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Anther culture of pollen plants derived from cross oryza sativa x oryza glaberrima

Wong C K.

Botanical Bulletin of Academia Sinica 24(1): 53-58


Accession: 004755231

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A total of 17 calli was derived from a cross of O. glaberrima Steud. and O. sativa L., and 79 anther plantlets were regenerated. Ploidy levels of haploid, diploid and tetraploid were found. Plant heights of these anther plants were somewhat shorter than those derived from glaberrima selfed-plants. The anther culture of anther plants derived from the cross did not increase the rates of callus induction and plantlet regeneration. The culture of F2 selections of the cross did not give promising results. It may be due to the poor plant growth of the interspecific hybrid.

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