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An ultrastructural study of the testis and epididymis of the rat after treatment with prostaglandin e 2 and prostaglandin f 2 alpha

Tso, E.C F.; Lacy, D.

Journal of Anatomy 128(1): 107-120


ISSN/ISBN: 0021-8782
Accession: 004734767

The right testes of adult Wistar rats were injected with either PGE2 or PGF2.alpha. (5 .mu.g or 100 .mu.g in 0.1 ml sterile saline) and sacrificed 4 h or 24 h later. Both testes and epididymides of each animal were processed and studied by EM. Both PGE2 and PGF2.alpha. caused damage to germ cells and exfoliation of part of the damaged germinal epithelium into the epididymis. Membrane-bound granular bodies and localized swellings were also seen in some of the myoid cells after PG-treatment. The Sertoli cells and Leydig cells remained unaffected. The possible mechanisms through which these phenomena were brought about by the PGs were discussed.

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