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A synopsis of the bee genus palaeorhiza hymenoptera colletidae of new guinea 5. subgenus cnemidorhiza new subgenus

Hirashima, Y.

Esakia 17: 1-48


Accession: 004638435

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A new subgenus CNEMIDORHIZA is described. It includes 18 spp. which are divided into 9 species groups. Eleven new species, P. variabilis, P. simulans, P. amoena, P. delicata, P. parvula, P. pembertoni, P. kraussi, P. cyanea, P. speciosa, P. nasalis and P. convexa, are described. Cnemidorhiza is characterized in having the caudal fimbria and the pygidial plate on the female 6th tergum in addition to the coarsely sculptured hind tibiae. Soil-nesting habits of P. gratiosa Cheesman are discussed, emphasizing the morphological adaptation which is characteristic to the new subgenus.

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