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Accumulation of nitrate and ammonia nitrogen of fertilizers in soil and its utilization by plants as a function of fertilizer doses according to trials with nitrogen 15

Ishkaev, T.Kh; Sychkova, L.A.; Vishnyakova, I.I.; Strakovich, N.A.

Agrokhimiya 4: 22-25


Accession: 004653002

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Greenhouse experiments showed that in light-gray forest soil and leached chernozem, the nitrate form is most important in utilization of fertilizer N by plants, and the ammonia form in stabilization of soil. The quantity of N utilized by plants depends on the dose of N fertilizer. Introduction of N fertilizer facilitates supplementary mobilization of soil N and correlates directly with the doses of N fertilizer introduced and with its uptake by plants.

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