Section 5
Chapter 4,725

An evaluation of seed quality in crested dogstail cynosurus cristatus in relation to storability

Clark, S.M.

Seed Science and Technology 10(3): 517-526


ISSN/ISBN: 0251-0952
Accession: 004724910

Accelerated aging, seed color and seed weight tests were evaluated as possible methods for predicting storability of crested dogstail seed. An accelerated aging technique was able to differentiate between the responses of different seed lots to stress storage conditions. Over a 7 day accelerated aging period, the germination of low vigor seed lots decreased by 26-62%; high vigor seed lots decreased by an average of < 5%. Conventional storage tests showed crested dogstail seed to have a typical germination response to varying temperature and humidity environments. Individual seed lot responses were related to vigor levels obtained from accelerated aging tests. For example, after 18 mo. storage at 14% moisture content and 10.degree. C, the germination of a low vigor seed lot decreased by 40%; a high vigor seed lot decreased by only 9%. Seed color evaluations proved to be an inconclusive means of determining seed vigor levels, and a thousand seed weight results showed no relationship to seed vigor levels.

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