Additions to the jurassic flora of dhokuti in the rajmahal hills india

Sharma, B.D.

Acta Palaeobotanica 16(1): 83-100


ISSN/ISBN: 0001-6594
Accession: 004675918

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Descriptions are given of the recently collected fossil plants from Dhokuti in the Rajmahal Hills, Bihar. These include new species [Gleichenia dhokutense, Dicksonia speciosa, Dennstaedia rajmahalensis, Dryopteris cladophleboides, Sphenopteris elaminata ] in addition to the previously described materials from this locality. Among the pteridophytes the dominating plants are Selaginella, Cladophlebis, Gleichenia, Dicksonia, Sphenopteris etc., and in gymnosperms the cycads and Bennettitales which occur abundantly in this locality. Ginkgoites and taxads are also known but not found frequently. The palaeoecological conditions of this flora are discussed and its correlations with other localities in the Rajmahal Hills are considered. [The remaining taxa included in the descriptions are Equisetites rajmahalensis, Cladophlebis denticulata, Dryopteris indica, Haydenia thyrsopteroides, Sphenopteris cf. imbricata, Sphenopteris sp., Thinnfeldia cf. amarjolense, Dicroidium sp., Cycadolepis?, Williamsonia sp. and Ginkgoites sp.].