Section 5
Chapter 4,692

Aggressive behavior in uegitglanis zammaranoi clariidae siluriformes anophthalmic phreatic fish from somalia

Ercolini, A.; Berti, R.; Cianfanelli, A.

Monitore Zoologico Italiano 14(5 Suppl): 39-56


Accession: 004691232

Specimens of U. zammaranoi Gianferrari (Clariidae Siluriformes), raised in isolation and tested in pairs, exhibit distinct aggressive behavior. A dominant-subordinate relationship becomes immediately apparent and remains unchanged in successive tests in different aquaria. The immediate effect of dominance seems to be possession of the bottom by the dominant fish which banishes the subordinate to the upper levels of the aquarium. These fish possess a highly articulate and varied repertoire of successive acts, analogous to those shown by the epigeous siluriform Ictalurus. Some of the aggressive behavior patterns observed in the laboratory were also observed in one of the wells from which the specimens were collected.

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