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Analysis of hydroxy benzoic acids and hydroxy cinnamic acids in plant material 1. sample preparation and thin layer chromatography

Schulz, J.M.; Herrmann, K.

Journal of Chromatography 195(1): 85-94


ISSN/ISBN: 0021-9673
Accession: 004740085

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A method is described for the extraction, hydrolysis of esters and glycosides and preliminary purification of phenolic acids derived from plant material. Extracts were analyzed by TLC on silica gel, examination of the chromatograms under UV light (254 nm, 366 nm), spraying with TiCl4 or FeCl3 solutions and overspraying with an alkaline diazobenzenesulfonate reagent. More than 20 phenolic acids could be differentiated by this procedure.

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