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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 4650

Chapter 4650 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Mitsuyu, M.; Yoshimura, N.; Shirakawa, H., 1980:
Absolute sensitivity in retinitis pigmentosa

Savage, M.J.; Goldberg, D.J.; Schacher, S., 1987:
Absolute specificity for retrograde fast axonal transport displayed by lipid droplets originating in the axon of an identified Aplysia neuron in vitro

Kramer, L., 1982:
Absolute stability and transitions in ecosystems with a multiplicity of stable states and dispersal

Nunney, L., 1985:
Absolute stability in predator prey models

Ichikawa, A., 1983:
Absolute stability of a stochastic evolution equation

Morii, H.; Koga, Y., 1986:
Absolute stereochemical configuration of a diphytanyl ether analog of phosphatidylserine of methanobrevibacter arboriphilus

Chari, R.V.J.; Whitman, C.P.; Kozarich, J.W.; Ngai K L.; Ornston, L.N., 1987:
Absolute stereochemical course of the 3 carboxymuconate cycloisomerases from pseudomonas putida and acinetobacter calcoaceticus analysis and implications

Moore, R.E.; Blackman, A.J.; Cheuk, C.E.; Mynderse, J.S.; Matsumoto, G.K.; Clardy, J.; Woodard, R.W.; Craig, J.C., 1984:
Absolute stereochemistries of the aplysia toxins and oscilla toxin a

Sarma, J.C.; Sharma, R.P., 1988:
Absolute stereochemistry of cyclotagitinin c

Harada, N.; Kohori, J.; Uda, H.; Nakanishi, K.; Takeda, R., 1985:
Absolute stereochemistry of dextro 1 8a dihydro 3 8 dimethylazulene a labile biosynthetic intermediate for 1 4 dimethylazulene determination by theoretical calculation of circular dichroism spectra and verification by synthesis of model compounds

Imuta, M.; Kasai, M.; Ziffer, H., 1985:
Absolute stereochemistry of dextro trans 1 2 dihydroxyacenaphthene a mammalian metabolite of acenaphthylene

Cimino, G.; D.R.sa S.; D.S.efano S.; Puliti, R.; Strazzullo, G.; Mattia, C.A.; Mazzarella, L., 1987:
Absolute stereochemistry of disidein and of two new related halogenated sesterterpenoids two dimensional nmr studies and x ray crystal structure

Chilton, W.S.; Hood, E.; Chilton M D., 1985:
Absolute stereochemistry of leucinopine a crown gall opine

Sarma, J.C.; Sharma, R.P.; D.J.ng R.; Stam, C.H., 1987:
Absolute stereochemistry of tagitinin a

Shukla, V.S.; Barua, N.C.; Chowdhury, P.K.; Sharma, R.P.; Bordoloi, M.; Rychlewska, U., 1986:
Absolute stereochemistry of the cadinenes from eupatorium trapezoideum

Akhtar, M.N.; Boyd, D.R.; Thompson, N.J.; Koreeda, M.; Gibson, D.T.; Mahadevan, V.; Jerina, D.M., 1975:
Absolute stereochemistry of the di hydro anthracene cis 1 2 diols and di hydro anthracene trans 1 2 diols produced from anthracene by mammals and bacteria

Bradshaw, A.P.W.; Hanson, J.R.; Kirk, D.N.; Scopes, P.M., 1981:
Absolute stereochemistry of the sesqui terpenoid alliacolide

Harada, N.; Uda, H.; Nozoe, T.; Okamoto, Y.; Wakabayashi, H.; Ishikawa, S., 1987:
Absolute stereostructure of novel chiral troponoid spiro compounds as determined by theoretical calculation of cd spectra

Yoshikawa, M.; Fukuda, Y.; Taniyama, T.; Kitagawa, I., 1986:
Absolute stereostructures of rehmaglutin c and glutinoside a new iridoid lactone and a new chlorinated iridoid glucoside from chinese rhemanniae radix

Kitagawa, I.; Fukuda, Y.; Taniyama, T.; Yoshikawa, M., 1986:
Absolute stereostructures of rehmaglutins a b and d three new iridoids isolated from chinese rehmanniae radix

Matsuo, N.; Yano, T.; Ohno, N., 1985:
Absolute structure and activity relationships of cinnamyl alcohol derivatives of pyrethroid insecticides

Uesato, S.; Shan, X.; Inouye, H.; Shingu, T.; Inoue, M.; Doi, M., 1987:
Absolute structure of gibboside an iridoid glucoside from patrinia gibbosa

Xie, S.; Uesato, S.; Inouye, H.; Fujita, T.; Murai, F.; Tagawa, M.; Shingu, T., 1988:
Absolute structure of the nepetaside a new iridoid glucoside from nepeta cataria

Kosmidis, C.; Bolovinos, A.; Tsekeris, P., 1986:
Absolute vacuum uv absorption spectra of picolines

Svendsen, K.H.; Thomson, G.; Wismer Pedersen, J., 1983:
Absolute values of length tension relations from collagen fibers of different ages and at different ph values

Curtin, N.A.; Howarth, J.V.; Rall, J.A.; Wilson, M.G.A.; Woledge, R.C., 1986:
Absolute values of myothermic measurements on single muscle fibers from frog

Hand, P.H.; Vilasi, V.; Caruso, A.; Schlom, J., 1987:
Absolute values of ras p21 defined by direct binding liquid competition radioimmunoassays

Powers, M.K.; Easter, S.S.Jr, 1978:
Absolute visual sensitivity of the goldfish

Mueller Glauser, W., 1981:
Absolute volume of differentiating cells in the epithelium of the human hard palate

Thomas, R.K.; Crosby, T.N., 1977:
Absolute vs relative class conceptual behavior in squirrel monkeys saimiri sciureus

Sakuragawa, N.; Kondo, K.; Niwa, M.; Satoh, S.; Takahashi, K.; Kondo S I., 1986:
Absorbability of factor viii or ix concentrates preparation using beagles

Kollias, G.; Goulandris, N.; Kastriotis, J.; Paraschou, E.; Dimopoulos, C., 1984:
Absorbability of mucosa in total replacement or urinary bladder with jejunum an experimental study

Tentsova, A.I.; Per'kova N.N.; Ezerskii, M.L., 1984:
Absorbability of sulfadimesine from peroral suspensions

Weigand, E.; Kirchgessner, M., 1979:
Absorbability of zinc from different compounds

Hellstrom, S.; Salen, B.; Stenfors L E., 1983:
Absorbable gelatin sponge gelfoam in oto surgery 1 cause of undesirable post operative results an experimental study in the rat

Gjuric, M., 1987:
Absorbable gelatin sponge marbagelan in otosurgery an experimental study in the guinea pig

Schaefer, C.J.; Colombani, P.M.; Geelhoed, G.W., 1982:
Absorbable ligating clips

Scheidel, P.H.; Wallwiener, D.R.; Holländer, D.; Hepp, H.K., 1986:
Absorbable or nonabsorbable suture material for microsurgical tubal anastomosis. Randomized experimental study on rabbits

Fianu, S.; Söderberg, G., 1983:
Absorbable polyglactin mesh for retropubic sling operations in female urinary stress incontinence

Green, C.J.; Precious, S., 1978:
Absorbable tubing for use in micro surgery

Azuma, K.; Azuma, M., 1985:
Absorbance and circular dichroism spectra of 7 cis photoproduct formed by irradiating frog rana catesbeiana rhodopsin

Thorne, S.W.; Duniec, J.T.; Lee, J.A., 1983:
Absorbance and fluorescence changes in relation to light scattering changes in chloroplast thylakoid membranes

Hansen, F.B.; Noble, R.W.; Ettinger, M.J., 1984:
Absorbance and fluorescence stopped flow kinetics rhus laccase and the catalytic reaction sequence

Itoh, S., 1984:
Absorbance changes of carotenoids and bacteriochlorophylls responding to the change of local electrical field induced by hydrophobic anion tetraphenylborate in membranes of photosynthetic bacteria

Dekker, J.P.; Van Gorkom, H.J.; Wensink, J.; Ouwehand, L., 1984:
Absorbance difference spectra of the successive redox states of the oxygen evolving apparatus of photosynthesis

Schatz, G.H.; Van Gorkom, H.J., 1985 :
Absorbance difference spectra upon charge transfer to secondary donors and acceptors in photosystem ii

Eisenwiener, H.G.; Keller, M., 1979:
Absorbance measurement in cuvettes lying longitudinal to the light beam

Levinson, S.S.; Goldman, J., 1983:
Absorbance nephelometry of immune complexes by reaction with anti immuno globulin g after treatment with poly ethylene glycol

Tsai, M.Y.; Josephson, M.W.; Knox, G.E., 1983:
Absorbance of amniotic fluid at 650 nanometer as a fetal lung maturity test a comparison with the lecithin sphingomyelin ratio and tests for di saturated phosphatidyl choline and phosphatidyl glycerol

Skubic, S.E.; Fatouros, P.P., 1986:
Absorbed breast dose: dependence on radiographic modality and technique, and breast thickness

Takeuchi, K.; Tanaka S I., 1986:
Absorbed dose and dose equivalent buildup factors of gamma rays including bremsstrahlung and annihilation radiation for water concrete iron and lead

Kubo, H.; Brown, D.E., 1986:
Absorbed dose calorimetry: bridge nulling and voltage analysis techniques

Kubo, H.; Cheng, P., 1988:
Absorbed dose comparison among commercial ionization chambers in polystyrene and acrylic phantoms

Feller, P.A.; Sodd, V.J.; Nishiyama, H., 1979:
Absorbed dose comparison positron emitters carbon 11 nitrogen 13 and oxygen 15 vs gamma ray emitters

Waterman, F.M.; Strubler, K.A., 1983:
Absorbed dose determination for interstitial iodine 125 boost therapy

Rao, I.S.S.; Naik, S.B., 1984:
Absorbed dose determination of orthovoltage x rays using photon energy fluence calorimeter/

Kubo, H., 1983:
Absorbed dose determination with a water calorimeter in comparison with an ionization chamber

Hiraoka, T., 1982:
Absorbed dose determinations and spatial dose distributions for high energy proton beams

Tronc, D.; Levaillant, M., 1978:
Absorbed dose distributions for electron beams from the sagittaire. Systematic measurements and their representation for introduction into a computer

Carlsson, G.A., 1981:
Absorbed dose equations the derivation of a general absorbed dose equation and equations valid for different kinds of radiation equilibrium

Shiragai, A.; Sato, F.; Kawashima, N.; Kobayashi, S.; Otsu, H.; Seki, M.; Maruyama, T., 1980:
Absorbed dose estimates in a prolonged cesium 137 gamma irradiation facility for mice

Henrichs, K.; Kaul, A., 1980:
Absorbed dose for children and juveniles in nuclear medical diagnostics

Nilsson, B.; Brahme, A., 1979:
Absorbed dose from secondary electrons in high energy photon beams

Zharinov, G.M., 1984:
Absorbed dose in a tumor and the efficacy of radiation therapy in cervical cancer

Callisen, H.H.; Norman, A.; Adams, F.H., 1979:
Absorbed dose in the presence of contrast agents during pediatric cardiac catheterization

Plato, P., 1979:
Absorbed dose rate produced by natural uranium as a function of depth in tissue

Solomon, S.B.; Morris, N.D., 1980:
Absorbed dose to active red bone marrow from diagnostic and therapeutic uses of radiation

Hedrick, W.R.; DiSimone, R.N.; Wolf, B.H.; Langer, A., 1988:
Absorbed dose to the fetus during bone scintigraphy

Domen, S.R., 1980:
Absorbed dose water calorimeter

Bankvall, G.; Ekelund, L.; Gustafsson, M.; Svahn, G., 1982:
Absorbed doses at computed tomography of the kidneys and at urography

Beau, P.G.; Gongora, G.; Roy, M., 1981:
Absorbed doses during radio isotopic lung investigations by radioactive aerosols

Widman, J.C.; Powsner, E.R.; Plato, P.A., 1980:
Absorbed fractions for photons of iodine 125 and iodine 129 in the thyroid

Antolini, R.; Cerri, G.; Cristoforetti, L.; De Leo, R., 1986:
Absorbed power distributions from single or multiple waveguide applicators during microwave hyperthermia

Nilsson, P.; Larsson, T.; Persson, B., 1985:
Absorbed power distributions from two tilted waveguide applicators

Colombetti, L.G.; Johnston, A.S., 1976:
Absorbed radiation dose by the thyroid from radio iodine impurities found in iodine 123

Hammerstein, G.R.; Miller, D.W.; White, D.R.; Masterson, M.E.; Woodard, H.Q.; Laughlin, J.S., 1979:
Absorbed radiation dose in mammography

Stuart, V., 1982:
Absorbed ration respiratory costs and resultant scope for growth in the mussel aulacomya ater fed on a diet of kelp detritus of different ages

Di Giulio, M.; Caldararo, F., 1987:
Absorbent Markov chains as a model for the study of the evolution of proteins

Frankart, W.A.; Pontis, H.G., 1976:
Absorbent reservoir chromatography an economical device for rapid determination of sugar kinase activity

Fanta, G.F.; Burr, R.C.; Doane, W.M., 1987:
Absorbents from saponified starch g poly acrylonitrile co 2 acrylamido 2 methyl propanesulfonic acid some practical considerations

Bekhera, P.K.; Kondrat'ev M.N.; Krastina, E.E., 1985:
Absorbing activity of the root system of sunflower helianthus annuus plants during photoperiods of varying length

Pridgeon, A.M., 1981:
Absorbing trichomes in the pleurothallidinae orchidaceae

Bajaj, K.L.; Kaur, P.P.; Sharma, O.N., 1988:
Absorptiometric determination of alpha tomatidine in tomato fruits

Garcia Vargas, M.; Rodriguez, J.M.B.; Novas, S.A.; Coy Yll, R., 1982:
Absorptiometric determination of micro amounts and sub micro amounts of iron using an extractive method with pyridine 2 acetaldehyde salicyloyl hydrazone

Rainbow, P.S.; Walker, G., 1978 :
Absorption along the alimentary tract of barnacles cirripedia thoracica

Miyai, T., 1980:
Absorption and accumulation of chromium in animals after chromium compound inhalation 1. accumulation in rats by long term inhalation

Miyai, T.; Fuji, N.; Suzuki, Y., 1980:
Absorption and accumulation of chromium in animals after chromium compound inhalation 2. comparison of various chromium compounds

Kurkdjian, A., 1982:
Absorption and accumulation of nicotine by acer pseudoplatanus and nicotiana tabacum cells

Vermaak, J.F.; Swanepoel, J.H.; Schoonbee, H.J., 1976:
Absorption and accumulation of phosphorus 32 by oedogonium sp and some aquatic macrophytes

Shapiro, D.J.; Blumenkrantz, M.J.; Levin, S.R.; Coburn, J.W., 1979:
Absorption and action of insulin added to peritoneal dialysate in dogs

Kumana, C.R.; Rambihar, V.S.; Willis, K.; Gupta, R.N.; Tanser, P.H.; Cairns, J.A.; Wildeman, R.A.; Johnston, M.; Johnson, A.L.; Gent, M., 1982:
Absorption and anti dys rhythmic activity of oral disopyramide phosphate after acute myo cardial infarction

Yanchar, R.J.; Johnson, H.J., 1981:
Absorption and attitude towards hypnosis: a moderator analysis

Schnegg, A.; Kirchgessner, M., 1976:
Absorption and availability of iron in the presence of nickel deficiency

Ogiso, T.; Iwaki, M.; Tamaki, E., 1984:
Absorption and bioavailability of calcium and magnesium salts of indomethacin from rectal suppositories

Chrubasik, J.; Wust, H.; Friedrich, G.; Geller, E., 1988:
Absorption and bioavailability of nebulized morphine

Peetoom, J.J.; Wilekens, F.L.A.; Meinders, A.E., 1986:
Absorption and biological effect of intraperitoneal insulin administration in patients with terminal renal failure treated by continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis

Gulen, D.; Knox, R.S., 1984:
Absorption and circular dichroism of the chlorophyll protein cp ii extensions of a trimeric exciton model

Acker, S.; Brown, J.S.; Duranton, J., 1986:
Absorption and circular dichroism spectra of chlorophyll and beta carotene in photosystem 1

Canaani, O.D.; Sauer, K., 1978:
Absorption and circular dichroism spectra of chloroplast membrane fragments from spinach barley and a barley mutant at room temperature and liquid nitrogen temperature

Maeda, H.; Oka, K.; Ikeda, S., 1985:
Absorption and circular dichroism spectra of copper ii chloride complexed with poly s carboxymethyl l cysteine and poly s carboxyethyl l cysteine

Schoot-Uiterkamp, A.J.M.; Evans, L.H.; Jolley, R.L.; Mason, H.S., 1976:
Absorption and circular dichroism spectra of different forms of mushroom tyrosinase

Seely, G.R.; Hart, R.L., 1979:
Absorption and circular dichroism spectra of methylene blue bound to alginate

Kranz, R.G.; Lynch, D.L.; Darveau, R.P.; Russell, M., 1977:
Absorption and concentration of irgasan by 2 resistant microorganisms

Hama, H.; Iwata, T.; Tomizawa, C., 1979:
Absorption and degradation of propoxur in susceptible and resistant green rice leafhoppers nephotettix cincticeps homoptera cicadellidae

Star, E.G., 1980:
Absorption and desorption of ethylene oxide in anesthesia supplies

Arancibia, A.; Guttmann, J.; González, G.; González, C., 1980:
Absorption and disposition kinetics of amoxicillin in normal human subjects

Richards, R.; Dickson, C.R.; Renwick, A.G.; Lewis, R.A.; Holgate, S.T., 1987:
Absorption and disposition kinetics of cromolyn sodium and the influence of inhalation technique

Furlanut, M.; Montanari, G.; Perosa, A.; Velussi, C.; Forgione, A.; Palatini, P., 1985:
Absorption and disposition kinetics of flunoxaprofen and benoxaprofen in healthy volunteers

Arancibia, A.; Corvalan, F.; Mella, F.; Concha, L., 1986:
Absorption and disposition kinetics of lithium carbonate following administration of conventional and controlled release formulations

Abumrad, N.N.; Cherrington, A.D.; Williams, P.E.; Lacy, W.W.; Rabin, D., 1982:
Absorption and disposition of a glucose load in the conscious dog

Gupta, S.K.; Waters, D.H.; Gwilt, P.R., 1986:
Absorption and disposition of aluminum in the rat

Triggs, E.J.; Johnson, J.M.; Learoyd, B., 1980:
Absorption and disposition of ampicillin in the elderly

Debethizy, J.D.; Longacre, S.L.; Steigerwalt, R.B.; Deckert, F.W.; Moss, J.N.; Hayes, A.W.; Smith, J.M.; Scribner, H.E., 1986:
Absorption and disposition of carbon 14 labeled kathon biocide a mixture of 5 chloro 2 methyl 4 isothiazolin 3 one and 2 methyl 4 isothiazolin 3 one following intravenous or dermal administration to male sprague dawley rats

Shader, R.I.; Greenblatt, D.J.; Harmatz, J.S.; Franke, K.; Koch-Weser, J., 1977:
Absorption and disposition of chlordiazepoxide in young and elderly male volunteers

Chen, M.M.; Lee, C.S.; Perrin, J.H., 1984:
Absorption and disposition of ethambutol in rabbits

Benziger, D.; Dorrbecker, S.; Goehl, T.; Edelson, J., 1978:
Absorption and disposition of oxarbazole in man and laboratory animals

Ali, A.A.; Gorashi, A.S., 1984:
Absorption and dissolution of nitrofurantoin from different experimental formulations

Crick, D.C.; Carroll, K.K., 1987:
Absorption and distribution of 1 carbon 14 dolichol intubated into rats

Nair, B.M.; Oste, R.; Asp, N.G.; Pernemalm P A., 1981:
Absorption and distribution of a carbon 14 labeled glucose lysine reaction mixture in the rat

Mueller, L.; Abel, J.; Ohnesorge, F.K., 1986:
Absorption and distribution of cadmium copper and zinc following oral subchronic low level administration to rats of different binding forms of cadmium cadmium acetate cadmium metallothionein cadmium glutathione

Sullivan, M.F.; Hardy, J.T.; Miller, B.M.; Buschbom, R.L.; Siewicki, T.C., 1984:
Absorption and distribution of cadmium in mice fed diets containing either inorganic or oyster crassostrea virginica incorporated cadmium

Reddy, M.R.; Reddy, G.B.; Dunn, S.J., 1984:
Absorption and distribution of calcium magnesium and potassium by soybean glycine max cultivars grown on sludge amended soil

Parent, R.A.; Dressler, I., 1979:
Absorption and distribution of ci solvent red 24 in rats intra tracheal administration of carbon 14 labeled dye

Watanabe, J.; Hirate, J.; Iwamoto, K.; Ozeki, S., 1981:
Absorption and distribution of creatinine and urea in hereditary muscular dystrophic mice

Wang K Q.; Y.G.; Gao W Z.; L.W., 1987:
Absorption and distribution of hematoporphyrin derivative in mice bearing tumor

Shindy, W.W.; Asmundson, C.M.; Smith, O.E.; Kumamoto, J., 1973:
Absorption and distribution of high specific radioactivity carbon 14 abscisic acid in cotton seedlings

Ahdaya, S.M.; Monroe, R.J.; Guthrie, F.E., 1981:
Absorption and distribution of intubated insecticides in fasted mice

W.D.L.; Zhang L M.; Sun, J.; Chen, Q.; W.N.H.; Gao Z F.; Mao Q W., 1986:
Absorption and distribution of iodine 125 modified snake neurotoxin in rats

Yaron, A.; Benzioni, A.; More, I., 1980:
Absorption and distribution of jojoba wax injected sub cutaneously into mice

Sakai, A.; Serizawa, K.; Watanabe, M.; Endo, S.; Suzuki, T.; Morishita, M., 1987:
Absorption and distribution of rokitamycin in beagle dogs

Zutshi, U.; Rao, P.G.; Soni, A.; Gupta, O.P.; Atal, C.K., 1980:
Absorption and distribution of vasicine a novel uterotonic

Schwark, W.S.; Ducharme, N.G.; Shin, S.J.; Beilman, W.T.; Elwell, J.T., 1983:
Absorption and distribution patterns of oral phenoxymethyl penicillin (penicillin V) in the horse

Chuang L M.; Tai T Y., 1988:
Absorption and effectiveness of mixtures of short and intermediate acting insulins

Orwick, P.L.; Schreiber, M.M.; Hodges, T.K., 1976:
Absorption and efflux of chloro s triazines by setaria spp roots

Magliozzi, J.R., 1986:
Absorption and elimination kinetics of perphenazine in normal males

Tomlinson, R.V.; Spires, H.R.; Bowen, J.L., 1985:
Absorption and elimination of a prostaglandin F analog, fenprostalene, in lactating dairy cows

Chanal, J.L.; Cousse, H.; Sicart, M.T.; Bonnaud, B.; Marignan, R., 1981:
Absorption and elimination of carbon 14 labeled hesperidin methyl chalcone in the rat

Allgén, L.G.; Norlén, H.; Kolmert, T.; Berg, K., 1987:
Absorption and elimination of mannitol solution when used as an isotonic irrigating agent in connection with transurethral resection of the prostate

Bolme, P.; Gebre, A.T.; Hadgu, P.; Meeuwisse, G.; Stintzing, G., 1980:
Absorption and elimination of penicillin in children with mal nutrition

Yan, B.; Zeng, J.; N.X.; Mei C T., 1982:
Absorption and elimination of rifamdin in man

Leon, S.; Chevalier, G.; Cachera, J.P.; Bull, R.W.; Zweibaum, A., 1977:
Absorption and elution of anti dl a a and anti dl a b antibodies with acetone dried dog spleen powder

Reid, M.E.; Ellisor, S.S.; Sabo, B., 1982:
Absorption and elution of anti hy from 1 of 4 gy a minus human red blood cell samples

Leclerc J C., 1983:
Absorption and emission spectra of the phycobili proteins from the cyanobacteria pseudoanabaena 7409

Rhodes, L.A.; David, D.C.; Combs, A.L., 1988:
Absorption and enjoyment of music

Koyama, Y.; Koyama, Y.; Niitani, H.; Maruyama, K.; Akabayashi, K.; Okazaki, N.; Takakura, K.; Sakano, T.; E.A., 1980:
Absorption and excretion of a new oral anti tumor drug 1 hexylcarbamoyl 5 fluoro uracil in cancer patients

Sandberg Gertzen, H.; Ryde, M.; Jarnerot, G., 1983:
Absorption and excretion of a single 1 gram dose of azodisal sodium in subjects with ileostomy

Hatai, K.; Iwahashi, Y.; Egusa, S., 1978:
Absorption and excretion of ampicillin in yellowtail

Nakano, H.; Sasaki, K.; Mizoguchi, M.; Ishibe, T.; Nihira, H., 1977:
Absorption and excretion of carbenicillin indanyl sodium in patients with reduced kidney function

Hatai, K.; Ushiyawa, M.; Egusa, S., 1977:
Absorption and excretion of chloramphenicol in fish part 5 tissue levels of chloramphenicol in cultured eel after oral administration

Marinelli, D.L.; Mintz, M.C., 1987:
Absorption and excretion of dilute gastrografin during computed tomography in pseudomembranous colitis

Izawa, A.; Yoshitake, A.; Komatsu, T., 1980:
Absorption and excretion of miloxacin in mice, rats, and dogs

Lisk, D.J.; Bache, C.A.; Essick, L.A.; Reid, C.M.; Rutzke, M.; Crown, K., 1988:
Absorption and excretion of selenium and barium in humans from consumption of brazil nuts

Mori, Y.; Yokoya, F.; Toyoshi, K.; Baba, S.; Sakai, Y., 1983:
Absorption and excretion of suprofen in rats

Rodgers, J.B.; Friday, S.; Bochenek, W.J., 1984:
Absorption and excretion of the hydrophobic surfactant carbon 14 labeled poloxalene 2930 in the rat

H.S.L.; Y.Y., 1983:
Absorption and excretion of the insect juvenile hormone analog 738 labeled with tritium the silkworm bombyx mori

Grindel, J.M.; Migdalof, B.H.; Plostnieks, J., 1979:
Absorption and excretion of tolmetin in arthritic patients

Lee, S.P., 1981:
Absorption and excretion of tri potassium di citrato bismuthate in man

Miyata, S.; Okuno, T.; Shimamura, Y.; Miyake, T., 1987:
Absorption and excretion of zinc in the aged

Szentmiklosi, P.; Marton, S.; Kovacs, M.; Gyarmati, L., 1979:
Absorption and excretion rates of a new pyrido 1 2 a pyrimidine derivative chinoin 123 in rats

Choubert, G.; Guillou, A.; Fauconneau, B., 1987:
Absorption and fate of 15 15' tritium labelled canthaxanthin in rainbow trout salmo gairdneri rich

Harshe, S.D.; Dhorda, C.N.; Mehta, D.J.; Kulkarni, R.D., 1980:
Absorption and fate of iodine in iodine 131 labeled soluidine and labeled sodium iodine 131 iodide solution following application to intact human skin

Varkonyi, Z.; Balint, E.; Szalay, L., 1979:
Absorption and fluorescence of fluram labeled lysozyme and peroxidase solutions

Bardex, E.; Monnier, E.; Valeur, B., 1986:
Absorption and fluorescence probing of the interface of aerosol sodium bis 2 ethylhexylsulfosuccinate reversed micelles and microemulsions

Vacek, K.; Wong, D.; Govindjee, 1977:
Absorption and fluorescence properties of highly enriched reaction center particles of photosystem i and of artificial systems

Wolfbeis, O.S.; Schipfer, R., 1982:
Absorption and fluorescence spectra and dissociation constants for the ground and 1st excited singlet states of 4' hydroxy flavone and 4' methoxy flavone 1

Nishida, Y.; Okamoto, M.; Kida, S., 1986:
Absorption and fluorescence spectra of bisporphyrinatozinc ii complexes with a flexible polyatomic chain

Hayashi, H.; Miyao, M.; Morita, S., 1982:
Absorption and fluorescence spectra of light harvesting bacterio chlorophyll protein complexes from rhodopseudomonas palustris in the near ir region

Wolfbeis, O.S.; Leiner, M.; Hochmuth, P.; Geiger, H., 1984:
Absorption and fluorescence spectra pk a values and fluorescence lifetimes of monohydroxyflavones and monomethoxyflavones

Visser, A.J.W.G.; Mueller, F., 1979:
Absorption and fluorescence studies on neutral and cationic iso alloxazines

Sakura, S.; Fujimoto, D., 1984:
Absorption and fluorescence study of tyrosine derived crosslinking amino acids from collagen

Bricelj, V.M.; Bass, A.E.; Lopez, G.R., 1984:
Absorption and gut passage time of micro algae in a suspension feeder an evaluation of the chromium 51 carbon 14 twin tracer technique

Poryadkov, L.F.; Kostyleva, M.G.; Mazo, V.K.; Gmoshinskii, I.V.; Vasilevskaya, L.S., 1986:
Absorption and immune response to ovalbumin administered by various routes to dogs

Grassmann, E.; Kirchgessner, M., 1985:
Absorption and intermediary efficiency of utilization of iron at different protein and copper supplies

Lee, J.S., 1982:
Absorption and internal translocation patterns of fertilizer nitrogen at various developmental reproductive stages in orchard grass

Polyakov, L.M.; Panin, L.E.; Voitsekhovskaya, E.E., 1984:
Absorption and intracellular distribution of lipoproteins in the rat adrenals under physical load

Sylvén, C.; Borgström, B., 1969:
Absorption and lymphatic transport of cholesterol and sitosterol in the rat

Sylvén, C.; Borgström, B., 1968:
Absorption and lymphatic transport of cholesterol in the rat

Zevenhuijzen, D.; Zandstra, P.J., 1984:
Absorption and magnetic circular dichroism of chlorophyll a and chlorophyll b dimers

Davydov, R.M.; Magonov, S.N.; Arutyunyan, A.M.; Sharonov-Yu, A., 1978:
Absorption and magnetic circular dichroism spectra of heme containing proteins in nonequilibrium states part 4 cytochrome c and its derivatives

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Absorption measurements in the 2 species of cockroaches periplaneta americana and blaberus trapezoideus

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Absorption of acetylcholine in the intestine and eye

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Absorption of acoustic energy by plant leaves

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Absorption of actinide elements from the gastro intestinal tract of neo natal animals

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Absorption of aerosolized drugs from the rat lung

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Absorption of aluminum by the roots of whole plants of vicia faba and lupinus luteus

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Absorption of amino acids and peptides from a complex mixture in the isolated small intestine of the rat

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Absorption of amino acids in different parts of the small intestine in growing pigs 1. absorption of free amino acids and water

Buraczewska, L., 1981 :
Absorption of amino acids in different parts of the small intestine in growing pigs 4. effect of sugars on absorption of amino acids and water

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Absorption of amino penicillins from everted rat intestine

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Absorption of an aqueous solution of a new synthetic somatostatin analogue administered to man by gavage

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Absorption of an elemental nutritive solution studied by continuous jejunal perfusion influence of flow rate and concentration on ion movements

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Absorption of an estrogen progestogen preparation

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Absorption of an oral contraceptive gestagen in ulcerative colitis before and after proctocolectomy and construction of a continent ileostomy

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Absorption of animal tissue breakdown products into a plant stem the feeding of a plant by ants

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Absorption of antigens after oral immunization and the simultaneous induction of specific systemic tolerance

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Absorption of artificial effusions from synovial joints: an experimental study in rabbits

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Absorption of atmospheric nitrogen di oxide by plants and soils 3. change in the concentration of inorganic nitrogen in the soil fumigated with nitrogen di oxide the effect of water conditions

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Absorption of atmospheric nitrogen di oxide by plants and soils 4. 2 routes of nitrogen uptake by plants from atmospheric nitrogen di oxide direct incorporation into aerial plant parts and uptake by roots after absorption into the soil

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Absorption of atmospheric nitrogen dioxide by several herbaceous species estimation by the nitrogen 15 dilution method

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Absorption of boric acid by the leaves of the white clover trifolium repens and redistribution to the rest of the plant

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Absorption of boric acid through human skin depending on the type of vehicle

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Absorption of bovine serum albumin at air water interface and penetration into lipid mono layers

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Absorption of cadmium by the rabbit intestine and augmentative effect of zinc on the absorption rate

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Absorption of carbohydrates and lipids in the allogenic transplant of the small intestine

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Absorption of carbon 13 labeled stearic acid oleic acid and linoleic acid in humans application to breath tests

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Absorption of cardiac glycosides from the rat respiratory tract

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Absorption of chloro methanes in the uv measurement of effective absorption sections as a function of temperature

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Absorption of cholera exo entero toxin by the epithelium of guinea pig peyers plaques

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Absorption of colostral immuno globulin g 1 by the new born lamb influence of the length of gestation birth weight and thyroid function

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Absorption of compounds in medium by the oil covering microdrop cultures

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Absorption of controlled release morphine sulphate in the immediate postoperative period

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Absorption of copper by lemna as influenced by some factors which nullify the copper effect on flowering and growth

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Absorption of copper by the roots of corn zea mays and sunflower helianthus annuus

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Absorption of diazepam from the rectum and its effect on inter ictal spikes in the electro encephalogram

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Absorption of dietary iron in women and the affecting factors

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Absorption of elastase through the jejunal mucosa of the rat. An immunocytochemical study

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Absorption of elements from heavy metals containing culture media by oyster mushroom pleurotus ostreatus fr. quel

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Absorption of elements of mineral nutrition during cultivation of anabaena variabilis

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Absorption of erythromycin from pediatric suspension in infants and children

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Absorption of estrogens from vaginal creams

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Absorption of factor VIII by aluminium hydroxide

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Absorption of flavins through the small intestine

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Absorption of fluid by the mid gut of rhodnius prolixus

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Absorption of fluoride from fluoride dentifrices

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Absorption of fluorine by soils

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Absorption of folic acid, water and electrolytes in apparently normal proximal jejunum of patients with Crohn's disease studied by the technique of intestinal perfusion

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Absorption of foreign compounds from the gingival sulcus of the rabbit

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Absorption of free and peptide glycine in the chick small intestine

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Absorption of gaseous ammonia by douglas fir pseudotsuga menziesii

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Absorption of gases in the respiratory tract

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Absorption of glibenclamide from different sites of the gastrointestinal tract

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Absorption of glucose by lamb proximal colon measured during early post natal development

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Absorption of glucose from the intestine following experimental scald injury in rats

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Absorption of glutathione from the gastrointestinal tract

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Absorption of heavy metals from sludge amended soil by corn cultivars

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Absorption of heparin low molecular weight heparin and pentosan polysulfate after subcutaneous injection assessed by competitive binding assay

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Absorption of hexavalent chromium by skin in man

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Absorption of horseradish peroxidase by neo natal pig intestinal epithelium effect of escherichia coli o 55b 5 on absorption

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Absorption of horseradish peroxidase by the conjunctival epithelium of monkeys and rabbits

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Absorption of igg with staphylococcus aureus in a diagnostic test for igm antibodies to japanese encephalitis west nile and dengue viruses

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Absorption of indomethacin and its calcium salt through rat skin: effect of penetration enhancers and relationship between in vivo and in vitro penetration

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Absorption of ingested talc by hamsters

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Absorption of inorganic salts by herbage plants and weeds

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Absorption of intra ventricularly injected peroxidase by tanycytes of the median eminence of the neo natal rat

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Absorption of intragastrically administered 1 desamino 8 d arginine vasopressin in conscious dogs

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Absorption of intramuscularly administered carbon 14 haloperidol decanoate in rats

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Absorption of iohexol from cerebrospinal fluid to blood pharmacokinetics in humans

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Absorption of ions by various parts of the root a review

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Absorption of iothalamate after oral administration a preliminary study in humans and interspecies differences

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Absorption of ioxitalamate

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Absorption of iron and growth of hydrilla verticillata

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Absorption of iron from gut into blood sex related and time related studies in rats

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Absorption of l alanine and other dissolved nutrients by the spines of paracentrotus lividus echinoidea

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Absorption of labeled calcium calcium 45 by prawn from sea water

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Absorption of labeled triethanolamine salicylate in human and canine knee joints 2

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Absorption of large oral doses of 5 formyl tetra hydro folate in man

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Absorption of large, single, oral intakes of ascorbic acid

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Absorption of lead through the skin

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Absorption of light by yellow substance in freshwater lakes

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Absorption of lignocaine and bupivacaine from the respiratory tract during fiber optic bronchoscopy

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Absorption of lipid hydroperoxides in carp

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Absorption of longitudinal and shear waves and generation of heat in soft tissues

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Absorption of macro nutrients by soybean glycine max cultivar iac 2 as a function of fertilization with nitrogen phosphorus and potassium

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Absorption of magnesium from orally administered magnesium sulfate in man

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Absorption of manganese and zinc in infantile mature and pregnant animals

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Absorption of manganese by neritina latissima gastropoda neritidae in costa rica

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Absorption of manganese during gravidity and lactation

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Absorption of medicaments after oral administration modes of transport first passage effects and enterohepatic cycle

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