Accumulation of calcium magnesium potassium and sodium with growth of individual leaves petioles and stem of cucumber cucumis sativus cultivar kasairaku plants

Iwahashi, M.; Tachibana, Y.; Ohta, Y.

Soil Science and Plant Nutrition 28(4): 441-450


ISSN/ISBN: 0038-0768
Accession: 004652546

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Accumualtion of Ca, Mg, K and Na in each individual leaf, petiole and stem of the cucumber plant (C. sativus L. cv. Kasairaku) was investigated in relation to the growth of these organs during water culture. Growth of each individual organ followed a sigmoidal curve showing 2 distinctive phases, the exponential and stationary phases. Accumulation patterns of these major cations showed a close relationship with the growth characteristics of the organs. Although the rate of accumulation of the cations declined duirng the stationary phase of growth, Ca and Na accumulated in all the leaves throughout the whole period of growth. A higher Ca content was present in the older leaves while the younger leaves had a higher Na content. Mg and K accumulated during the exponential phase, whereas no appreciable accumulation occurred during the stationary phase. Accumulation of Ca, Mg and Na continued throughout the whole period of growth. No decline in the rate of accumulation of these cations occurred during the stationary phase unlike in the leaf, whereas K accumulation occurred only during the exponential phase of growth, as in the leaf. All 3 organs showed that the content of these cations in each individual organ decreased during the exponential phase of growth. The rate of decrease was greater in younger organs than in older ones.