage crop field without feeding any rice straw, and 0.14 ha of forage crop field with feeding 1,000 kg of rice straw a year. 4. Reasonable cropping pattern of forage with Italian ryegrass, sorghum-sudangrass hybrid, corn, rye, radish and rape were suggested for typical dairy farming to attain efficient use of land and self-supply of feed.

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