Analgetic activity of anesthesin succinate and anesthesin oxalate and their effect on the state of biomembranes

Konev, V.F.; Ivanov, L.V.; Khadzhai, Y.I.; Porokhnyakh, L.A.; Chueva, I.N.; Rogozhin, B.A.

Farmatsiya 36(1): 39-42


ISSN/ISBN: 0367-3014
Accession: 004736711

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Anesthesine salt of succinic and oxalic acids have been prepared. Their physicochemical and biologic properties have been studied. Anasthesin succinate exhibited higher affinity with biomembrane lipids as compared to anesthesin oxalate which is a likely explanation of its higher analgetic potency. Both anesthesin succinate and anesthesin oxalate reduce the fluidity of biomembrane lipids and can probably be used as oxidizers of biomembrane endogenous substrates.