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A survey of the ruderal plant communities of western slovakia czechoslovakia 1

Elias, P.

Feddes Repertorium 95(4): 251-276


ISSN/ISBN: 0014-8962
Accession: 004638057

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Short characteristics of the plant nitrophilous communities occurring in Western Slovakia, Czechoslovakia, are presented in the form of the syntaxonomical survey. The survey contains .apprx. 130 ruderal associations belonging to the classes: Bidentetea tripartiti Tx., Lohmeyer et Preising, Sisymbrietea officinalis Gutte et Hilbig 1975 em., Polygono-Chenopodietea (Lohmeyer, J. et R. Tx. 1961) Elias 1983, Meliloto-Artemisietea absinthii Elias 1980, Artemisietea vulgaris Lohmeyer, Preising et Tx. em. Elias 1981, Agropyretea repentis Oberdorfer, Th. Muller et Gors in Oberd. et al. 1967, Polygono-Poetea annuae Rivas-Martinez 1975 and Molinio-Arrhenatheretea Tx. 1937 em. 1970. Ruderal communities were typified by prevailing life-forms, seasonal dynamics and synphenology, as well as by their position within the successional series. Classification of the anthropogenic habitats of the ruderal communities in the region is also presented. A complete bibliography of the phytocenological literature of Slovak ruderal vegetation is provided.

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