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Aluminum iron calcium magnesium potassium manganese copper zinc and phosphorus in aboveground and belowground biomass i. abies amabilis and tsuga mertensiana

Vogt, K.A.; Dahlgren, R.; Ugolini, F.; Zabowski, D.; Moore, E.E.; Zasoski, R.

Biogeochemistry 4(3): 277-294


ISSN/ISBN: 0168-2563
DOI: 10.1007/bf02187371
Accession: 004706994

In a mature mixed subalpine stand of Tsuga mertensiana and Abies amabilis, significantly higher Al levels were found in foliage, branch and root tissues of T. mertensiana. Tsuga mertensiana had significant increases in Al, Ca and Mn levels with increasing foliage age. In current foliage, T. mertensiana had lower levels of Ca, similar levels of Mg and P, and higher levels of Mn than A. amabilis. Both tree species had Cu and Fe present at higher levels in branch than foliage tissues. Fine roots had the highest concentrations of Al, Fe and Cu but the lowest Ca and Mn concentrations of all tissues analyzed. In the roots of both species, phloem tissues always had significantly higher Al levels than xylem. Fine roots (< 1 and 1-2 mm) of T. mertensiana had higher Al levels than were found in A. amabilis. Roots greater than 2 mm in diameter exhibited no significant differences in Al levels in phloem or xylem tissue between A. amabilis and T. mertensiana. The two species show a clear difference in their ability to accumulate specific elements from the soil.

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