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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 4670

Chapter 4670 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Sumbatov, L.A.; Frantsev, V.I.; Ostrovskii, V.Y. ; Yunovidova, L.I.; Pokrovskaya, E.L., 1976:
Acute cardiac insufficiency and water electrolyte metabolism in the post operative period in patients with congenital heart diseases

Krymskii L.D.; Sinev A.F.; Artyukhina T.V.; Blagoveshchenskaya R.P., 1980:
Acute cardiac insufficiency during myo cardial hypoxia and conductibility disorders after open heart surgery

Stanciu L.; Brancea I.; Radivoievici A.; Avram R.; Mancas S., 1984:
Acute cardiac insufficiency secondary to some late complications following cardiac surgery

Schraeder R.; Hoeft A.; Hoeft T.; Korb H.; Wolpers H.G.; Kober G.; Hellige G., 1985:
Acute cardiac side effects after intracoronary injections of lodecol a new nonionic dimeric radiological contrast medium

Sano S.; Shimizu Y.; Shimizu N.; Senou Y.; Teramoto S.; Taguchi K.; Furutani S., 1983:
Acute cardiac tamponade due to perforation of a benign mediastinal teratoma into the peri cardial sac

Deasis, D.N.Jr ; Ali, M.K.; Soto, A.; Samaan, N., 1978:
Acute cardiac toxicity of anti neoplastic agents as the 1st manifestation of pheo chromo cytoma

Kawazoe, K.; Tanabe, M.; Matsumoto, N.; Fujiwara, S.; Yanagimoto, M.; Hirata, M., 1978:
Acute cardio hemodynamic and renal effects of 1 4 di morpholino 7 phenyl pyrido 3 4 d pyridazine ds 511 in anesthetized dogs

Herman E.H.; Balazs T.; Young R.; Earl F.L.; Krop S.; Ferrans V.J., 1979:
Acute cardio myopathy induced by the vaso dilating anti hypertensive agent minoxidil

Davy, M.; Midol-Monnet, M.; Cohen, Y.; Wepierre, J., 1977:
Acute cardio vascular activity of beta adrenoceptor blocking drugs in awake or anesthetized normotensive and hypertensive rats

Riviere A.; Denolin H., 1981:
Acute cardio vascular complications and sports

Randall, D.C.; Hasson, D.M.; Brady, J.V., 1978:
Acute cardio vascular consequences of anterior descending coronary artery occlusion in unanesthetized monkey

Jandhyala B.S.; Steenberg M.L.; Buckley J.P., 1983:
Acute cardio vascular effects of bepridil in anesthetized mongrel dogs

D'amelio, G.; Dalla-Volta, S.; Stritoni, P.; Chioin, R.; Menozzi, L., 1973:
Acute cardio vascular effects of diazepam in patients with mitral valve disease

Defelice, A.; Wilson, W.; Ambre, J., 1976:
Acute cardio vascular effects of intra venous methanol in the anesthetized dog

Bier, A.J.; Eichacker, P.Q.; Sinoway, L.I.; Terribile, S.M.; Strom, J.A.; Keefe, D.L., 1988:
Acute cardiogenic pulmonary edema: clinical and noninvasive evaluation

Benoit, A.; Ducas, J.; Girling, L.; Schick, U.; Prewitt, R.M., 1985:
Acute cardiopulmonary effects of nitroglycerin in canine oleic acid pulmonary edema

Jesmok, G.; Borgia, J., 1985:
Acute cardiopulmonary manifestations of smooth and rough strain lipopolysaccharide infusion in the conscious sheep

Sturek, M.L.; Bedford, T.G.; Tipton, C.M.; Newcomer, L., 1984:
Acute cardiorespiratory responses of hypertensive rats to swimming and treadmill exercise

Suokas, A.; Kupari, M.; Heikkilä, J.; Lindros, K.; Ylikahri, R., 1988:
Acute cardiovascular and metabolic effects of acetate in men

Guha, A.; Tator, C.H., 1988:
Acute cardiovascular effects of experimental spinal cord injury

Vander L.B.; Franklin B.A.; Wrisley D.; Rubenfire M., 1986:
Acute cardiovascular responses to nautilus exercise in cardiac patients implications for exercise training

Campion E.W.; Mahoney A.; Bang A., 1984:
Acute care hospitals providing elderly and long term care services a survey of the massachusetts usa experience

Lindberg, B., 1980:
Acute carotid occlusion. Indication for surgery?

Soderberg P.G., 1988:
Acute cataract in the rat after exposure to radiation in the 300 nm wavelength region a study of the macrostructure microstructure and ultrastructure

Zhu W Q.; W.T.Z., 1985:
Acute cauda equina dysfunction following lumbar disc operation

Keskitalo, E.; Koikkalainen, K.; Meurala, H.; Teppo, L., 1976:
Acute celiac artery occlusion initial collateral blood flow from the superior mesenteric artery an experimental study

Ishida T., 1985:
Acute cell damage and induction of pancreas cancer with n nitrosobis 2 hydroxypropylamine in pancreas of syrian golden hamsters

Frankfurt, O.S., 1975:
Acute cell death in different parts of the gastro intestinal tract induced by inhibition of dna synthesis

Kolbeck, P.C.; Scheinman, J.I.; Sanfilippo, F., 1986:
Acute cellular rejection and cyclosporine nephrotoxicity monitored by biopsy in a renal allograft recipient. The differentiation of drug nephrotoxicity from rejection by phenotyping of cellular infiltrates

Jørgensen, J., 1981:
Acute cement burn

Wen, H.L., 1978:
Acute central cervical spinal cord syndrome treated by acupuncture and electrical stimulation

Pathy M.S., 1979:
Acute central chest pain in the elderly. A review of 296 consecutive hospital admissions during 1976 with particular reference to the possible role of beta-adrenergic blocking agents in inducing substernal pain

Yanagita T.; Wakasa Y.; Nakanishi H., 1981:
Acute central nervous system effects and reinforcing effect of dn 1417 delta butyro lactone delta carbonylhistidyl prolineamide in rhesus monkeys macaca mulatta

Al-Khudhairi, D.; Whitwam, J.G.; Askitopoulou, H., 1982:
Acute central respiratory effects of diazepam, its solvent and propylene glycol

Willerson, D.J. ; Aaberg, T.M., 1978:
Acute central retinal artery occlusion and optic disc neo vascularization occurrence in a patient with carotid artery disease

Ogawa, M.; Maeda, F.; Okubo, H., 1976:
Acute cerebellar ataxia in adults a clinical case

Raurich Bottiger M.; Pineda Marfa M.; Vidal Sanahuja R.; Fernandez Alvarez E., 1984:
Acute cerebellar ataxia in childhood a review of 23 cases

Nigro, G.; Pastoris, M.C.; Fantasia, M.M.; Midulla, M., 1983:
Acute cerebellar ataxia in pediatric legionellosis

Au, W.J.; Keltner, J.L.; Lenn, N.J., 1982:
Acute cerebellar ataxia of childhood and optic neuritis with retrochiasmal involvement

Salinsky M.C.; Levine R.L.; Aubuchon J.P.; Schutta H.S., 1983:
Acute cerebellar dys function with high dose cytosine arabinoside therapy

Brennan, R.W.; Bergland, R.M., 1977:
Acute cerebellar hemorrhage. Analysis of clinical findings and outcome in 12 cases

Weisberg L.A., 1986:
Acute cerebellar hemorrhage and computed tomography evidence of tight posterior fossa

Lufkin, E.G.; Reagan, T.J.; Doan, D.H.; Yanagihara, T., 1977:
Acute cerebral dys function in diabetic keto acidosis survival followed by pan hypo pituitarism

Zornow, M.H.; Scheller, M.S.; Todd, M.M.; Moore, S.S., 1988:
Acute cerebral effects of isotonic crystalloid and colloid solutions following cryogenic brain injury in the rabbit

Unger, E.C.; Gado, M.H.; Fulling, K.F.; Littlefield, J.L., 1987:
Acute cerebral infarction in monkeys: an experimental study using MR imaging

Romodanov A.P.; Pedachenko G.A., 1980:
Acute cerebral insults in elderly and old individuals

Gadian, D.G.; Frackowiak, R.S.J.; Crockard, H.A.; Proctor, E.; Allen, K.; Williams, S.R.; Russell, R.W.R., 1987:
Acute cerebral ischemia concurrent changes in cerebral blood flow energy metabolites ph and lactate measured with hydrogen clearance and phosphorus 31 and proton nmr spectroscopy i. methodology

Crockard, H.A.; Gadian, D.G.; Frackowiak, R.S.J.; Proctor, E.; Allen, K.; Williams, S.R.; Russell, R.W.R., 1987:
Acute cerebral ischemia concurrent changes in cerebral blood flow energy metabolites ph and lactate measured with hydrogen clearance and phosphorus 31 and proton nmr spectroscopy ii. changes during ischemia

Diaz, F.; Meyer, M., 1981:
Acute cerebral re vascularization 3. cerebral blood flow

Diaz, F.G.; Mastri, A.H.; Ausman, J.I.; Chou, S.N., 1979:
Acute cerebral re vascularization after regional cerebral ischemia in the dog 2. clinico pathological correlation

Tirabasso F.; Cappelletti F., 1980:
Acute cerebro vascular insufficiency in the aged after aorto bi femoral bypass

Paolino E.; Monetti V.C.; Granieri E.; Boldrini P., 1983:
Acute cerebro vascular insults in homo zygous beta thalassemia a case

Dong C.; E.A., 1987:
Acute cerebrovascular disorders induced by allergic vasculitis case report

Gillingham, F.J.; Steers, J.; Mcclemont, E., 1978:
Acute cervical spinal cord injury early management and long term results

Songseng A., 1986:
Acute cervical spine injury

Clegg, R.A.; Mullaney, I., 1985:
Acute change in the cyclic AMP content of rat mammary acini in vitro. Influence of physiological and pharmacological agents

Yoshida K I.; Takahashi T.; Nakame Y.; Saitoh H.; Horiuchi S.; Kaneoya F.; Negishi T., 1986:
Acute change of urinary n acetylglucosamine activity following cisplatin administration

Reinis, S., 1976:
Acute changes in animal inner ears due to simulated sonic booms

Livrea P.; Simone I.L.; Zimatore G.B.; Logroscino G.C.; Pisicchio L.; Lojacono G.; Colella R.; Ceci A., 1985:
Acute changes in blood cerebrospinal fluid barrier permselectivity to serum proteins after intrathecal methotrexate and central nervous system irradiation

Sideris, D.A.; Kontoyannis, D.A.; Michalis, L.; Adractas, A.; Moulopoulos, S.D., 1987:
Acute changes in blood pressure as a cause of cardiac arrhythmias

Suzuki, Y.; Uchida, J.; Tsuji, H.; Kuzuhara, K.; Hara, S.; Nihei, H.; Ogura, Y.; Otsubo, O.; Mimura, N., 1987:
Acute changes in C3a and C5a in an anaphylactoid reaction in hemodialysis patients

Nichols A.B.; Strauss H.W.; Moore R.H.; Guiney T.E.; Cochavi S.; Beller G.A.; Pohost G.M., 1979:
Acute changes in cardio pulmonary blood volume during upright exercise stress testing in patients with coronary heart disease

Bourgoin, S.; Artaud, F.; Enjalbert, A.; Héry, F.; Glowinski, J.; Hamon, M., 1977:
Acute changes in central serotonin metabolism induced by the blockade or stimulation of serotoninergic receptors during ontogenesis in the rat

Jones, C.E.; Thomas, J.X.; Parker, J.C.; Parker, R.E., 1976:
Acute changes in high energy phosphates nucleotide derivatives and contractile force in ischemic and nonischemic canine myo cardium following coronary occlusion

Edwall B.; Berg J O.; Aars H.; Gazelius B.; Edwall L., 1987:
Acute changes in intra alveolar tooth position and local clearance of iodine 125 from the periodontal ligament

Sowers J.R.; Connelly Fittinghoff M.; Tuck M.L.; Krall J.F., 1983:
Acute changes in noradrenaline levels do not alter lymphocyte beta adrenergic receptor concentrations in man

Noack, W.; Wolff, J.R.; Gueldner, F.H.; Moritz, A., 1971:
Acute changes in rat parietal cortex after a stab trauma

Tornheim, P.A.; McLaurin, R.L., 1981:
Acute changes in regional brain water content following experimental closed head injury

Rossi G.; Semplicini A.; Pessina A.C.; Perissinottto F.; R.; Feltrin G.; Mozzato M.G.; Dal Palu C., 1985:
Acute changes in renin and angiotensin i after captopril in the screening for renovascular hypertension

D.T.oyer, A.; Borenstein, S., 1980:
Acute changes in respiratory mechanics after pyridostigmine injection in patients with myasthenia gravis

Immel, J.; Negi, A.; Marmor, M.F., 1986:
Acute changes in RPE apical morphology after retinal detachment in rabbit. A SEM study

Ranta, T.; Lehtovirta, P.; Stenman, U.H.; Laatikainen, T.; Seppälä, M., 1980:
Acute changes in serum prolactin concentration have no effect on the secretion of progesterone, estradiol, or chorionic gonadotropin during early pregnancy

Hartmann, P.E.; Prosser, C.G., 1982:
Acute changes in the composition of milk during the ovulatory menstrual cycle in lactating women

Lijnen P.; Verschueren L.J.; Fagard R.; Staessen J.; Amery A., 1980:
Acute changes in the renin angiotensin aldo sterone system catecholamines and prostaglandins during captopril treatment in man

Bacopoulos N.G., 1981:
Acute changes in the state of dopamine receptors in vitro monitoring with tritium labeled dopamine

Bech K.; Feldt Rasmussen U.; Bliddal H.; Date J.; Blichert Toft M., 1982:
Acute changes in thyroid stimulating immuno globulins thyro globulin and thyro globulin antibodies following subtotal thyroidectomy

Zapata, P.; Zuazo, A.; Llados, F., 1976:
Acute changes in ventilation and blood pressure induced by inhalation of tobacco smoke

Langer, P.; Suzuki, M.; Kakegawa, T.; Földes, O.; Gschwendtová, K., 1985:
Acute changes of iodothyronine excretion by bile after a single and repeated administration of dexamethasone in rats

Holmes, P.W.; Campbell, A.H.; Barter, C.E., 1978:
Acute changes of lung volumes and lung mechanics in asthma and in normal subjects

Rudas R.; Pethes G., 1986:
Acute changes of the conversion of thyroxine to triiodothyronine in hypophysectomized and thyroidectomized chickens exposed to mild cold 10 celsius

Franke, H.; Malyusz, M.; Weiss, C.; Unsicker, K., 1975:
Acute changes of the sodium potassium atpase activity in plasma membranes of the isolated cell free perfused rat kidney

Ostler, H.B., 1982:
Acute chemotic reaction to cromolyn

Jain, A.P.; Chaubey, B.S., 1986:
Acute chest syndrome in adult homozygous sickle cell disease

Caprioli A.; Falbo V.; Giraldi V.; Ruggeri F.M.; Capano G.; Guandalini S.; Cuarino A.; Rubino A., 1985:
Acute childhood diarrhea in naples italy an etiologic study

Harrison, H.R.; Magder, L.S.; Boyce, W.T.; Hauler, J.; Becker, T.M.; Stewart, J.A.; Humphrey, D.D., 1986:
Acute Chlamydia trachomatis respiratory infection in childhood. Serologic evidence

Olanoff, L.S.; Bristow, W.J.; Colcolough, J.; Reigart, J.R., 1983:
Acute chlordane intoxication

Karel, A.K., 1976:
Acute chlordane toxicity on the serum alkaline phosphatase activity of meriones hurrianae

Jordan, J.E.; Grice, T.; Mishra, S.K.; Desaiah, D., 1981:
Acute chlordecone toxicity in rats: a relationship between tremor and ATPase activities

Colardyn, F.; Van Der Straeten, M.; Tasson, J.; Van Egmond, J., 1976:
Acute chlorine gas intoxication

Basoli, A.; Schietroma, M.; D.S.ntis, A.; Colella, A.; Fiocca, F.; Speranza, V., 1986:
Acute cholangitis: diagnostic and therapeutic problems

Glenn, F., 1976:
Acute cholecystitis

Pellegrini C.A.; Way L.W., 1987:
Acute cholecystitis

Roullet Audy J.C.; Guivarc'h M., 1986 :
Acute cholecystitis

Gilchrist N.L.; Boniface G.R.; Turner J.G.; Ovenden B.M., 1982:
Acute cholecystitis a diagnostic approach using technetium 99m labeled di ethyl imino di acetic acid scintigraphy

Torner Gracia J.; Fernandez Alonso A.; Fuente Martin E., 1986:
Acute cholecystitis a report of 150 cases

Jaime G.; Abete R.; Cariola C.; Camba J.; Horgan F., 1987:
Acute cholecystitis a retrospective study

Bonnel D.; Ligoury C.; Cornud F.; Canard J.M., 1988:
Acute cholecystitis after insertion of biliary endoprosthesis treatment by percutaneous cholecystostomy

Rodríguez Otero, J.C.; Rainoldi, J.; Celoria, G.; Monti, J., 1985:
Acute cholecystitis and cancer of the gallbladder in the aged

Devine, R.M.; Farnell, M.B.; Mucha, P., 1984:
Acute cholecystitis as a complication in surgical patients

DuPriest, R.W.; Khaneja, S.C.; Cowley, R.A., 1979:
Acute cholecystitis complicating trauma

Ziv, Y.; Feigenberg, Z.; Zer, M.; Dintsman, M., 1987:
Acute cholecystitis complicating unrelated disease: etiological considerations

Colletti, P.M.; Ralls, P.W.; Siegel, M.E.; Halls, J.M., 1987:
Acute cholecystitis: diagnosis with radionuclide angiography

McGahan, J.P.; Lindfors, K.K., 1988 :
Acute cholecystitis: diagnostic accuracy of percutaneous aspiration of the gallbladder

Norrby, S.; Heuman, R.; Sjödahl, R., 1985:
Acute cholecystitis. Frequency of stones in the common duct and predictive value of liver function tests

Zavernyi L.G.; Poida A.I.; Vitvilyuk I.A.; Serov A.V., 1986:
Acute cholecystitis in elderly and senile patients with concomitant diabetes mellitus

Landers, D.; Carmona, R.; Crombleholme, W.; Lim, R., 1987:
Acute cholecystitis in pregnancy

Gately, J.F.; Thomas, E.J., 1983:
Acute cholecystitis occurring as a complication of other diseases

Medina E.E.; Nikcevich O., 1981:
Acute cholecystitis therapeutic approach

Lahtinen, J.; Alhava, E.M.; Aukee, S., 1978:
Acute cholecystitis treated by early and delayed surgery. A controlled clinical trial

Morgan, M.Y.; Sherlock, S.; Scheuer, P.J., 1978:
Acute cholestasis, hepatic failure, and fatty liver in the alcoholic

Gourley, G.R.; Chesney, P.J.; Davis, J.P.; Odell, G.B., 1981:
Acute cholestasis in patients with toxic- shock syndrome

Dominguez R.; O.K.S.; Young L.W.; Goodman M., 1987:
Acute chondrolysis complicating legg calve perthes disease

L.B.stard E.; Diard F.; Fontan D.; Dehais J.; Cassier C.; Nicolau A., 1987 :
Acute chondrolysis of the hip associated with protusio acetabuli report of 2 cases in preadolescent girls

Martin, P.; Bedoucha, P., 1981:
Acute chorea and disseminated lupus erythematosus

Gaudric A.; Binaghi M.; Coscas G., 1981:
Acute chorio capillaris occlusion and elschnigs spots during toxemia of pregnancy

Witten, M.L.; Lemen, R.J.; Quan, S.F.; Sobonya, R.E.; Magarelli, J.L.; Bruck, D.C., 1987:
Acute cigarette smoke exposure causes lung injury in rabbits treated with ibuprofen

Abrams, W.R.; Kucich, U.; Kimbel, P.; Glass, M.; Weinbaum, G., 1988:
Acute cigarette smoke exposure in dogs: the inflammatory response

Witten, M.L.; Lemen, R.J.; Quan, S.F.; Sobonya, R.E.; Roseberry, H.; Stevenson, J.L.; Clayton, J., 1985:
Acute cigarette smoke exposure increases alveolar permeability in rabbits

de Graaf, S.S.; Nijmeijer, A.; Zijlstra, W.G., 1986:
Acute circulatory effects of doxorubicin in the conscious dog

Kalsnes, R.; Fjøsne, H.; Kufaas, T., 1984:
Acute circulatory insufficiency of previously operated testes

Zhipiao, X.; Huilan, Z.; Weiji, C., 1979:
Acute clonorchiasis: report of 2 cases

Guttman, H.; Wellisch, G.; Bassan, H., 1982:
Acute Clostridium perfringens peritonitis in prolonged presence of a pessary

Rimdusit, P.; Atichartakarn, V.; Lapanich, A.; Suthirasanti, S., 1980:
Acute coagulation defect during labor

Holt, G.R.; Young, W.C., 1981:
Acute coalescent mastoiditis

Catravas, J.D.; Waters, I.W., 1981:
Acute cocaine intoxication in the conscious dog: studies on the mechanism of lethality

Lonky, S.A.; Catanzaro, A.; Moser, K.M.; Einstein, H., 1976:
Acute coccidioidal pleural effusion

Tonndorf, J., 1980:
Acute cochlear disorders: the combination of hearing loss, recruitment, poor speech discrimination, and tinnitus

Miller M.L.; Hiramoto R.N.; Soong S J.; Samuelson C.O.Jr; Ward J.R., 1981:
Acute colchicine and vinblastine toxicity in 6 sulfanilamido indazole pre treated rats

Richard C.; Lemoine F.; Ricome J.L.; Khayat D.; Rimailho A.; Auzepy P., 1986:
Acute colectasia in patients under mechanical ventilation ten cases

Gore R.M., 1982:
Acute colitis and the hemolytic uremic syndrome

Blaser M.J.; Parsons R.B.; Wang W L.L., 1980:
Acute colitis caused by campylobacter fetus ssp jejuni

Jones, H.W.; Grogono, J.; Hoare, A.M., 1987:
Acute colitis in a district general hospital

Chester, J.F.; Ross, J.S.; Malt, R.A.; Weitzman, S.A., 1985:
Acute colitis produced by chemotactic peptides in rats and mice

Lopez Soto A.; Cardellach F.; Pujol A.; Closas J.; Piulachs X.; Ingelmo M., 1986:
Acute colon pseudoobstruction description of three cases and review of the literature

Yamamoto, K., 1976:
Acute combined effects of hydrogen cyanide and carbon mon oxide with the use of the combustion products from poly acrylonitrile gauze mixtures

Mubarak, S.J.; Owen, C.A.; Hargens, A.R.; Garetto, L.P.; Akeson, W.H., 1978:
Acute compartment syndromes: diagnosis and treatment with the aid of the wick catheter

Myerson, M., 1987:
Acute compartment syndromes of the foot

Shirley, D.G.; Skinner, J., 1978:
Acute compensatory adaptation of renal function following contralateral kidney exclusion in Brattleboro rats with diabetes insipidus

Eskola, A.; Vainionpää, S.; Korkala, O.; Rokkanen, P., 1987:
Acute complete acromioclavicular dislocation. A prospective randomized trial of fixation with smooth or threaded Kirschner wires or cortical screw

Mecklenburg, R.S.; Benson, E.A.; Benson, J.W.; Fredlund, P.N.; Guinn, T.; Metz, R.J.; Nielsen, R.L.; Sanner, C.A., 1984:
Acute complications associated with insulin infusion pump therapy. Report of experience with 161 patients

Bumaschny E.; Lipinszki A.; Feldfeber J.; Minces J.; Reichman P.; Schieppati E., 1986:
Acute complications in benign colopathies clinical analysis on 90 cases

Raisp I., 1981:
Acute complications in diabetes mellitus

Pahlig, H.; Koy, A., 1988:
Acute complications of colorectal cancer

Steffenino, G.; Meier, B.; Finci, L.; Velebit, V.; von Segesser, L.; Faidutti, B.; Rutishauser, W., 1988:
Acute complications of elective coronary angioplasty: a review of 500 consecutive procedures

Rashkin, M.C.; Davis, T., 1986:
Acute complications of endotracheal intubation. Relationship to reintubation, route, urgency, and duration

Mori, E.; Yamadori, A., 1987:
Acute confusional state and acute agitated delirium. Occurrence after infarction in the right middle cerebral artery territory

Mladinov O.; Zgrablic A., 1985:
Acute confusional state in children with migraine headache

Gustafson, Y.; Berggren, D.; Brännström, B.; Bucht, G.; Norberg, A.; Hansson, L.I.; Winblad, B., 1988:
Acute confusional states in elderly patients treated for femoral neck fracture

Koponen, H.; Hurri, L.; Stenbäck, U.; Riekkinen, P.J., 1987:
Acute confusional states in the elderly: a radiological evaluation

Rey M.; Papy J.J., 1987:
Acute confusional states with frontal origin in the elderly

Sussman, W.; Weintraub, J., 1976:
Acute congestive glaucoma caused by malignant melanoma

Forsey, T.; Darougar, S., 1984:
Acute conjunctivitis caused by an atypical chlamydial strain: Chlamydia IOL 207

Clarke, S.D.; Watkins, P.A.; Lane, M.D., 1979:
Acute control of fatty acid synthesis by cyclic AMP in the chick liver cell: possible site of inhibition of citrate formation

Crijns, H.J.; van Wijk, L.M.; van Gilst, W.H.; Kingma, J.H.; van Gelder, I.C.; Lie, K.I., 1988:
Acute conversion of atrial fibrillation to sinus rhythm: clinical efficacy of flecainide acetate. Comparison of two regimens

Bloomfield, S.E.; David, D.S.; Rubin, A.L., 1978:
Acute corneal calcification

Bosnjak, Z.J.; Zuperku, E.J.; Coon, R.L.; Kampine, J.P., 1979:
Acute coronary artery occlusion and cardiac sympathetic afferent nerve activity

Magnus, K.; Matroos, A.; Schipper, H.A.; Strackee, J., 1977:
Acute coronary events in some Dutch countryside communities

Suryapranata, H.; Serruys, P.W.; Soward, A.L.; Planellas, J.; Vanhaleweyk, G.; Hugenholtz, P.G., 1985:
Acute coronary hemodynamic effects of equihypotensive doses of nisoldipine and diltiazem

Neill, W.A.; Wharton, T.P.; Fluri-Lundeen, J.; Cohen, I.S., 1980:
Acute coronary insufficiency - coronary occlusion after intermittent ischemic attacks

Ganelina I.E.; Rozenberg L.I.; Churin V.D., 1981:
Acute coronary insufficiency pre infarction state and the initial stage of development of myo cardial infarction clinico electro cardiographic parallels

Day, L.J.; Thibault, G.E.; Sowton, E., 1977:
Acute coronary insufficiency. Review of 46 patients

Shiu, M.F.; Silverton, N.P.; Oakley, D.; Cumberland, D., 1985:
Acute coronary occlusion during percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty

Balzar E.; Reisner T.; Wolf A., 1983:
Acute cortical blindness a reversible complication of acute renal failure in a burned child

Vukotic D., 1981:
Acute crystalline and septic arthritis

Guillen, F.J.; Ferrara, J.; Hancock, W.W.; Messadi, D.; Fonferko, E.; Burakoff, S.J.; Murphy, G.F., 1986:
Acute cutaneous graft vs. host disease to minor histocompatibility antigens in a murine model evidence that large granular lymphocytes are effector cells in the immune response

Graham, D.L.; Laman, D.; Theodore, J.; Robin, E.D., 1977:
Acute cyanide poisoning complicated by lactic acidosis and pulmonary edema

Vasseur P.; Erb F.; Dequidt J.; Aerts C., 1980:
Acute cyto toxicity of a di thio carbamate thiram on the human cell kb 3 in culture

Schultz T.W., 1982:
Acute cyto toxicity of fossil energy related comparative research materials

Ten-Napel, C.H.H.; The, T.H., 1980:
Acute cytomegalovirus infection and the host immune response 1. development and maintenance of cytomegalovirus induced in vitro lymphocyte reactivity and its relationship to the production of cytomegalovirus antibodies

Ten-Napel, C.H.H.; The, T.H., 1980:
Acute cytomegalovirus infection and the host immune response 2. relationship of suppressed in vitro lymphocyte reactivity to bacterial recall antigens and mitogens with the development of cytomegalovirus induced lymphocyte reactivity

Mayo, D.R.; Rapp, F., 1980:
Acute cytomegalovirus infections in leukemic mice

Arguelles Martin F.; Gonzalez Fernandez F.; Figuerola Mulet J.; Valls Sanchez D.L.P.erta A., 1986:
Acute damage of the gastric mucosa in children

Laerum, F., 1983:
Acute damage to human endothelial cells by brief exposure to contrast media in vitro

Smith, C.I.; Weissberg, J.; Bernhardt, L.; Gregory, P.B.; Robinson, W.S.; Merigan, T.C., 1983:
Acute Dane particle suppression with recombinant leukocyte A interferon in chronic hepatitis B virus infection

Elonen, E.; Neuvonen, P.J.; Halmekoski, J.; Mattila, M.J., 1979:
Acute dapsone intoxication: a case with prolonged symptoms

Neuvonen P.J.; Elonen E.; Haapanen E.J., 1983:
Acute dapsone intoxication clinical findings and effect of oral charcoal and hemo dialysis on dapsone elimination

Kitano M.; Hayashi K., 1981:
Acute decompression sickness an autopsy case with widespread fat embolism

Isoyama, S.; Apstein, C.S.; Wexler, L.F.; Grice, W.N.; Lorell, B.H., 1987:
Acute decrease in left ventricular diastolic chamber distensibility during simulated angina in isolated hearts

Langer, P.; Foldes, O.; Mess, B.; Kokesova, H.; Gschwendtova, K., 1977:
Acute decrease of blood thyroid hormone by iso volemic exchange transfusion as a stimulus for pulse thyrotropin release and its modifications by central nervous system lesions

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Acute effects of a new stimulatory luteinizing hormone releasing hormone analog 6 d tert butyl serine luteinizing hormone releasing hormone 10 ethylamide on the gonadotropin and gonadal steroid secretion in women with amenorrhea

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Acute effects of ethanol ingestion on the response to submaximal and maximal exercise in man

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Acute epiglottitis in children

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Acute erythro leukemia with l 3 morphology and the 14q plus chromosome

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Acute ethanol intoxication does not influence gonadotropin secretion in postmenopausal women

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Acute ethanol treatment modifies response properties and habituation of the dorsal root ventral root reflex in the isolated frog rana catesbeiana spinal cord

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Acute excision or exposure treatment? Secondary reconstructions and functional results

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Acute exercise, epinephrine, and diabetes enhance insulin binding to skeletal muscle

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