Analysis of a system of correlations between morphological characters of di ploid and tetra ploid forms of winter rye and their lodging resistance

Gladysheva, N.M.; Rostova, N.S.; Smirnov, V.G.

Tsitologiya i Genetika 11(2): 145-150


Accession: 004737691

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A system of interpopulation correlations between some morphological characters and lodging resistance was studied for 22 diploid and tetraploid forms of winter rye by means of factor analysis. Two factors were found that were mostly related to lodging resistance and determined by variability of 2 groups of characters: straw length and diameter and root wt (factor I), and relative length of 2 lower internodes and the ear (factor II). On the basis of these 2 complex characters and factors, the diploid and tetraploid forms were isolated with the highest values of both factors. These forms were promising for breeding new varieties with lodging resistance.