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Acanthocephala from lake fishes in wisconsin usa neoechinorhynchus robertbaueri new species from erimyzon sucetta with a key to species of the genus neoechinorhynchus from north american freshwater fishes

Amin, O.A.

Journal of Parasitology 71(3): 312-318


ISSN/ISBN: 0022-3395
Accession: 004650664

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N. robertbaueri nov. sp., the 20th species of the genus from freshwater fishes in North America, was described from E. sucetta (Lacepede) (Catostomidae) in Silver Lake, southeastern Wisconsin [USA]. The species was distinguished from N. venustus Lynch, 1936 by having smaller eggs, longer lemnisci and proboscis hooks in the middle not equal to those of the anterior circle in size. A key further distinguishing it from other North American species from fish is presented.It was also separated from similar species infecting fish elsewhere in the world as well as from those infecting North American turtles. The life history of N. robertbaueri in E. sucetta was very brief (April-July). Juveniles were established in anterior intestinal locations by April but moved posteriorly with maturation and with earlier loss of males by July. Seasonal concurrent infections primarily with 3 other helminth species (a cestode, a trematode and an acanthocephalan) are also discussed.

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