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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 4691

Chapter 4691 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Ostroumova, M.N., 1978:
Age related reduction of the sensitivity of the hypothalamo hypophyseal complex to the inhibitory action of dexamethasone the effect of stress poly peptide extract of the epiphysis and phenoformine

Rogers R.L.; Meyer J.S.; Mortel K.F.; Mahurin R.K.; Thornby J., 1985:
Age related reductions in cerebral vasomotor reactivity and the law of initial value a 4 year prospective longitudinal study

Meyer E.M.; Esen Momol A.; Baker S.P., 1985:
Age related reductions in rat atrial high affinity choline uptake acetylcholine synthesis and acetylcholine release a brief note

Urdal, P.; Urdal, K.; Stromme, J.H., 1982:
Age related reference intervals for creatine kinase bb ec in serum

Parvy, P.; Huang, Y.; Kamoun, P., 1979:
Age related reference values for urinary free amino acids: a simple method of evaluation

Wandrup J.; Kroner J.; Pryds O.; Kastrup K.W., 1988:
Age related references values for ionized calcium in the first week of life in premature and full term neonates

Karanth S.; Dutt A.; Juneja H.S., 1987:
Age related release of prolactin by the pituitary and the pituitary hypothalamic complex in vitro an attempt to describe the development of the hypothalamic prolactin inhibiting and releasing activities in male rats

Ottinger M.A.; Duchala C.S.; Masson M., 1983 :
Age related reproductive decline in the male japanese quail coturnix coturnix japonica

Ambrosaw A.L.; Myartsalava V.S., 1984:
Age related resistance of potatoes to m viruses and y viruses

Maas, H.J.L.; De-Boer, G.F.; Groenendal, J.E., 1982:
Age related resistance to avian leukosis virus 3. infectious virus neutralizing antibody and tumors in chickens inoculated at various ages

Forest, M.G., 1978:
Age related response of plasma testosterone delta 4 androstenedione and cortisol to acth in infants children and adults

Pincus D.J.; Morrison D.; Andrews C.; Lawrence E.; Sell S.H.; Wright P.F., 1982:
Age related response to 2 haemophilus influenzae type b vaccines

Howarth D.M.; Chaston T.M.; Lickiss K.; Weekes J.R.; O'doherty C.; Foster R.E.; Tannock G.A.; Gillett R.S.; Hensley M.J.; Bryce D.A., 1987:
Age related response to influenza vaccination in the newcastle england uk region during 1983 and 1984

Saunders, D.R.; Paolino, R.M.; Bousquet, W.F.; Miya, T.S., 1974:
Age related responsiveness of the rat to drugs affecting the central nervous system

Fong S.; Pasquali J L.; Tsoukas C.D.; Vaughan J.H.; Carson D.A., 1981:
Age related restriction of the light chain heterogeneity of anti immuno globulin g antibodies induced by epstein barr virus stimulation of human lymphocytes in vitro

Pal'chun V.T.; Luchikhin L.A.; Bulaev Y.O.; Patrin A.F., 1987:
Age related results of vestibulometry

Cahill D.F.; Haggerty R.C.; Gerding J.E.; Gray L.E.; Bercegeay M.S., 1980:
Age related retention and distribution of ingested manganic manganous oxide in the rat

Lee W.R.; Blass G.E.; Shaw D.C., 1987:
Age related retinal vasculopathy

Doggett D.L.; Strehler B.L.; Makinodan T., 1986:
Age related rna polymerase i activity in isolated nuclei of phytohemagglutinin stimulated human lymphocytes

Gandara B.K.; Izutsu K.T.; Truelove E.L.; Ensign W.Y.; Sommers E.E., 1985:
Age related salivary flow rate changes in controls and patients with oral lichen planus

Soffie M.; Bronchart M., 1988:
Age related scopolamine effects on social and individual behavior in rats

Berger J., 1987:
Age related sensitivity of rats to induction of anemia

Cervia M.; Rebora A., 1983:
Age related severity of male pattern alopecia

Chen I W.; David R.; Maxon H.R.; Sperling M.; Stein E.A., 1980:
Age related sex related and race related differences in myo globin concentrations in the serum of healthy persons

Kostin A.I.; Adzhimolaev T.A., 1988:
Age related specifics of the pattern of bioelectrical characteristics of the command neurons in the edible snail

Buruljanowa I.; Wassilew G.; Radanov S., 1987:
Age related structural changes in the conduction system of the human heart

Lenoir M.; Pujol R., 1984:
Age related structural investigation of the bronx waltzer mutant mouse cochlea scanning electron microscopy and transmission electron microscopy

Zyablov V.I.; Shapovalov Y.N.; Toskin K.D.; Tkach V.V.; Zhebrovskii V.V.; Georgievskaya L.S., 1982:
Age related structure and physico mechanical properties of the human dura mater

Zaugol'nova, L.B.; Smirnova, O.V., 1978:
Age related structure of ceno populations of perennial plants and its dynamics

Yafryemava, H.A., 1984:
Age related structure of ixodoidea populations in the colonies of sand martins in zaslavl'skoe reservoir belorussian ssr ussr

Orlov G.I.; Makushin G.I., 1984:
Age related structure of populations of altai pika ochotona alpina

Kashentseva T.A., 1982:
Age related structure of the swift apus apus population in oka reserve russian sfsr ussr

Teakle R.E.; Jensen J.M.; Giles J.E., 1986:
Age related susceptibility of heliothis punctiger to a commercial formulation of nuclear polyhedrosis virus

Goldson S.L.; French R.A., 1983:
Age related susceptibility of lucerne to sitona weevil sitona discoideus coleoptera curculionidae larvae and the associated patterns of adult infestation

Edwards, J.P., 1976:
Age related susceptibility of tribolium castaneum to synthetic 18 carbon juvenile hormone

Richardson N.J.; Koornhof H.J.; Bokkenheuser V.D.; Mayet Z.; Rosen E.U., 1983:
Age related susceptibility to campylobacter jejuni infection in a high prevalence population

Suzuki N.; Ishikawa K.; Horiuchi T.; Shibazaki M.; Soda K., 1980:
Age related symptomatology of echovirus 11 infection in children

Fayein N.A.; Aschheim P., 1980:
Age related temporal changes of levels of circulating progesterone in repeatedly pseudopregnant rats

Kieser J.A.; Groeneveld H.T.; Preston C.B., 1985:
Age related tooth size variation in the lengua india of paraguay

Reagan, J.O.; Carpenter, Z.L.; Smith, G.C., 1976:
Age related traits affecting the tenderness of the bovine longissimus muscle

Suprunov, O.V.; Grigor'ev, N.G., 1976:
Age related transformation of energy exchange in the body of broilers

Karmoliev, R.Kh, 1975:
Age related transformations of electrochemical properties of blood proteins in cattle

Sergeev, N.I.; Zabolotskii, V.A.; Bulgakov, R.I.; Sheshegov, A.E., 1977:
Age related transformations of testicles and the development of spermatogenesis in vyatka fine fleece rams

Takehana S., 1981:
Age related ultrastructural changes in the gingiva of rats

Kopylova G.V., 1979:
Age related ultrastructural changes in the intima of coronary arteries

Voronin R.N., 1981:
Age related variability in the correlation between bird body weight and internal organ weight

Syurkov O.G., 1980:
Age related variability of blood vessels in walls of the human iliac veins

Kleshcheva, R.P., 1978:
Age related variability of dog brain superficial veins

Kondrat'yeva, N.V.; Kyslova, O.A., 1977:
Age related variability of nostoc linckia f muscorum cyanophyta in culture part 2 length and form of vegetative cells

Kondrat'yeva, N.V.; Kyslova, O.A.; Shaptala, V.P., 1977:
Age related variability of nostoc linckia f muscorum cyanophyta under cultivation part 1 width of vegetative cells

Kalabukhov N.I., 1984:
Age related variability of palatal folds in the little marmot citellus pygmaeus

Kistanova E.K.; Khugaeva V.K., 1987:
Age related variability of the albino rat mesenteric capillary hematocrit

Mikryakov V.R., 1979:
Age related variability of the anti microbial effect of blood serum in the bream abramis brama

Kostlan N.V.; Chernya V.F., 1982:
Age related variability of the fractional composition of chlorella vulgaris culture

Moiseeva E.B.; Zolotnitskii A.P.; Burlakov A.B.; Vinarik T.V., 1982:
Age related variability of the gonadotropic function of the pituitary gland in fishes as exemplified by scophthalmus maeoticus maeoticus

Cosens S.E.; Sealy S.G., 1986:
Age related variation in song repertoire size and repertoire sharing of yellow warblers dendroica petechia

Alisauskas R.T.; Ankney C.D., 1987:
Age related variation in the nutrient reserves of breeding american coots fulica americana

Torma H.; Brunnberg L.; Vahlquist A., 1987:
Age related variations in acyl coenzyme a retinol acyltransferase activity and vitamin a concentration in the liver and epidermis of hairless mice

Anderson C.; Danylchuk K.D., 1979:
Age related variations in cortical bone remodeling measurements in male beagles 10 26 months of age

Keen C.L.; Lonnerdal B.; Fisher G.L., 1981:
Age related variations in hepatic iron copper zinc and selenium concentrations in beagles

Wegger I.; Moustgaard J., 1982:
Age related variations in plasma ascorbic acid in calves

Brillard J.P., 1986:
Age related variations in seminiferous tubule dimensions and germinal and sertoli cell numbers in guinea fowl raised under a 14 hour light to 10 hour dark photoperiod

Klimov A.N.; Shestov D.B.; Tryufanov V.F.; Alksnis E.G.; Teryukova N.P.; Khoptyar V.P.; Bol'shakova T.I.; Smirnova T.L.; Virkovskaya L.I., 1984:
Age related variations of major blood lipid parameters in the adult population of leningrad ussr

Yang H Y.; Whest G.M.; Nishimura E.T., 1979:
Age related variations of para crystalline inclusions in central reticular cells of mouse bone marrow

Zarén, E.; Schwan, A.; Frenckner, B., 1987:
Age related variations of serum concentrations of normally occurring IgG antibodies to Clostridium perfringens

Emerson W.K.; Kennedy G.L.; Wehmiller J.F.; Keenan E., 1981:
Age relations and zoo geographic implications of late pleistocene marine invertebrate faunas from turtle bay baja california sur mexico

Enright N.J., 1985:
Age reproduction and biomass allocation in rhopalostylis sapida nikau palm

Fairbanks L.A.; Mcguire M.T., 1986:
Age reproductive value and dominance related behavior in vervet monkey females cross generational influences on social relationships and reproduction

Rickard, M.D.; Coman, B.J.; Cannon, R.M., 1977:
Age resistance and acquired immunity to taenia pisiformis infection in dogs

Levy M.G.; Clabaugh G.; Ristic M., 1982:
Age resistance in bovine babesiasis role of blood factors in resistance to babesia bovis

Bremner, K.C.; Keith, R.K.; Winks, R., 1976:
Age resistance of cattle to the nodular worm Oesophagostomum radiatum

Bhowmik M.K.; Sinha P.K., 1982:
Age resistance of fowl to raillietina cesticillus

Muñoz, E.; Friedman, R.; Schroder, W.; Gross, H.; Goldstein, J.; Wise, L., 1988:
Age, resource consumption, and outcome for surgical patients at an academic medical center

Plude, D.J.; Hoyer, W.J.; Lazar, J., 1982:
Age, response complexity, and target consistency in visual search

Wiggans, G.R.; Van-Vleck, L.D., 1977:
Age season adjustment factors considering herd feeding practices

Iloeje M.U.; Rounsaville T.R.; Mcdowell R.E.; Wiggans G.R.; Van Vleck L.D., 1980:
Age season adjustment factors for alpine lamancha nubian saanen and toggenburg dairy goats

Alderson A.; Pollak E.J., 1980:
Age season adjustment factors for milk and fat of dairy goats

Fields, M.J.; Burns, W.C.; Warnick, A.C., 1979:
Age, season and breed effects on testicular volume and semen traits in young beef bulls

Voitenko N.N., 1979:
Age seasonal and sexual differences in the serotonin content and in its metabolism in the brain of silver foxes

Ellis S.; Rogoff B.; Cromer C.C., 1981:
Age segregation in childrens social interactions

Hubbard, B.M.; Anderson, J.M., 1981:
Age, senile dementia and ventricular enlargement

Costa R.L.Jr, 1980:
Age sex and ante mortem loss of teeth in prehistoric eskimo samples from point hope and kodiak island alaska usa

Plato C.C.; Purifoy F.E., 1982:
Age sex and bilateral variability in cortical bone loss and measurements of the 2nd metacarpal

Timmons, B.A.; Boudreau, J.P., 1976:
Age, sex, and delay time as factors affecting reaction to delayed auditory feedback

Rochman H.; Rosner B.; Mathey B.; Getz G.E.; Hospelhorn V., 1985:
Age sex and gonadal influences on estrogen receptor content in the rat liver

Fitzgerald W.R.; Graham I.M.; Cole T.; Evans D.W., 1979:
Age sex and ischemic heart disease as prognostic indicators in long term cardiac pacing

Woodcock B.E.; Anderson L.M.; Lilleyman J.S., 1984:
Age sex and late relapse in childhood lymphoblastic leukemia

Voitenko V.P., 1984:
Age sex and mortality due to coronary heart disease factor model

Curtis L.A.; Hurd L.E., 1983:
Age sex and parasites spatial heterogeneity in a sand flat population of ilyanassa obsoleta

Kjellstrand, C.M., 1988:
Age, sex, and race inequality in renal transplantation

Kawamoto, J.C.; Castonguay, T.W.; Keen, C.L.; Stern, J.S.; Hurley, L.S., 1986:
Age, sex and reproductive status alter the severity of anorexia in zinc deficient rats

Daly J.C., 1980:
Age sex and season factors which determine the trap response of the european wild rabbit oryctolagus cuniculus

Fleegler, F.M.; Rogers, K.D.; Drash, A.; Rosenbloom, A.L.; Travis, L.B.; Court, J.M., 1979:
Age, sex, and season of onset of juvenile diabetes in different geographic areas

Hendley E.D.; Wessel D.J.; Atwater D.G.; Gellis J.; Whitehorn D.; Low W.C., 1985:
Age sex and strain differences in activity and habituation in spontaneously hypertensive and wistar kyoto rats

Harris, J.P., 1983:
Age, sex and time of day effects on the duration of the movement after-effect

Pisev V., 1984:
Age sex changes in the speed of the movement in students aged from 7 17

Shpak L.V., 1984:
Age sex differences in features of neuro humoral shifts in patients with myo cardial infarction

Shank C.C., 1982:
Age sex differences in the diets of wintering rocky mountain bighorn sheep ovis canadensis canadensis

Johnson, A.M.; Roberts, H.; Mcdonald, P.J., 1980:
Age sex distribution of toxoplasma gondii antibody in the south australian population

Flynn T.M., 1984:
Age sex intelligence and parents occupation and the moral development of the preschool child

Wambach, R.L.; Panackal, A.A., 1979:
Age, sex, neuroticism, and locus of control

Mech L.D., 1980:
Age sex reproduction and spatial organization of lynxes felis lynx colonizing northeastern minnesota usa

Dunham, P.Jr, 1977:
Age sex speed and practice in coincidence anticipation performance of children

Tonkin N., 1980:
Age sex structure of alopecia areata

Yinon Y.; Sharon I.; Malkiman B A., 1983:
Age similarity and helping intentions

Durbin A.G.; Durbin E.G.; Smayda T.J.; Verity P.G., 1983:
Age size growth and chemical composition of atlantic menhaden brevoortia tyrannus from narragansett bay rhode island usa

Falk Petersen I.B.; Frivoll V.; Gulliksen B.; Haug T.; Vader W., 1988:
Age size relations and food of two snailfishes liparis gibbus and careproctus reinhardti teleostei liparididae from spitsbergen norway coastal waters

Turner F.B.; Medica P.A.; Bury R.B., 1987:
Age size relationships of desert tortoises gopherus agassizi in southern nevada usa

Gyllenberg M.; Webb G.F., 1987:
Age size structure in populations with quiescence

Raven, P.B.; Drinkwater, B.L.; Horvath, S.M.; Ruhling, R.O.; Gliner, J.A.; Sutton, J.C.; Bolduan, N.W., 1974:
Age smoking habits heat stress and their interactive effects with carbon mon oxide and peroxy acetyl nitrate on mans aerobic power

Pope, N.S.; Gordon, T.P.; Wilson, M.E., 1986:
Age, social rank and lactational status influence ovulatory patterns in seasonally breeding rhesus monkeys

Lenanton, R.C.J., 1978:
Age spawning time and fecundity of australian herring arripis georgianus pisces arripidae from the waters around rottnest island western australia

Altini M.; Kola A.H., 1985:
Age specific and age standardized incidence rates for intraoral squamous cell carcinoma in blacks on the witwatersrand south africa

Nedava, V.E.; Nikitin, V.N.; Simirenko, L.L., 1976:
Age specific and breed specific characteristics of the daily rhythm of changes in the blood plasma insulin concentration in calves

Lockitch G.; Halstead A.C.; Wadsworth L.; Quigley G.; Reston L.; Jacobson B., 1988:
Age specific and sex specific pediatric reference intervals and correlations for zinc copper selenium iron vitamins a and e and related proteins

Lockitch G.; Halstead A.C.; Albersheim S.; Maccallum C.; Quigley G., 1988:
Age specific and sex specific pediatric reference intervals for biochemistry analytes as measured with the ektachem 700 analyzer

Lockitch G.; Halstead A.C.; Quigley G.; Maccallum C., 1988:
Age specific and sex specific pediatric reference intervals study design and methods illustrated by measurement of serum proteins with the behring ln nephelometer

Morais T.; Bernier M.; Turcotte F., 1985:
Age specific and sex specific prevalence of scoliosis and the value of school screening programs

Hagstrum D.W.; Smittle B.J., 1980:
Age specific and sex specific tunneling rates of adult tribolium castaneum

Romanov, G.A.; Zin'kovskaya, G.G.; Berdyshev, G.D.; Vanyushin, B.F., 1979:
Age specific and tissue specific differences in intra genome distribution of 5' methyl cytosine in cow dna

Cohen M.E.; Walter R.G.; Hyman J.J.; Tombasco P.K., 1985:
Age specific angulation of unerupted human 3rd molar teeth in a cross sectional sample

Golovchenko, S.F., 1976:
Age specific aspects of coronary insufficiency development caused by vasopressin

Stach H.; Cugier B.; Mueller C.; Geipel W., 1987:
Age specific aspects of morbidity in the districts of east germany

Nikitina, K.A.; Khodzhaev, M.N.; Gusev, M.V., 1976:
Age specific changes in cell populations of the blue green alga anacystis nidulans at different temperatures

Novitskaya, G.V.; Rutskaya, L.A.; Molotovskii-Yu, G., 1977:
Age specific changes in lipid composition and the activity of chloroplast membranes in beans

Gamalei-Yu, V.; Kulikov, G.V., 1977:
Age specific changes in mesophyll cells in deciduous and evergreen plants

Clay D.L.; Brisbin I.L.Jr; Youngstrom K.A., 1979:
Age specific changes in the major body components and caloric values of growing wood ducks

Dunn E.H.; Brisbin H.L.Jr, 1980:
Age specific changes in the major body components and caloric values of herring gull larus argentatus chicks

Yates I.E.; Pallas J.E.Jr, 1981:
Age specific changes of poly peptides in peanut arachis hypogaea cultivar florunner leaves

Gorev, N.N.; Cherkasskii, L.P., 1976:
Age specific characteristics of functional disturbance of the cardio vascular system and respiration in experimental athero sclerosis

Korobov, M.V., 1977:
Age specific characteristics of indices of integrative functions of the brain with respect to mental work with different degrees of neuro emotional stress

Valueva, G.V.; Kul'chitskii, O.K., 1976:
Age specific characteristics of the functional activity of the insular apparatus of the pancreas

Ekhneva, T.L., 1976 :
Age specific characteristics of the immune response in rats after repeated administration of various doses of sheep erythrocytes

Borisova, T.A.; Markosyan, R.A., 1977:
Age specific characteristics of thrombocyte protein biosynthesis and catabolism

Gopalsamy K., 1982:
Age specific coexistence in 2 species competition

Luksha G.L.; Vanyushin B.F., 1984:
Age specific decrease in the binding of rat glucocorticoid receptor complexes with nuclei isolated from rat liver and brain

Hutchinson W.D.; Butler G.D.Jr; Martin J.M., 1986:
Age specific developmental times for pink bollworm pectinophora gossypiella lepidoptera gelechiidae three age classes of eggs five larval instars and pupae

Matthews W.J.; Hill L.G., 1979:
Age specific differences in the distribution of red shiners notropis lutrensis over physicochemical ranges

Butnev V.Yu; Lomaya L.P.; Taranov A.G.; Goncharov N.P., 1980:
Age specific differences in the hormonal reaction of the adrenals and testes to stress in monkeys

Denny, P.C.; Cope, P., 1977:
Age specific differentiations during the development of the rat submandibular gland

Morris D.W., 1982:
Age specific dispersal strategies in iteroparous species who leaves when

Feng Z.; Carruthers R.I.; Roberts D.W.; Robson D.S., 1985:
Age specific dose mortality effects of beauveria bassiana deuteromycotina hyphomycetes on the european corn borer ostrinia nubilalis lepidoptera pyralidae

Mirzamadiev, A.M., 1976:
Age specific dynamics of the protein and rna content in sheep oocytes

Mitrofanov, V.G.; Poluektova, E.V., 1977:
Age specific effect of 5 bromodeoxy uridine on the differentiation and puffing spectrum of salivary gland chromosomes in drosophila virilis part 1 dependence of individual viability and induction of new puffs on the period of action of 5 bromodeoxy uridine

Poluektova, E.V.; Mitrofanov, V.G., 1977:
Age specific effect of 5 bromodeoxy uridine on the differentiation and puffing spectrum of salivary gland chromosomes in drosophila virilis part 2 changes in the puffing spectrum of salivary gland chromosomes

Kudryashov B.A.; Ul'yanov A.M.; Bazaz'yan G.G.; Pytel' Y.A., 1984:
Age specific features of the diabetogenic factor arising in the blood of rats kept on natural and atherogenic diet

Korkushko, O.V.; Sarkisov, K.G., 1976:
Age specific features of the micro circulation system in the old and elderly

Lawrence P.O., 1983:
Age specific fecundity and offspring survivorship in the caribbean fruit fly anastrepha suspensa after diflubenzuron treatment

Martin R.W., 1981:
Age specific fertility in 3 populations of the koala phascolarctos cinereus in victoria australia

Slansky F.Jr; Haack R.A., 1986:
Age specific flight behavior in relation to body weight and lipid content of ips calligraphus reared in slash pine pinus elliottii var elliottii bolts with thick or thin inner bark phloem

Maclean A.A.E., 1986:
Age specific foraging ability and the evolution of deferred breeding in three species of gulls

Throne J.E.; Lampert E.P., 1985:
Age specific honeydew production and life history of green peach aphids myzus persicae homoptera aphididae on flue cured tobacco nicotiana tabacum

Anthony, H.M., 1976:
Age specific incidence of cancer of the endometrium ovary and breast in the united kingdom and the usa

Nechols, J.R.; Tauber, M.J., 1977:
Age specific interaction between the greenhouse whitefly and encarsia formosa influence of host on the parasites oviposition and development

Nechols, J.R.; Tauber, M.J., 1977:
Age specific interaction between the greenhouse whitefly and encarsia formosa influence of the parasite on host development

Baes C.F.IIi; Ragsdale H.L., 1981:
Age specific lead distribution in xylem rings of 3 tree genera in atlanta georgia usa

Powell W., 1982:
Age specific life table data for the eucalyptus boring beetle phoracantha semipunctata coleoptera cerambycidae in malawi

Ahmad I., 1983:
Age specific life table of red cotton stainer dysdercus koenigii hemiptera heteroptera pyrrhocoridae/

Hoiberg A.; Blood C., 1985:
Age specific morbidity and mortality rates among usa navy enlisted divers and controls

Fryxell J.M., 1986:
Age specific mortality an alternative approach

Lema K M.; Poe S.L., 1979:
Age specific mortality of liriomyza sativae due to chrysonotomyia formosa and parasitization by opius dimidiatus and chrysonotomyia formosa

Nadkarni U.G.; Arya S.N.; Abraham J., 1983:
Age specific mortality rates in bovines in icd amritsar and non icd ferozepur areas

Ueshima H.; Cooper R.; Stamler J.; Y.C.; Tatara K.; Asakura S., 1984:
Age specific mortality trends in the usa from 1960 1980 divergent age sex color patterns

Daughtery C.H.; Sheldon A.L., 1982:
Age specific movement patterns of the frog ascaphus truei

Murakami F.; Yagui N.; Ohba N., 1981:
Age specific onset of rhegmatogenous retinal detachment an analysis using weibull distribution

Liaw Y F.; Chu C M.; Lin D Y.; Sheen I S.; Yang C Y.; Huang M J., 1984:
Age specific prevalence and significance of hepatitis b e antigen and antibody in chronic hepatitis b virus infection in taiwan a comparison among asymptomatic carriers chronic hepatitis liver cirrhosis and hepato cellular carcinoma

Ichida F.; Suzuki S.; Furuta S.; Takahashi Y.; Yamamoto M.; Tanaka M.; Yano M., 1981:
Age specific prevalence of anti hepatitis a antibodies in japan from multi institutional analysis

Ukkonen P.; Hovi T.; Von Bonsdorff C H.; Saikku P.; Penttinen K., 1984:
Age specific prevalence of complement fixing antibodies to 16 viral antigens a computer analysis of 58500 patients covering a period of 8 years

Kashiwagi S.; Hayashi J.; Nomura H.; Kajiyama W.; Ikematsu H.; Shingu T.; Hayashida K.; Kaji M., 1986:
Age specific prevalence of hepatitis b e antigen and antibody to hepatitis b e antigen among asymptomatic hepatitis b surface antigen carriers in okinawa and kyushu japan

Moore K.R.; Henny C.J., 1984 :
Age specific productivity and nest site characteristics of coopers hawks accipiter cooperii

Fritzell E.K.; Hubert G.F.Jr; Meyen B.E.; Sanderson G.C., 1985:
Age specific reproduction in illinois and missouri usa raccoons procyon lotor

Clark, D.R-Jr, 1970:
Age specific reproductive effort in the worm snake carphophis vermis

Vahl O., 1981:
Age specific residual reproductive value and reproductive effort in the iceland scallop chlamys islandica

Niemela P.; Tuomi J.; Haukioja E., 1980:
Age specific resistance in trees defoliation of tamaracks larix laricina by larch bud moth zeiraphera improbana lepidoptera tortricidae

Bell T.A.; Holmes K.K., 1984:
Age specific risks of syphilis gonorrhea and hospitalized pelvic inflammatory disease in sexually experienced usa women

Pegel'man, S.G., 1976:
Age specific sensitivity of rodents to zoocides

Shaanker R.U.; Ganeshaiah K.N., 1984:
Age specific sex ratio in a monoecious species croton bonplandianum

Ballinger, R.E.; Newlin, M.E.; Newlin, S.J., 1977:
Age specific shift in the diet of the crevice spiny lizard sceloporus poinsetti in southwestern new mexico usa

Togashi K.; Magira H., 1981:
Age specific survival rate and fecundity of the adult japanese pine sawyer monochamus alternatus coleoptera cerambycidae at different emergence times

Hogg D.B.; Nordheim E.V., 1983:
Age specific survivorship analysis of heliothis spp populations on cotton gossypium hirsutum

Leverich W.J.; Levin D.A., 1979:
Age specific survivorship and reproduction in phlox drummondii

Pugesek B.H., 1987:
Age specific survivorship in relation to clutch size and fledging success in california gulls

Platunova, E.I.; Lavryashin, B.I., 1976:
Age specific variability and the average incidence of barr positive nuclei in different contingents of the kuzbas population

Pfeifer S., 1985:
Age specific weight change of female spermophilus elegans rodentia sciuridae

Pizzarello, L.D., 1986:
Age specific xerophthalmia rates among displaced ethiopians

Hopper, R.M.; Funk, H.D.; Anderson, D.R., 1978:
Age specificity in mallards banded post season in eastern colorado usa

Loery G.; Pollock K.H.; Nichols J.D.; Hines J.E., 1987:
Age specificity of black capped chickadee survival rates analysis of capture recapture data

Tallamy D.W., 1986:
Age specificity of egg dumping in gargaphia solani hemiptera heteroptera tingidae

Yanovich, V.G., 1976:
Age specificity of lipid metabolism in ruminants

Voskanyan, V.B.; Abramyan, E.G.; Pogosyan, A.O., 1975:
Age specificity of the amino acid composition and nitrogen content in the connective tissue of the caucasian brown cattle

Fleury M.; Bard C., 1985:
Age stimulus velocity and task complexity as determiners of coincident timing behavior

Grimmett S.A., 1980:
Age strategy effects on multiple coding

Resh V.H., 1982:
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Agents that elevate the concentration of cyclic amp in platelets inhibit the formation of a sds resistant complex between thrombin and a 40 kda protein

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Agents that increase cellular cyclic amp inhibit production of interleukin 2 but not its activity

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Agents that increase cellular cyclic AMP inhibit proliferative activity and decrease lipid content in cells cultured from atherosclerotic human aorta

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Agents that increase cyclic amp accumulation block endothelial c sis induction by thrombin and transforming growth factor beta

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Agents that increase cyclic amp inhibit accumulation of cyclic gmp and depress human monocyte loco motion

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Agerasphaera new genus an eisenackia like dinoflagellate cyst from the thanet sands paleocene of southeast england uk

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Ageratinastrum new record asteraceae for the flora of zaire

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Ages and ashes in lake floor sediment cores from valley lake mount gambier south australia

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Ages extinction times and 1st passage probabilities for a multi allele diffusion model with irreversible mutation/

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Agglomerate groups in the black sea area of the right bank of the dnieper river ukrainian ssr ussr

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Agglomerated nuclei in ultrasonicated vicia faba roots a partial elucidation of their derivation

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Agglomeration test with isoniazid and products of its chemical transformation in pulmonary tuberculosis patients

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Agglomeration to nodules modulates human arterial smooth muscle cells to distinct postinjury phenotype via foam cell transition

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Agglomerative clustering and factor analysis of south finnish mire types

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Agglutinability of cattle red cells part 1 agglutination by lectins of enzyme treated red cells

Sellei, J., 1974 :
Agglutinability of cattle red cells part 2 agglutination by isologous and heterologous sera of enzyme treated red cells

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Agglutinability of cell cultures infected with newcastle disease virus

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Agglutinability of cells of candida albicans after extraction of soluble antigens with 3 molar potassium chloride and autoclaving

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Agglutinability of various phyto hem agglutinins for red blood cells of pigeons columba livia domestica

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Agglutinated rhizopods in lake erie usa canada modern distribution and stratigraphic implications

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Agglutinating activities of bovine immuno globulins from mastitic milk against staphylococci

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Agglutinating activity in apple cell suspension cultures inoculated with a virulent strain of erwinia amylovora

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Agglutinating activity of gliadin derived peptides from bread wheat implications for celiac disease pathogenesis

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Agglutinating and non-agglutinating antibodies in rabbits inoculated with a particulate antigen (Salmonella typhimurium)

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Agglutinating antibody titers and serum protein changes of yellowtail seriola quinqueradiata after immunization with pasteurella piscicida cells

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Agglutinating antibody to propionibacterium acnes and iso hem agglutinins to abo blood group cells in normal human sera

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Agglutinating antibody to propionibacterium acnes and isohemagglutinins to a and b blood group antigens in childrens sera

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Agglutinating properties of starfish extracts

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Agglutination activity of seeds extracts of the korean celosia argentea l

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Agglutination and bactericidal responses of the channel catfish ictalurus punctatus to salmonella paratyphi

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Agglutination and glycosyl transferase activity of isolated gametic flagella from chlamydomonas reinhardii

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Agglutination and immuno fluorescent tests for infection of mammals by nosema algerae cnidospora microsporida

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Agglutination assay for human opsonic factor using gelatin coated latex particles

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Agglutination bacterial and viral test as a highly sensitive reaction for the rapid diagnosis of potato and vegetable crop viruses

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Agglutination behavior of red blood cells after experimental glycocalyx alteration

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Agglutination by concanavalin A of urothelial cells of heterotropically transplanted rat urinary bladders: effect of bladder carcinogens and urine

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Agglutination of a transformed mouse cell line and a variant subline with concanavalin A: effect of temperature and time of lectin incubation

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Agglutination of avirulent strains of pseudomonas solanacearum by potato lectin

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Agglutination of brucella abortus cells by sera from cattle experimentally infected with escherichia coli

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Agglutination of eubacterium spp and peptostreptococcus spp as a diagnostic test for crohns disease

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Agglutination of human leukocytes by influenza virus

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Agglutination of human spermatozoa with antibodies to inhibin

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Agglutination of isolated rod outer segments by lectins

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Agglutination of Japanese encephalitis virus with concanavalin A

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Agglutination of mouse mammary carcinoma fm 3a cells induced by egg agglutinin of rana catesbeiana

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Agglutination of murine tumor cells by sera from patients with auto immune diseases

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Agglutination of mycelial cell wall fragments and spores of colletotrichum lindemuthianum by plant extracts and by various proteins

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Agglutination of Naegleria fowleri by human serum

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Agglutination of phytopathogenic bacteria by lectins of plant origin

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Agglutination of plant pathogenic and certain other bacteria by pectic poly saccharides from various plant species

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Agglutination of plant protoplasts by fungal cell wall glucans

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Agglutination of platelets by a serum factor in the presence of EDTA

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Agglutination of pseudomonas phaseolicola by bean leaf extracts phaseolus vulgaris

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Agglutination of pseudomonas phaseolicola by pectic poly saccharide from leaves of phaseolus vulgaris

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Agglutination of rabies virus with lectins

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Agglutination of some bacterial cells by concanavalin A

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Agglutination of spermatozoa by autoantibodies in the rainbow trout salmo gairdneri

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Agglutination of spinach and tobacco protoplasts by the sera of different species of vertebrates

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Agglutination of tobacco nicotiana tabacum and spinach spinacia oleracea protoplasts by different lectins

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Agglutination of vertebrate erythrocytes by the granulosis virus of Plodia interpunctella

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Agglutination of xanthomonas campestris pathovar citri a causal pathogen of citrus canker by proteinaceous components from citrus leaves

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Agglutination patterns and plasmalemma of human spermatozoa as viewed by scanning electron microscopy

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Agglutination patterns in o anti sera of gram negative bacteria after exposure to heat and chemicals

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Agglutination reaction of trypanosoma cruzi trypanosoma cruzi like strains trypanosoma rangeli and trypanosoma conorhini with soja hispida lectin and aaptos papillata protectin

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Agglutination reactions of spontaneous canine tumor cells induced by concanavalin a demonstrated by an isotopic assay

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Agglutination response of the conidia of eight fusarium spp to lectins having different sugar binding specificities

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Agglutination test for rapid detection of salmonella abortus equi using an immune serum treated carbon as antibody carrier

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Agglutination test in pseudophyllid cestode coracidia and its use in cestodological studies

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Agglutination Typing of Vibrio anguillarum Isolates from Diseased Fish and from the Environment

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Agglutinative and phagocytic reaction in pregnant and new born cows vaccinated against colibacteriosis

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Agglutinella new genus a miliolid foraminiferida

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Agglutinin from alfalfa medicago sativa necessary for binding and nodulation by rhizobium meliloti

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Agglutinin titer to sporothrix schenckii in normal human sera and abo blood groups

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Agglutinin titers against salmonella typhimurium i antigen in the sera of 670 healthy persons

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Agglutinins against leptospiras and brucellosis in sera from goats raised under different management systems

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Agglutinins and antibodies to Francisella tularensis outer membrane antigens in the early diagnosis of disease during an outbreak of tularemia

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Agglutinins and proteins in the earthworm, Lumbricus terrestris, before and after injection of erythrocytes, carbohydrates, and other materials

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Agglutinins cross reacting with brucella salmonella yersinia and francisella antigens in the sera of pigs

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Agglutinins for brucella abortus in goats following vaccination against pasteurella multocida and vibrio cholerae

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Agglutinins in children vaccinated with the diphtheria pertussis tetanus vaccines used in finland serotypes of bordetella pertussis strains isolated during whooping cough epidemics in 1976 1977 and whooping cough attack rate in children in the epidemic areas

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Agglutinins in mature spawn of some poikilotherm animals

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Agglutinins in the horseshoe crab hemolymph purification of a potent agglutinin in horse erythrocytes from the hemolymph of tachypleus tridentatus the japanese horseshoe crab

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Agglutinins which react with n deacetylase treated blood group a red cells and a substance in human sera

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Agglutinogens, White's 'Q' substance and the common proteins of Enterobacteriaceae

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Aggravated pulmonary tuberculosis

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Aggravating effect of alcohol on admission serum insulin patterns of patients with trauma and in a state of shock

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Aggravation by propranolol of hyperglycemic effect of hydrochlorothiazide in type ii diabetics without alteration of insulin secretion

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Aggravation of acute galactosamine hepatitis by a sodium bi carbonated water in rats

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Aggravation of alimentary hyper cholesterolemia and the development of persistent neurogenic hypertension under the effect of repeated stimulation of hypothalamic emotive regions

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Aggravation of angina pectoris by 2 percent carboxy hemo globin

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Aggravation of diabetic hyper glycemia by chlordiazepoxide

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Aggravation of exercise performance in patients with anemia by 3 percent carboxyhemoglobin

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Aggravation of hypertension in spontaneously hypertensive rats by Heymann nephritis

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Aggravation of infectious mononucleosis following an oral administration of amoxicillin

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Aggravation of Parkinson's disease by cinnarizine

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Aggravation of pityriasis rosea gilberts by cortico therapy

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Aggravation of psoriasis and occurrence of psoriasiform cutaneous eruptions induced by practolol (Eraldin)

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Aggravation of radiation injury to dna by quinoid products

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Aggravation of sideroblastic anemia through ingesting oral contraceptives

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Aggregate anaphylaxis in the monkey hematological and histological findings

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Aggregate anaphylaxis in the monkey macaca irus attenuation of the pulmonary response by pre treatment with indomethacin

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Aggregate beer and wine consumption effects of changes in the minimum legal drinking age and a mandatory beverage container deposit law in michigan usa

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Aggregate carrying membranes during anti diuretic hormone stimulation and washout in toad bufo marinus bladder

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Aggregate cultures of fetal rat liver cells development and maintenance of liver gene expression

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Aggregate formation of gangliosides at low concentrations in aqueous media

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Aggregate formation of zoo spores of aphanomyces spp

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Aggregate organization of the motor cortex region in the adult human brain

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Aggregate rays in new zealand nothofagus blume fagaceae stem wood and their influence on vessel distribution

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Aggregate sheath spot of rice in california usa

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Aggregate size and viscoelastic property of a highly concentrated suspension

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Aggregate stability as an index of erodibility of ando soils

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Aggregate stability of a silt loam soil as affected by roots of corn soybeans and wheat

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Aggregate state of polyphosphoinositides in diluted aqueous solutions

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Aggregate structure and carbon nitrogen and phosphorus in native and cultivated soils

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Aggregate structures of carboxylic acids and amides

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Aggregated and free bacteria as food sources for heterotrophic microflagellates

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Aggregated forms of glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase ec from cultured rice plant cells

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Aggregated forms of malate and citrate synthase are localized in endoplasmic reticulum of endosperm of germinating castor bean ricinus communis cultivar hale

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Aggregated human gamma globulin induced proliferation and poly clonal activation of murine bone marrow derived lymphocytes

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Aggregated immuno globulin g induced suppression of in vitro antibody responses definition of the cellular targets

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Aggregated lymph nodules of the small intestine of the hare lepus europaeus

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Aggregated lymphatic nodes peyers patches in the human body

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Aggregates of hela cells a source for annulate lamellae

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Aggregates of organic matter in fresh waters and their role in the nutrition of small filter feeder crustaceans

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Aggregates of particulate matter and aufwuchs on elodea canadensis in irrigation waters and inactivation of diquat

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Aggregates of yeast mitochondrial cytochrome b observed after electrophoresis

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Aggregating behavior and exploitation of subterranean habitat by gravid eastern milk snakes lampropeltis triangulum triangulum

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Aggregating factor from torpedo californica electric organ induces patches containing acetylcholine receptors acetylcholinesterase and butyrylcholinesterase on cultured myotubes

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Aggregation activity of retractile serum

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Aggregation analysis of the planktonic rotifers in brackish waters of southern baltic

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Aggregation and crystallization of hemo globin a hemo globin s and hemo globin c probable formation of different nuclei for gelation and crystallization

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Aggregation and deformation of virions and subviral structures of the influenza virus type a in interaction with antibodies

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Aggregation and fibril formation of plasma fibronectin by heparin

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Aggregation and fishery dynamics a theoretical study of schooling and the purse seine tuna fisheries

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Aggregation and formation of beta structure on heat denaturation of human serum albumin

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Aggregation and fusion between conspecifics of a solitary ascidian

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Aggregation and homing in a chrysidid wasp

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Aggregation and insolubilization of soybean 11s globulin with humidity during storage

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Aggregation and mating of thrips in flowers of calystegia sepium

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Aggregation and restabilization of colloidal titania by aluminum sulfate

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Aggregation and sex pheromones in the beetle tribolium confusum

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Aggregation and spatial distribution of soil animals as an ecological problem as illustrated by small ringed worms enchytraeidae of 2 forest types in the berlin gruenewald forest west germany

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Aggregation and species discrimination in new born snakes

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Aggregation and territoriality of cuterebra lepivora diptera cuterebridae

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Aggregation and the transformation of counts of aphis fabae on beans d

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Aggregation and thermo activation of glutamine synthetase from an extreme thermophile bacillus caldolyticus

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Aggregation and trail following in juvenile bursatella leachii pleii gastropoda opisthobranchia

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Aggregation and transformation of rat lymphocytes on rat embryo monolayers

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Aggregation and vertical migration of zoo plankton in small shallow ponds

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Aggregation attractant of the european elm bark beetle scolytus multistriatus production of individual components and related aggregation behavior

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Aggregation behavior in baltimore checkerspot caterpillars euphydryas phaeton nymphalidae

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Aggregation behavior in rana cascadae tadpoles association preferences among wild aggregations and responses to non kin

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Aggregation behavior in the martin mite dermanyssus prognephilus acari dermanyssidae

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Aggregation behavior of aplomyiopsis xylota diptera tachinidae

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Aggregation behavior of chlosyne lacinia crocale larvae nymphalidae

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Aggregation behavior of harbor seals at forillon national park canada

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Aggregation behavior of the fire bug pyrrhocoris apterus with special reference to its assembling scent heteroptera pyrrhocoridae

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Aggregation behaviors of glutens glutenins and gliadins from various wheats

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Aggregation between lysozyme and heat denatured ovalbumin

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Aggregation by parasitoids in the successful control of the california usa red scale a test of theory

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Aggregation configuration and particle size of lutein dispersed by sodium dodecyl sulfate in various salt concentrations

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Aggregation deficient embryonal carcinoma cells defects in peanut agglutinin receptors

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Aggregation dependent turnover of flagellar adhesion molecules in chlamydomonas reinhardtii gametes

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Aggregation dissociation and denaturation of sesame sesamum indicum alpha globulin in cetyltrimethyl ammonium bromide solution

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Aggregation effects on respiration in the pulmonate snail helisoma anceps

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Aggregation equilibria of escherichia coli rna polymerase evidence of anion linked conformational transitions in the protomers of core and holo enzyme

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Aggregation equilibria of tyrosinases ec of harding passey mouse melanoma

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Aggregation in a tropical neritid

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Aggregation in dysdercus cingulatus heteroptera pyrrhocoridae a new statistical method of interpretation

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Aggregation in littoral amphipod populations transformation controversies revisited

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Aggregation in Polysphondylium

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Aggregation in response to optically pure ipsenol

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Aggregation in the banded gecko coleonyx variegatus

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Aggregation in the lime aphid eucallipterus tiliae part 1 leaf vein selection and its effect on distribution on the leaf

Kidd, N.A.C., 1976:
Aggregation in the lime aphid eucallipterus tiliae part 2 social aggregation

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Aggregation induced alterations in human platelet membranes a spin label study

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Aggregation mechanism of sera from cancer patients by galactosaminoglycan

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Aggregation membrane potential and transport of sodium and calcium in platelets of spontaneously hypertensive rats

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Aggregation, migration and population mechanics

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Aggregation of a symmetrical metallo porphyrin concentration and temperature dependence of the absorption and magnetic circular dichroism spectra of dilute zinc octa methyl tetra benzporphyrin solutions

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Aggregation of a type i collagen precursor containing amino terminal pro peptides

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Aggregation of acridine dye and its nucleotide derivative in aqueous solution

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Aggregation of acridine orange crystal structure of acridine orange tetra chloro zincate

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Aggregation of adults in 2 australian species of coccinellidae coleoptera

Cole E.W.; Torres J.V.; Kasarda D.D., 1983:
Aggregation of aggregable alpha gliadin gel permeation chromatography

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Aggregation of apolar peptides in organic solvents concentration dependence of proton nmr parameters for peptide amine groups in 310 helical deca peptide fragment of suzukacillin

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Aggregation of bilirubin in injectates and incubation media: its significance in experimental studies of CNS toxicity

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Aggregation of blood platelets and increased hydraulic conductivity of pulmonary exchange vessels

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Aggregation of blood pressure in infants and their siblings

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Aggregation of blood pressure in the families of children with labile high systolic blood pressure. The Muscatine Study

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Aggregation of blood pressure in the families of identical twins

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Aggregation of bovine platelets by acetyl glyceryl ether phosphorylcholine (platelet activating factor)

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Aggregation of bursaphelenchus lignicolus nematoda aphelenchoididae to several compounds containing oleyl group

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Aggregation of cartilage proteo glycans part 1 the role of hyaluronic acid

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Aggregation of cartilage proteo glycans part 2 evidence for the presence of a hyaluronate binding region on proteo glycans from osteo arthritic cartilage

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Aggregation of cartilage proteo glycans part 2 oligo saccharide competitors of the proteo glycan hyaluronic acid interaction

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Aggregation of cartilage proteo glycans part 3 characteristics of the proteins isolated from trypsin digests of aggregates

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Aggregation of cells during growth and its effect on the isolation of auxotrophic mutants of bacillus brevis atcg 10068

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Aggregation of chlorophyll a species absorbing near 700 nm 1. the ir carbonyl bands

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Aggregation of chlorophyll and its analogs in synthetic pigment protein complexes

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Aggregation of chlorophylls and pheophytins in synthetic pigment protein complexes

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Aggregation of chlorophylls in mono layers 4. reorganization of chlorophyll a in multi layer array

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Aggregation of chlorophylls in mono layers 5. the effect of water on chlorophyll a and chlorophyll b in mono layer and multi layer arrays

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Aggregation of chlorophylls in mono layers part 2 chlorophyll dioxane interaction

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Aggregation of chlorophylls in monolayers 6. ir study of the c h stretching bands of chlorophyll a and of chlorophyll b in monolayers

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Aggregation of cholesterol among young families of men with premature myo cardial infarction

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Aggregation of colloidal particles modeled as a dynamic process

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Aggregation of competence of proteo glycans from the substratum adhesion sites of murine fibroblasts

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Aggregation of coronary risk factors in families of men with fatal and non-fatal coronary heart disease

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Aggregation of deaths from ischemic heart disease among 1st and 2nd degree relatives of 108 males and 42 females with myo cardial infarction

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Aggregation of dna and the helping effect in transformation

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Aggregation of enterovirus small plaque variants and polioviruses under low ionic strength conditions

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Aggregation of equine platelets by platelet activating factor

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Aggregation of erythrocytes in the blood placed in macro curvettes and micro cuvettes

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Aggregation of ferri hems dimerization and protolytic equilibria of proto ferri heme and deutero ferri heme in aqueous solution

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Aggregation of fibrinogen molecules in a solution

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Aggregation of fragmented chromatin linked with the synthesis of products of its nuclease treatment

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Aggregation of gluco mannans in aqueous solutions

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Aggregation of hens egg yolk low density lipoprotein by phospholipase

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Aggregation of hetero chromatic chromosomal regions in drosophila melanogaster neuro blasts

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Aggregation of human platelets and adhesion of Streptococcus sanguis

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Aggregation of human platelets by acidic mucopolysaccharide extracted from Stichopus japonicus Selenka

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Aggregation of human polymorphonuclear leukocytes during phagocytosis of bacteria

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Aggregation of human red blood cells after moderate heat treatment

Soderling E.; Makinen K.K., 1986:
Aggregation of human salivary calcium proteinates in the presence of simple carbohydrates in vitro

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Aggregation of hydroxylapatite crystals

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Aggregation of immune complexes and their use in serological diagnosis

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Aggregation of intermediate filaments by 2 5 hexanedione comparison of effects on neurofilaments gfap filaments and vimentin filaments in dissociated cultures of mouse spinal cord dorsal root ganglia

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Aggregation of leukocytes induced by the complement derived peptides c 3a complement and complement c 5a and by 3 synthetic formylmethionyl peptides

Hunter J.A.; Shahrokh Z.; Forte T.M.; Nichols A.V., 1982:
Aggregation of low density lipo proteins with uni lamellar phosphatidyl choline vesicles

Dunham P.; Weissmann G., 1986:
Aggregation of marine sponge cells induced by calcium pulses calcium ionophores and phorbol esters proceeds in the absence of external calcium

Grau L.P.; Azorin F.; Subirana J.A., 1982:
Aggregation of mono nucleosomes and di nucleosomes into chromatin like fibers

Diaz, J.F.; Hachinski, V.C.; Pederson, L.L.; Donald, A., 1986:
Aggregation of multiple risk factors for stroke in siblings of patients with brain infarction and transient ischemic attacks

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Aggregation of nerve and glial cells of the chick embryo cerebellum in dissociated cultures

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Aggregation of normal and transformed cells attached to the substratum

Smith A.D.M.; Maelzer D.A., 1986:
Aggregation of parasitoids and density independence of parasitism in field population of the wasp aphytis melinus and its host the red scale aonidiella aurantii

Zeldis J.R.; Jillett J.B., 1982:
Aggregation of pelagic munida gregaria decapoda anomura by coastal fronts and internal waves

Porter, J.R.; Shaw, D.S., 1978:
Aggregation of phytophthora drechsleri zoo spores pattern analysis suggests a taxis

Gasic, G.J.; Boettiger, D.; Catalfamo, J.L.; Gasic, T.B.; Stewart, G.J., 1978:
Aggregation of platelets and cell membrane vesiculation by rat cells transformed in vitro by Rous sarcoma virus

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Aggregation of platelets and inert particles induced by thrombin

Forrester, L.J.; Campbell, B.J.; Berg, J.N.; Barrett, J.T., 1985:
Aggregation of platelets by Fusobacterium necrophorum

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