Aldicarb and 1 2 di bromo 3 chloro propane as post plant treatments for control of nematodes on american boxwood and japanese and chinese hollies

Benson, D.M.; Barker, K.R.

Plant Disease Reporter 62(3): 209-212


Accession: 004695224

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Aldicarb (11.5 kg (a.i. for 12 mo.; aldicarb controlled H. dihystera for 8 mo. on boxwood and for 12 mo. on the hollies. The toxicity of aldicarb and DBCP was not determined for Tylenchorhynchus claytoni because nematode density in control plots declined rapidly in the winter months following Oct. treatment. Paratrichodorus minor and Meloidogyne arenaria were controlled up to 8 mo. in the root zone of Japanese holly with either nematocide. Stunted Japanese hollies infected with M. arenaria failed to make significant recovery 12 mo. after treatment, however. DBCP controlled Macroposthonia xenoplax for up to 12 mo. on Japanese and Chinese holly, but aldicarb was not effective against this nematode.