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A study on somatic association and its relevance to meiotic pairing using ha ploids of barley hordeum vulgare n equals x equals 7

Bhambhani, R.N.; Kuspira, J.; Kenny, J.; Sadasivaiah, R.S.

Canadian Journal of Genetics and Cytology 26(3): 302-307


Accession: 004635737

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The spatial distributions of 3 readily identifiable chromosomes in somatic cells of monoploid barley (H. vulgare, n = x = 7), as determined by the measurements of distances between them, were compared with the theoretical random distribution. None of the 3 distributions were significantly different from the theoretical. Thus, the 3 nonhomologous chromosomes in barley do not exihibit the propensity for somatic association. The implications of these results to nonhomologous pairing observed during meiotic prophase of barley monoploids are also discussed.

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