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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 4662

Chapter 4662 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Laurentaci G.; Dioguardi D.; Catalano G.; Greco L.; Memeo V.; Palese R., 1985:
Action of some anti inflammatory drugs on the spreading activity in vitro of human leukocytes

Semina, O.V.; Neifakh-Yu, A.; Soboleva, E.L.; Konoplyannikov, A.G.; Poverennyi, A.M., 1976:
Action of some biologically active preparations on a population of cells of the stem hemopoietic fraction and on the survival of irradiated mice part 3 interferon

Vladimirova A.D.; Blinov M.N.; Luganova I.S.; Ushakova E.A.; Samuskevich I.G., 1979:
Action of some chemo therapeutic drugs on the leukemia course and their effect on the leukocytic rna metabolism

Rabega C.; Popescu N.; Rabega M.; M.A., 1981:
Action of some chlorinated hydro carbon pesticides on the animal body

Tsutsumi M.; Oyama Y.; Suda I.; Watanabe T., 1981:
Action of some detergents on succinate dehydrogenase of escherichia coli in vivo

Cattaneo, R.; D'angelo, L.; Tonini, M.; Lecchini, S.; Gatti, G.; Droghi, M.T., 1976:
Action of some drugs on various types of experimental ulcers of the rat

Kouyoumdjian, J.C.; Belin, M.F.; Bardakdjian, J.; Gonnard, P., 1976:
Action of some fluorinated amphetamine like compounds on the synaptosomal uptake of neuro transmitters

Bourbos V.A.; Skoudridakis M.T., 1987:
Action of some fungal antagonists in the rhizosphere of resistant and susceptible tomato plants in the greenhouse

Bortoli S.A.D.; Giacomini P.L., 1981:
Action of some granulated systemic insecticides against bemisia tabaci homoptera aleyrodidae and empoasca kraemeri homoptera cicadellidae and their effect on yield of beans phaseolus vulgaris

Miller G.G.; Raleigh J.A., 1983:
Action of some hydroxyl radical scavengers on radiation induced hemolysis

de la Llosa-Hermier, M.P.; Tertrin-Clary, C.; Evrard-Hérouard, M.; Hermier, C.; de la Llosa, P., 1983:
Action of some luteinizing hormone derivatives in ovaries from pseudopregnant rats: dissimilarities between their activities on this organ and on Leydig cells

Fukunaga M.; Kurachi Y.; Mizuguchi Y., 1982:
Action of some metal ions on yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae chromosomes

Alexandre M.A.V.; Noronha A.B.; Vicente M., 1987:
Action of some natural inhibitors on two bean virosis bean golden mosaic virus and tobacco mosaic virus legume strain

Bertaccini, G.; Coruzzi, G., 1977:
Action of some natural peptides on the stomach of the anesthetized rat

Bender K.I.; Petrov N.V., 1979:
Action of some neurotropic agents on excitability of the membrane of ranviers node

Ghinea E.; Dumitriu L.; Stefanovici G.; Pop A.; Oprescu M.; Ciocirdia C., 1986:
Action of some pesticides on the conversion of t 4 to t 3 in cultured kidney and liver cells in the presence or absence of cysteine

Hourmant, A.; Penot, M., 1978:
Action of some phyto hormones on the respiration and on the absorption of phosphate by aging potato tuber discs

Khvilkovskaya B.; Zenkteler M., 1983:
Action of some phyto hormones on tissues of solanum tuberosum 2n equals 2x equals 24 ovules cultivated in vitro

Mikhel'son M.Ya; Protas L.L.; Sokolov G.P.; Starshinova L.A.; Shelkovnikov S.A., 1979:
Action of some poly methylene bis quaternary compounds on muscarinic and nicotinic cholino receptors

Eandi M.; Gamalero S.R.; Taglia P., 1980:
Action of some psychotropic drugs on the spontaneous electro myographic activity in the stressed rat

Mueller, W.; Schewe, T., 1976:
Action of some respiratory inhibiting substances on the tetra methyl p phenylenediamine bypass in nonphosphorylating bovine heart electron transport particles

Bianchi, A.; Laudi, G., 1977:
Action of some respiratory inhibitors on growth and greening of seedlings of picea and larix

Cifone M.G.; Alesse E.; Ianni G.; Continenza M.A.; Conti P., 1982:
Action of some salicylates in association with other nonsteroidal anti inflammatory drugs on prostacyclin release by rat gastric mucosa

Lassegues M.; Roch P.; Valembois P.; Davant N., 1981:
Action of some soil bacterial strains on the lumbricid eisenia foetida andrei

Lindsay P.J.; Kaufman W.R., 1988:
Action of some steroids on salivary gland degeneration in the ixodid tick amblyomma americanum l

Gorlina Y.K.; Golovistikov I.N.; Petrunin D.D.; Tsagaraeva T.M.; Tatrinov Y.S., 1981:
Action of specific placental proteins tropho blastic beta 1 glyco protein and chorionic alpha 1 micro globulin on proliferation of lymphocytes and malignant fibroblasts in vitro

Wilkinson, P.C., 1977:
Action of sphingomyelinase c and other lipid specific agents as inhibitors of fc binding and loco motion in human leukocytes

Tomita, M.; Taguchi, R.; Ikezawa, H., 1983:
Action of sphingomyelinase ec of bacillus cereus on bovine erythrocyte membrane and liposomes specific adsorption onto these membranes

Magnin P.H.; Smith O.D.; Gotlib N.; Raimondo N.A.; Paglia N.P., 1985:
Action of spironolactone on sebaceous secretion

Bernardi, A.; Cantoni, G.L., 1969:
Action of spleen enz exo nuclease on transfer rna

Cohen S.H.; Kostick J.A.; Robbins F.M.; Segars R.A.; Walker J.E., 1979:
Action of spleen extracts on stored pre cooked freeze dried beef

Rauhe K.; Hoberueck J.M., 1982:
Action of staggered mineral fertilizer and stable manure on plants and soil in intensive crop rotation treatment of root crops and cereal grains on sand loess deep loam soils

Gentilhomme E.; Faure M.; Arco A.; Kanitakis J.; Dumaine M.H.; Marmet D.; Binder F.; Fleurette J.; Thivolet J., 1988:
Action of staphylococcal epidermolytic toxin on human epidermal cell cultures experimental staphylococcal toxic epidermal necrolysis

Austen, B.M.; Smith, E.L., 1976:
Action of staphylococcal proteinase on peptides of varying chain length and composition

Vague J., 1985:
Action of steroid hormones on human adipose tissue

Abraham, A.D.; Borsa, M., 1975 :
Action of steroid hormones on the de novo synthesis of amino transferases in the thymus of white rat

Frazier L.W.; Zachariah N.Y., 1979:
Action of steroids on hydrogen ion and ammonium ion excretion in the toad bufo marinus urinary bladder

Spona, J., 1976:
Action of steroids on luteinizing hormone releasing hormone provoked gonadotropin release

Abramovich, A.; Sabelli, C.A., 1976:
Action of Streptococcus mutans on fluorotic dental enamel

Bernard C., 1983:
Action of streptomycin and calcium on the apical membrane of hair cells of the frog rana esculenta isolated semicircular canal

Fundaro A.; Ricci Gamalero S.; Molinengo L.; Orsetti M., 1986:
Action of streptomycin on the operant behavior of the rat

Haupt, I.; Jonák, J.; Rychlík, I.; Thrum, H., 1980:
Action of streptothricin F on ribosomal functions

Zabolovskaya L.I., 1985:
Action of strophanthin on the central hemodynamics pulmonary intrahepatic circulation and myocardial contractility

Parkki, M.G.; Marniemi, J.; Vainio, H., 1976:
Action of styrene and its metabolites styrene oxide and styrene glycol on activities of xenobiotic bio transformation enzymes in rat liver in vivo

Vaughan M.K.; Spanel Borowski K.; Karasek M.; Champney T.H.; Reiter R.J., 1983:
Action of sub cutaneous implants or injections of melatonin on reproductive and metabolic variables and pineal concretions in male gerbils meriones unguiculatus

Meindl U.; Kiermayer O., 1987:
Action of sublethal concentrations of the fixative glutaraldehyde on cytomorphogenesis and ultrastructure in micrasterias denticulata breb

Berland, B.R.; Bonin, D.J.; Guerin-Ancey, O.J.; Kapkov, V.I.; Arlhac, D.P., 1977:
Action of sublethal doses of heavy metals on the growth characteristics of the diatom skeletonema costatum

Hecht K.; Oehme P.; Poppei M., 1979:
Action of substance p on neurotic hypertensive rats

Gley, P.; Royet-Leblanc, M., 1975:
Action of succinyl di choline on the central nervous system

Ziegler, I.; Marewa, A.; Schoepe, E., 1976:
Action of sulfite on the substrate kinetics of chloroplastic nadp dependent glyceraldehyde 3 phosphate dehydrogenase ec

Chang, P.L.; Ameen, M.; Lafferty, K.I.; Varey, P.A.; Davidson, A.R.; Davidson, R.G., 1985:
Action of surface active agents on arylsulfatase c ec of human cultured fibroblasts

Zaslavsky, B.Y. ; Ossipov, N.N.; Rogozhin, S.V.; Sebyakin, Y.L.; Volkova, L.V.; Evstigneeva, R.P., 1979:
Action of surface active substances on biological membranes 4. hemolytic and membrane perturbing action of homologous series of beta d glucopyranosyl 1 alkyl phosphates

Zaslavsky, B.Y. ; Ossipov, N.N.; Krivich, V.S.; Baholdina, L.P.; Rogozhin, S.V., 1978:
Action of surface active substances on biological membranes part 2 hemolytic activity of nonionic surfactants

Zaslavsky, B.Y. ; Ossipov, N.N.; Rogozhin, S.V., 1978:
Action of surface active substances on biological membranes part 3 comparison of hemolytic activity of ionic and nonionic surfactants

Keatinge, W.R.; Torrie, C., 1976:
Action of sympathetic nerves on inner and outer muscle of sheep carotid artery and effect of pressure on nerve distribution

Sawabe T.; Fukawa K.; Satoh S., 1981:
Action of sympathomimetic amines in relation to cardiac lesions and blood oxygen tension

Avakyan-Ts, M.; Karagezyan, A.S.; Danielyan, A.K. ; Batikyan, G.G., 1977:
Action of synchrotron radiation on nicotiana tabacum seeds

Corseuil E.; Meyer L.M.C., 1979:
Action of systemic insecticides on nezara viridula

Hafez S.L.; Raski D.J.; Lear B., 1981:
Action of systemic nematicides in control of xiphinema index on grape vitis vinifera cultivar thompson seedless

Chuchalin A.G.; Babushkina V.A.; Arion V.Ya; Aspetov R.D.; Shaikhinova T.B.; Novokhatskii A.S.; Baryshkov Y.A., 1984:
Action of t activin on immune interferon production

Fukushima, T.; Maeyama, M., 1983:
Action of tamoxifen on folliculogenesis in the menstrual cycle of infertile patients

Mole Bajer J.; Bajer A.S., 1983:
Action of taxol on mitosis modification of micro tubule arrangements and function of the mitotic spindle in haemanthus katherinae endosperm

Desmet G.M.; Dirkse W.G., 1984:
Action of technetium on growth manganese zinc and iron concentrations and fluorescence induction in young and old leaves of spinach spinacia oleracea plants

Pelissier, C.; Tack, D.L.; Gras, G., 1982 :
Action of temephos on brain acetyl cholin esterase activity of tilapia guineensis 2. experimental study of 24 hour exposure to the toxic compound

Gras, G.; Pelissier, C.; Tack, D.L., 1982:
Action of temephos on the activity of the acetyl cholin esterase of the brain of the tilapia guineensis 1. experimental study of operational doses

Pellissier, C.; Tack, D.L.; Gras, G., 1983:
Action of temephos on the activity of the acetyl cholin esterase of the brain of the tilapia guineensis 3. compared action of temephos and 3 replacement insecticides

Danielson, H.R.; Toole, V.K., 1976:
Action of temperature and light on the control of seed germination in alta tall fescue festuca arundinacea

Mocquard, J.P.; Besse, G.; Juchault, P.; Legrand, J.J.; Maissiat, J.; Martin, G.; Picaud, J.L., 1978:
Action of temperature and photoperiod on the induction of particular molts in the females of porcellio dilatatus crustacea isopoda oniscoidea

Molot, P.M.; Mas, P., 1975:
Action of temperature on mycelial growth and pathogenicity of 4 physiological races of fusarium oxysporum f sp melonis

Turchini M F.; Perissel B.; Malet P.; Turchini J P., 1987:
Action of teniposide on the ultrastructural aspect of human metaphasic lymphocyte chromosomes

Rashedi M.; Stoll R.; Maraud R., 1983:
Action of testis graft from puromycin pre treated or cyclic amp pre treated donor embryos on the regression of muellerian ducts in the female chick embryo

Chemes, H.E.; Podesta, E.; Rivarola, M.A., 1976:
Action of testosterone di hydro testosterone and 5 alpha androstane 3 alpha 17 beta diol on the spermatogenesis of immature rats

Bhattacharjee, S.S.; Medda, A.K., 1977:
Action of testosterone in melanin metabolism in liver of toad (Bufo melanostictus)

Catayee, G.; Chalet, M.; Turchini, J., 1978:
Action of testosterone on 5 prime nucleotidase activity of the rat epididymal epithelium

Pastoris, O.; Dossena, M.; Fulle, D.; Taglietti, M.; Benzi, G., 1983:
Action of testosterone on some biochemical parameters related to the energy metabolism of the skeletal muscle

Tahiri-Zagret, C., 1974:
Action of testosterone on the pituitary gonadal axis of the monkey

Arruzazabala Valmana M.D.L., 1981:
Action of testosterone progesterone and estradiol on tracheal contraction induced by several agonists

Giammanco S.; L.G.ardia M., 1979:
Action of testosterone propionate and of cyproterone acetate on the mouse killing behavior of the adult rat

Hassani, M.; Plas-Roser, S.; Roos, J.; Aron, C., 1978:
Action of testosterone propionate on the gonadotropic function of the pituitary gland in the cyclic female rat

Sugimoto N.; Ozutsumi K.; Matsuda M.; Higashida H.; Miki N., 1983:
Action of tetanus toxin on cholinergic neuro blastoma x glioma hybrid cells selective blockade of calcium spikes

Futamachi K.; Smith T.G.Jr, 1982:
Action of tetrodo toxin on pacemaker conductances in aplysia californica neurons

Lupo-Di-Prisco, C.; Bellini-Cardellini, L.; Polzonetti-Magni, A.M., 1974:
Action of the administration of pituitary on adrenal steroidogenesis in rana esculenta

Aickin C.C.; Deisz R.A.; Lux H.D., 1981:
Action of the anti convulsant 5 5 di phenyl hydantoin and the convulsant picro toxin in crayfish astacus fluviatilis stretch receptor

Paulov, S., 1987:
Action of the anti detonation preparation methyl tert butyl ether on the model species rana temporaria l. biologia

Woloshuck C.P.; Sisler H.D.; Vigil E.L., 1983:
Action of the anti penetrant tricyclazole on appressoria of pyricularia oryzae

Soberon, R.; Lopex-Alarcon, L.; Garcia-Canero, R.; Lopez-Martinez, M.; Gosalvez, M., 1976:
Action of the anti psychotic drugs thiothixene and thioridazine on isolated mitochondria

Besson, F.; Michel, G., 1984:
Action of the antibiotics of the iturin group on artificial membranes

Coussement W.; Maes L.; Vanparijs O.; Marsboom R., 1988:
Action of the anticoccidial clazuril on the endogenous stages of eimeria labbeana and eimeria columbarum in experimentally infected pigeons

Batke E.; Ogura R.; Vaupel P.; Hummel K.; Kallinowski F.; Gasic M.J.; Schroeder H.C.; Mueller W.E.G., 1988:
Action of the antileukemic and anti htlv iii and anti hiv agent avarol on the levels of superoxide dismutases and glutathione peroxidase activities in l5178y mouse lymphoma cells

Nagata, M.; Matsumura, T., 1986:
Action of the bacterial neutral protease, dispase, on cultured cells and its application to fluid suspension culture with a review on biomedical application of this protease

Turchini M.F.; Mathe O.; Malet P.; Turchini J.P., 1984:
Action of the bleomycin on the ultrastructural aspect of human metaphysical lymphocytes chromosomes

Caner F.; Bertout M.; Krembel J.; Dhainaut A., 1981:
Action of the brain hormone on the synthesis of stable oocyte rna in nereidae perinereis cultrifera annelida polychaeta

Guenther, T.; Averdunk, R., 1976:
Action of the calcium ionophore x 537 a on the electrolyte content and metabolism of yoshida ascites tumor cells a model for the analysis of magnesium deficiency

Turchini M F.; Turchini J P.; Geneix A.; Malet P., 1984:
Action of the cis diamminedichloroplatinum on the ultrastructural aspect of human metaphasic lymphocyte chromosomes

Law S.K.; Fearon D.T.; Levine R.P., 1979:
Action of the complement c 3b inactivator on cell bound complement c 3b

Galliard, H., 1974:
Action of the corticoids and immuno suppressors on infections with strongyloides stercoralis experimental and clinical effects

Benner D., 1987:
Action of the cubitus interruptus wallace mutant in drosophila melanogaster a study of leg morphology on mosaic and haplo 4 flies

Tamate H.B.; Takeuchi T., 1984:
Action of the e locus of mice in the response of phaeomelanic hair follicles to alpha msh in vitro

Highstein, S.M.; Baker, R., 1985:
Action of the efferent vestibular system on primary afferents in the toadfish, Opsanus tau

Joly, L.; Goltzene, F.; Porte, A., 1978:
Action of the endocrine apparatus on late phases of oogenesis in locusta migratoria

Bride J.; Zribi R.; Gomot L., 1986 :
Action of the extract from the ocular tentacles of juvenile and adult snails on the in vivo development of the albumin gland of helix aspersa

Seymour M.K., 1983:
Action of the feeding pump in longidorus caespiticola

Magre S.; Agelopoulou R.; Jost A., 1981:
Action of the fetal calf serum on the differentiation in vitro and preservation of the seminiferous cords of the testes of the rat fetus

Kobayashi, M.; Matsuda, K., 1978:
Action of the gluco amylase on dextrans as an exo dextranase

Flores-Rodriguez, M., 1975:
Action of the herbicide 2 4 d on 3 species of the genus azotobacter

Fontana, A.; Luppi-Mosca, A.M.; Filipello-Marchisio, V., 1976:
Action of the herbicide trifluralin on the myco flora of a horticultural soil

Gauvrit C., 1980:
Action of the herbicides neburon and siduron on membrane permeabilities in potato tuber solanum tuberosum cultivar bintje mitochondria

Bierbauer J.; Fazekas S., 1983:
Action of the high salt concentration and low content of tris buffer of an extract of the cerebral and tentacular ganglia on gametogenesis of the edible snail helix pomatia/

Gagnepain, C., 1977:
Action of the host plant on mating and ovary maturation of oscinella pusilla

Mello E.J.R.; Oliveira D.A., 1979:
Action of the insecticides carbofuran and chlorpyrifos on cotton root borers eutinobothrus brasiliensis resistant to aldrin

Valcarce E., 1981:
Action of the insecticides diazinon fenthion and carbofuran on the citrus nematode tylenchulus semipenetrans

Smirnov A.G.; Polyakova M.V.; Mal'tseva Y.O., 1985:
Action of the length of a repeated interval on the human reaction time

Burca S.; Trifu M.; Cachita Cosma D., 1982:
Action of the micro elements manganese zinc cobalt and cadmium on germination growth peroxidase activity and fruit yield in tomatoes lycopersicon esculentum

Sacquet, E.; Méjean, C.; Leprince, C.; Riottot, M., 1977:
Action of the microbial flora of the digestive tract on the biosynthesis of cholic acid in the rat

Mothes U.; Seitz K A., 1982:
Action of the microbial metabolite and chitin synthesis inhibitor nikkomycin on the mite tetranychus urticae an electron microscope study L.; D.G.mez Puyou M.T.; Gomez Puyou A., 1983:
Action of the mitochondrial atpase inhibitor protein on the calcium atpase of sarcoplasmic reticulum

Turchini M F.; Mathe O.; Jaffray J.Y.; Malet P.; Turchini J P., 1984:
Action of the mitomycin c on the ultrastructural aspect of human metaphasic lymphocyte chromosomes

Laubie M.; Schmitt H., 1980:
Action of the morphinomimetic agent fentanyl on the nucleus tractus solitarii and the nucleus ambiguus cardio vascular neurons

Ng, T.J.; Tigchelaar, E.C., 1977:
Action of the nonripening nor mutant on fruit ripening of tomato

Webber S.E.; Widdicombe J.G., 1988 :
Action of the novel drug zy 16039 on mucus secretion in the ferret isolated trachea in vitro

Poli E.; Coruzzi G.; Bertaccini G., 1987:
Action of the novel h 2 receptor antagonist famotidine on the isolated guinea pig papillary muscle and atria

Ortonne, J.P.; Voulot, C.; Schmitt, D.; Thivolet, J., 1978:
Action of the nude gene on pigmentation of the coat in c 57 black and c 3h mice

D.F.nzo N.; Gentinetta E.; Salamini F.; Soave C., 1979:
Action of the opaque 7 mutation on the accumulation of storage products in maize endosperm

Tutwiler G.F.; Dellevigne P., 1979:
Action of the oral hypo glycemic agent 2 tetra decyl glycidic acid mcn 3802 on hepatic fatty acid oxidation and gluconeogenesis

Bruel M T.; David D., 1980:
Action of the organo phosphorus pesticide dichlorvos on the germ population in quail embryonic gonads

Scatton, B.; Boireau, A.; Garret, C.; Glowinski, J.; Julou, L., 1977:
Action of the palmitic ester of pipotiazine on dopamine metabolism in the nigro striatal meso limbic and meso cortical systems

Perez P.; Sanchez D.L.P.ente L., 1984:
Action of the period of nitrogen supply in the formation and growth of wheat shoots

Rabe T.; Basse H.; Thuro H.; Kiesel L.; Runnebaum B., 1987:
Action of the pge 1 methyl analogue misoprostol on the pregnant human uterus in the first trimester

Shanab S.; Rahmane M.H.A., 1988:
Action of the photoperiod on the growth of bachelotia antillarum phaeophyta ectocarpales

Gimmler Luz M.C.; Marques E.K.; Johnston R.C., 1987:
Action of the pyrrolizidine alkaloid integerrimine in inducing meiotic chromosome aberration in male mice

Sawano M.; Mizuno S.; Sun X M.; Kozukue N., 1984:
Action of the ripening inhibitor rin on fruit ripening of tomato lycopersicon esculentum

Lahiri S.C.; Nag Chaudhuri A.K., 1982:
Action of the scorpion heterometrus bengalensis venom on smooth muscle

Masala, A.; Devilla, L.; Delitala, G.; Alagna, S.; Rovasio, P.P.; Capitanio, G.L., 1979:
Action of the serotoninergic and dopaminergic antagonist methiothepin maleate on serum prolactin and growth hormone levels in man

Fernández, B.E.; Vidal, N.A.; Domínguez, A.E., 1975:
Action of the sexual hormones on the endogenous norepinephrine of the central nervous system

Ozaki H.; Kishimoto T.; Chihara S.; Umeno H.; Urakawa N., 1984:
Action of the sodium ionophore monensin on vascular smooth muscle of guinea pig aorta

Chauvin R., 1981:
Action of the survivone substance that helps isolated bees to survive its probable identity with foot print pheromone

Groliere C.A.; Dupy Blanc J., 1985:
Action of the thiram on the cortex of tetrahymena pyriformis during the stomatogenesis

Fank, E.D.C.; Osorio, J.A., 1976:
Action of the thyroid hormone in the oxidation of succinate in slices of rat heart

Lorber B.E., 1986:
Action of the vegetation on the dynamics of a polycalic colony of coptoformica exsecta hymenoptera formicidae in natural conditions

Sankaran, H.; Deveney, C.W.; Bartholomew, C.; Raghupathy, E., 1983:
Action of the venom of the scorpion Tityus trinitatis on pancreatic insulin secretion

Donoso, J.A.; Green, L.S.; Heller-Bettinger, I.E.; Samson, F.E., 1977:
Action of the vinca alkaloids vincristine vinblastine and deacetyl vinblastine amide on axonal fibrillar organelles in vitro

Himes, R.H.; Kersey, R.N.; Heller-Bettinger, I.; Samson, F.E., 1976:
Action of the vinca alkaloids vincristine vinblastine and deacetyl vinblastine amide on micro tubules in vitro

Chinchilla M.; Guerrero O.M.; Solano E., 1981:
Action of the white rat macrophages against toxoplasma gondii in vitro

Laurent, P., 1978:
Action of thermostable bacillus thuringiensis exo toxin of different strains of cells in culture

Romanenko A.V.; Chudnovskii S.I.; Polyakov A.N., 1986:
Action of thiamin on auditory evoked potentials in the guinea pig

Romanenko A.V., 1985:
Action of thiamin on neuromuscular transmission in frog

Kurilo L.F.; Korogodina Y.V.; Ignat'eva E.L., 1983:
Action of thio phosphamide on the population of differentiating cells in female cba 101 h and akr mice

Hamano T.; Oji Y.; Mitsuhashi Y.; Matsuki Y.; Okamoto S., 1984:
Action of thiol proteinase on nitrate reductase in leaves of hordeum distichum

Milcu S.M.; Boeru V.; Prahoveanu E.; Briese M A.; Petrescu A.; Savulescu M., 1980:
Action of thymic poly peptides of low molecular weight on some immune reactions at tissue and humoral level in guinea pigs and mice

Pressac M.; Marnay Gulat C.; Raoul Y., 1979:
Action of thyro calcitonin and an alpha adrenergic blocking agent on amylase secretion in rat parotids and pancreas in vitro

Galton, V.A.; Cohen, J.S., 1980:
Action of thyroid hormones in premetamorphic tadpoles: an important role for thyroxine?

Mohsen, T.; Lattouf, H.; Jadoun, G., 1974:
Action of thyroid hormones on the isolated heart of normal and thyroidectomized protoptera protopterus annectens

Fredj, G.; Clenet, M.; Cuchet, P.; Rousselet, F.; Rozé, C., 1979:
Action of tiadenol and clofibrate on biliary excretions of cholesterol and bile salts in rats

Roze, C.; Vaille, C.; Souchard, M.; De-La-Tour, J.; Debray, C., 1976:
Action of tiadenol on compensatory hypertrophy in the rat liver

Mackel, R.; Brink, E.E.; Nakajima, Y., 1984:
Action of tizanidine on responses of forearm flexors and extensors to torque disturbances

Reese, C.B.; Titmas, R.C.; Valente, L., 1981:
Action of toluene p thiol and tri ethylamine on fully protected thymidylyl 3' 5' thymidine possible occurrence of thiolate ion promoted inter nucleotide cleavage in the synthesis of oligo nucleotides by the phospho tri ester approach

Kondo, K.; Garcia, R.; Demassieux, S.; Manku, M.S.; Horrobin, D.F.; Boucher, K.; Genest, J., 1977:
Action of tonin on the response of rat on mesenteric vessels to norepinephrine

Altmeyer P.; Sprengart C., 1979:
Action of topical corticoids on normal guinea pig skin

Hebborn, P.; Jablonska, S.; Beutner, E.H.; Langner, A.; Wolska, H., 1988:
Action of topically applied arachidonic acid on the skin of patients with psoriasis

Dovgalevich, I.I.; Moroz, I.N., 1975:
Action of total body gamma irradiation of rats on the compartmentalization of amino acids in the kidneys and spleen

Filippova, V.N.; Filanovskaya, L.I., 1975:
Action of total body x irradiation on enzyme systems of phospho ribosyl pyro phosphate in bone marrow cells

Taranova, N.P., 1975:
Action of total body x irradiation on the composition and metabolism of lipids of the rat brain

Mathieu Mahul D.; Barque J P.; Mauchauffe M.; Peraudeau L.; Larsen C.J., 1981:
Action of toyocamycin on biosynthesis of viral glyco proteins in a mouse cell line chronically infected by a murine retrovirus

Snyder G.; Naor Z.; Fawcett C.P.; Mccann S.M., 1981:
Action of trh on mammotrophs and thyrotrophs

Uchida H.; Nemoto H.; Kinoshita M., 1986:
Action of trh on the occurrence of fibrillation potentials and miniature end plate potentials mepps an experimental study

Yamauchi, K.; Kinoshita, M., 1978:
Action of tri methyl phosphate on ribo nucleosides in aqueous solution

Finch R.A.; Bennett M.D., 1979:
Action of tri ploid inducer tri on meiosis in barley hordeum vulgare

Nguyen V.H.; Petmy Lohoue J., 1988:
Action of triamcinolone acetonide on two experimental mycoses

Marsden, W.L.; Dunn, N.W.; Gray, P.P., 1983:
Action of trichoderma reesei qm 9414 and c 30 cellulase ec on substrates with varying crystallinity

Dubos, B.; Guillaumin, J.J.; Schubert, M., 1978:
Action of trichoderma viride caused by different organic substrates on initiation and growth of armillariella mellea rhizomorphs in 2 different soils

Deymann A.; Weltzien H.C., 1980:
Action of tridemorph and fenpropimorph on powdery mildew of wheat erysiphe graminis

Roussel, C., 1976:
Action of triton wr 1339 on the 1st stages of pregnancy of the mouse effects of progesterone treatment

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Action research in an educational setting

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Action spectrum in uv and blue light region for the inhibition of red light induced spore germination in adiantum capillus veneris

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Action spectrum of chlorophyll fluorescence kinetics in dark adapted leaves of vicia faba at room temperature

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Action spectrum of photodinesis within barley root hairs hordeum vulgare

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Action spectrum of photoelectric response of bean phaseolus vulgaris leaves

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Action spectrum of photoinduced conidiation in alternaria cichorii

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Action spectrum of the photo induced sexual stage in the fungus nectria haematococca var cucurbitae

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Action threshold for the cabbage caterpillar complex in georgia usa

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Action threshold in the insecticide utilization on the coffee leaf miner management perileucoptera coffeella in parana state brazil lepidoptera lyonetiidae

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Action thresholds for fall armyworm spodoptera frugiperda on grain sorghum and coastal bermuda grass

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Action to take in the presence of pyralene pcbs

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Actions of picrotoxinin and related compounds on the frog spinal cord the role of a hydroxyl group at the 6 position in antagonizing the actions of amino acid and presynaptic inhibition

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Actions of piperidine and di methylphenyl piperazinium on afferent discharges of the cats carotid body

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Actions of suloctidil and of the calcium antagonist cinnarizine on the rat aorta

Yamada K., 1980:
Actions of sympathomimetic amines on leucophores in isolated scales of a teleost fish with special reference to beta adrenoceptors mediating pigment dispersion

Endoh M.; Blinks J.R., 1988:
Actions of sympathomimetic amines on the calcium transients and contractions of rabbit myocardium reciprocal changes in myofibrillar responsiveness to calcium mediated through alpha and beta adrenoceptors

David J.A.; Crowley P.J.; Hall S.G.; Battersby M.; Sattelle D.B., 1984:
Actions of synthetic piperidine derivatives on an insect acetyl choline receptor ion channel complex

Hara Y., 1980:
Actions of tetra gastrin on smooth muscles of human stomach

Marshall, I.G., 1970:
Actions of tetra phenyl boron on neuro muscular transmission in the biventer cervicis muscle of the chick

Lord B.I.; Wright E.G.; Lajtha L.G., 1979:
Actions of the hemopoietic stem cell proliferation inhibitor

Fraenkel G.; Hollowell M., 1979:
Actions of the juvenile hormone 20 hydroxy ecdysone and the oostatic hormone during oogenesis in the flies phormia regina and sarcophaga bullata

Isanin, N.A.; Yakovlev, A.Y., 1977:
Actions of the lysosomal apparatus of cells in the regulation of cellular proliferation

Boyd P.J.; Walker R.J., 1985:
Actions of the molluscan neuropeptide phenylalanylmethionylarginylphenylalaninamide on neurons in the subesophageal ganglia of the snail helix aspersa

Curtis M.J.; Walker M.J.A.; Yuswack T., 1986:
Actions of the verapamil analogues anipamil and ronipamil against ischemia induced arrhythmias in conscious rats

Salonen R.O.; Mattila M.J.; Edholm L E., 1982:
Actions of theophylline terbutaline and ipratropium bromide alone and in combinations on methacholine induced broncho constriction

Arlock P., 1988:
Actions of three local anesthetics lidocaine bupivacaine and ropivacaine on guinea pig papillary muscle sodium channels v max

Dolva, O.; Hanssen, K.F.; Frey, H.M.M., 1978:
Actions of thyrotropin releasing hormone on gastro intestinal function in man part 1 inhibition of glucose and xylose absorption from the gut

Dolva, L.O.; Stadaas, J.O., 1979:
Actions of thyrotropin releasing hormone on gastro intestinal functions in man 3. inhibition of gastric motility in response to distension

Dolva L.O.; Hanssen K.F.; Berstad A., 1979:
Actions of thyrotropin releasing hormone on the gastro intestinal function in man part 2 inhibition of penta gastrin stimulated acid secretion

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Actions of tizanidine on alpha 1 adrenoceptors and alpha 2 adrenoceptors in the peripheral tissues

Stone T.W., 1983:
Actions of trh and cyclo histidylprolyl on spontaneous and evoked activity of cortical neurons

Petsikos Panayotarou N., 1979:
Actions of triforine and imazalil on a population of the fungus sphaerotheca fuliginea of altered sensitivity to benomyl

Wu, C.H.; Narahashi, T., 1976:
Actions of trihexyphenidyl and benztropine on squid axon membranes

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Actions of tumor necrosis factor on cultured vascular endothelial cells: morphologic modulation, growth inhibition, and cytotoxicity

Han, Y.N.; Kato, H.; Iwanaga, S.; Komiya, M., 1978:
Actions of urinary kallikrein ec plasmin ec and other kininogenases on bovine plasma high molecular weight kininogen

Vapaatalo, H.; Bieck, P.; Westermann, E., 1972:
Actions of various cyclic nucleotides nucleosides and purine bases on the synthesis of cortico sterone in vitro

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Actions of various factors on the ability of ewes beta lacto globulin to bind fmn

Gouret, C.; Mocquet, G.; Coston, A.; Raynaud, G., 1977:
Actions of various psychotropic drugs on 5 effects of reserpine in mice and cats ptosis hypo thermia hypo motility catalepsy and ponto geniculo occipital waves

Sutliff, V.E.; Raufman, J.P.; Jensen, R.T.; Gardner, J.D., 1986:
Actions of vasoactive intestinal peptide and secretin on chief cells prepared from guinea pig stomach

Suzue T.; Yanaihara N.; Otsuka M., 1981:
Actions of vasopressin gastrin releasing peptide and other peptides on neurons of new born rat spinal cord in vitro

Dersham, G.H.; Han, J., 1981:
Actions of verapamil on Purkinje fibers from normal and infarcted heart tissues

Macdonald J.F.; Schneiderman J.H., 1983:
Actions of verapamil on the excitability of cultured neurons

Appelberg B.; Hulliger M.; Johansson H.; Sojka P., 1983:
Actions on gamma moto neurons elicited by electrical stimulation of group ii muscle afferent fibers in the hind limb of the cat

Johansson H.; Sojka P., 1985:
Actions on gamma motoneurons elicited by electrical stimulation of cutaneous afferent fibers in the hind limb of the cat

Johansson H.; Sjolander P.; Sojka P., 1986:
Actions on gamma motoneurons elicited by electrical stimulation of joint afferent fibers in the hind limb of the cat

Lander, N.S., 1976:
Actites new genus of compositae from australia

Petty H.R.; Hermann W.; Dereski W.; Frey T.; Mcconnell H.M., 1984 :
Activatable esterase activity of murine natural killer cell yac tumor cell conjugates

Takesue S.; Watanabe K.; Nakahara S.; Masamoto H.; Yamasaki M., 1985:
Activate sludge treatment of slacked lime pretreated formalin containing hospital waste

Hartmann G.R., 1976:
Activated acetic acid and its derivatives autobiographic contributions of pupils and friends of feodor lynen

Schuyler M.R.; Steinberg D., 1982:
Activated alveolar macrophages immuno globulin complement receptors

Wallaert, B.; Bart, F.; Aerts, C.; Ouaissi, A.; Hatron, P.Y.; Tonnel, A.B.; Voisin, C., 1988:
Activated alveolar macrophages in subclinical pulmonary inflammation in collagen vascular diseases

Valle G.; Toniolo C.; Jung G., 1986:
Activated amino acids structures of alpha phthalimidoisobutyric anhydride pentachlorophenyl alpha tert butyloxycarbonylaminoisobutanoate and pentachlorophenyl alpha benzyloxycarbonylaminoisobutanoate

Zubler, R.H.; Lowenthal, J.W.; Erard, F.; Hashimoto, N.; Devos, R.; MacDonald, H.R., 1984:
Activated B cells express receptors for, and proliferate in response to, pure interleukin 2

Burger, R.M.; Peisach, J.; Horwitz, S.B., 1981:
Activated bleomycin. A transient complex of drug, iron, and oxygen that degrades DNA

Ishikawa F.; Takaku F.; Ochiai M.; Hayashi K.; Hirosashi S.; Terada M.; Takayama S.; Nagao M.; Sugimura T., 1985:
Activated c raf gene in a rat hepatocellular carcinoma induced by 2 amino 3 methylimidazol 4 5 f quinoline

Nimura N.; Iwaki K.; Kinoshita T.; Takeda K.; Ogura H., 1986:
Activated carbamate reagent as derivatizing agent for amino compounds in high performance liquid chromatography

Lee M.C.; Snoeyink V.L.; Crittenden J.C., 1981:
Activated carbon adsorption of humic substances

Summers, R.S.; Roberts, P.V., 1988:
Activated carbon adsorption of humic substances 1. heterodisperse mixtures and desorption

Dunscombe P.B.; Dunn M.J.; Bhattacharyya A.K., 1980:
Activated carbon badges as detectors of airborne iodine 125

Isono H.; Miyaura S.; Mikawa R., 1981:
Activated carbon chromatography of amino acids and related compounds application for the detection of drug metabolites

Husmann S., 1982:
Activated carbon filters as artificial biotopes of stygophil and stygobiont ground water organisms

Majek B.A., 1986:
Activated carbon for safening peppers capsicum annuum in soils treated with metribuzin

Mckay G.; A.D.ri B.A.A., 1987:
Activated carbon for the removal of basic dye from effluent

Bosch, H.; Kleerebezem, G.J.; Mars, P., 1976:
Activated carbon from activated sludge

Hossain M.A.; Mustafa A.I.; Alam M.Z., 1985:
Activated carbon from sal shorea robusta seed husks

Romanowski R.R., 1982:
Activated carbon protects direct seeded tomatoes lycopersicon esculentum from partially selective herbicides

Chudyk, W.A.; Snoeyink, V.L.; Beckmann, D.; Temperly, T.J., 1979:
Activated carbon vs. resin adsorption of 2 methyl iso borneol and chloroform

Boening, P.H.; Beckmann, D.D.; Snoeyink, V.L., 1980:
Activated carbon vs. resin adsorption of humic substances

Guay, D.R.; Meatherall, R.C.; Macaulay, P.A.; Yeung, C., 1984:
Activated charcoal adsorption of diphenhydramine

Fisher P.R.; Williams K.L., 1981:
Activated charcoal and orientation behavior by dictyostelium discoideum slugs

Davis, D.R.; Yeary, R.A., 1987:
Activated charcoal as an adjunct to phototherapy for neonatal jaundice

Davis D.R.; Yeary R.A.; Lee K., 1983:
Activated charcoal decreases plasma bilirubin levels in hyper bilirubinemic rat

Ryan C.J.; Courtney J.M.; Wood C.B.; Hood R.G.; Blumgart L.H., 1979:
Activated charcoal hemo perfusion via an extracorporeal circuit in the unrestrained and unanesthetized rat

Minocha, A.; Herold, D.A.; Barth, J.T.; Gideon, D.A.; Spyker, D.A., 1986:
Activated charcoal in oral ethanol absorption: lack of effect in humans

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