Analysis of antennal disc cells cloning in homeotic mutants antp and ss a of drosophila melanogaster

Bulyzhenkov, V.E.; Ivanov, V.I.

Genetika 20(1): 26-34


ISSN/ISBN: 0016-6758
Accession: 004737929

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Cell linkage was studied in homeotic mutants AntpNs and ssak in y; Dp(1; 3)scJ4, y+ M (3)i55 Pc2 ssak/mwh AntpNs and y; Dp(1; 3) scJ4, y+ M(3)i55 Pc2 ssak/mwh ssak stocks following irradiation of embryos and larvae at different stages of the development by 60Co .gamma.-rays (1000 rad, 12.2 rad/s). The morphology of homeotic antennal structures was studied in induced y; mwh M+ clones. In the well developed homeotic legs (including the coxa, trochanter, femur, tibia and tarsus) of AntpNs mutants and in tarsi of ssak flies, the compartmentalization of homeotic anlagen could be traced. The position of A/P induced clones involved all parts of the antennal legs. Compartmentalization in the homeotic antennal leg may take place just as in normal ones, and homeotic genes (Antp and ssa) change the state of cell determination but not compartmentalization process.