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An immunological study of the uncoupling protein of brown adipose tissue mitochondria

Ricquier, D.; Barlet, J.P.; Garel, J.M.; Combes-George, M.; Dubois, M.P.

Biochemical Journal 210(3): 859-866


ISSN/ISBN: 0264-6021
PMID: 6409080
DOI: 10.1042/bj2100859
Accession: 004728241

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1. Ewes were injected with purified 32,000-Mr uncoupling protein from mitochondria of brown adipose tissue of cold-adapted rats in order to raise antibodies. 2. The existence of antibodies in the plasma of ewes and the cross-reactivity of plasmas were demonstrated and studied by 125I-labelled antigen-antibody reaction, double immunodiffusion, the inhibition of GDP binding to the 32,000 Mr protein and by immunohistochemistry. 3. The antibodies raised against the homogeneous protein yielded a single immunoprecipitation band with detergent-solubilized mitochondrial membranes of brown adipose tissue from rat, hamster, guinea-pig, rabbit and with the purified uncoupling protein of these animals. No immunoprecipitation was obtained with the protein purified from brown adipose tissue of term lamb foetus. 4. The GDP-binding activity of the uncoupling protein (isolated or in solubilized membranes) was largely inhibited by the antiserum. 5. The anti-(rat uncoupling protein) could not cross-react with solubilized membranes from liver or muscle, nor with the purified beef heart or rat liver ADP/ATP translocator.

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