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Acanthocephalans of fishes 4. description of 2 new species of neoechinorhynchus acanthocephala neoechinorhynchidae and some considerations on this genus

Salgado-Maldonado, G.

Anales del Instituto de Biologia, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico. Serie Zoologia 49(1): 35-48


ISSN/ISBN: 0185-2590
Accession: 004650676

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Two new species of Neoechinorhynchus are described. N. golvani sp. nov., from the intestine of Achiurus mazatlanus collected in Caimanero, Sinaloa, Mexico, is distinguished by its pronounced sexual dimorphism. N. roseum sp. nov, described from the intestine of Cichlasoma aureum from Catemaco, Veracruz, Mexico, is recognized by short lemnisci and the position of the vulva in the female. A comparative study between the genera Hebesoma Van Cleave 1928 and Neoechinorhynchus Hamann 1892 based on the specific descriptions is made. Hebesoma is considered a synonym of Neoechinorhynchus, so H. violentum, the only species of the genus, becomes N. violentum (Van Cleave 1928) comb. nov.

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